Travelling through the Shadowlands

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So, you want to explore the Shadowlands... never been there? Have been there but are convinced things should be easier? Just need some more knowledge?

Maybe this guide will help you!

Getting to the Shadowlands

On Rubi Ka you will find 3 whompas that will take you to Jobe Platform:

ICC Jobe Whompa
Andromeda - 3185x866

Location: 3185 x 866
Rome Red Jobe Whompa
Rome Red district - 370x316

Location: 370 x 316
Old Athen Jobe Whompa
Athen Old - 448x320

Location: 448 x 320

Jobe Platform

So, you ventured through the whompa - and you should be here

Jobe Platform

Right ahead of you are 3 more whompas, these lead to:

Jobe Portals

Mostly useful for lower characters that might not have acquired their Garden and/or Sanctuary keys, these portals are found in the three sections of Jobe; Jobe Harbor, Jobe Market and Jobe Plaza. By donating an amount, depending on which portal, you are allowed access to the portal for a few hours. Note that you only are required to donate credits for using the portal from Jobe, using it to travel to Jobe is free.

In the map below, courtesy of Atlas of Shadowlands, you can see the position of the portals, as well as the portal technicians that hang out around them.

Have a chat with the portal technician, you can't miss him.. he's the big-boned atrox in the flashy suit:

Warps you to:

Jobe Harbor Portal
Jobe Harbor - 225x360

225 x 360
1,000 Credits
100 Credits

915 x 1960, Frontier Outskirts, Nascence
Jobe Market Portal
Jobe Market - 370x360

370 x 360
10,000 Credits
5,000 Credits

1130 x 715, The Brink, Elysium (aka Port 7)
Jobe Plaza Portal
Jobe Plaza - 270x255

270 x 255
50,000 Credits
25,000 Credits

1513 x 1140, Port Five, Elysium

Traveling with garden statues

Each main SL zone has statues dotted around; these look like

Redeemed StatueUnredeemed Statue

The statues lead into the redeemed and unredeemed faction gardens or sanctuaries. To enter one of these statues, you have to not only be the correct faction (Clan = Redeemed, Omni = Unredeemed), but you either need an insignia or a garden key. The insignia has to match the statue you want to enter, you are not able to use insignias to enter sanctuaries.

Click the keys and links to see the corresponding guides.

When you have garden keys...

You can also use statues that are positioned around Rubi Ka to travel to the garden or sanctuary you have a key for.

Unredeemed (Omni) Statue
Southern Artery Valley - 1030x2000

1030 x 2000, Scere Swamp, Southern Artery Valley
Eroded Ancient Statue

Omni and Neutral Use Only

Located in the outskirts of the swamps of Southern Artery Valley is the Statue that will allow for transportation to any Unredeemed Garden or Sanctuary. Left click the Key in your inventory and then left-click it on the statue and within seconds you will find yourself in the middle of the Garden/Sanctuary. The quickest route there is to use the whompahs to get to Outpost 10-3 and then head South-West.

Redeemed (Clan) Statue
Wailing Wastes - 1170x1500

1170 x 1500, Daumeland, Wailing Wastes
Shining Ancient Statue

Clan and Neutral Use Only

The statue to transport you to Redeemed Gardens and Sanctuaries is located in Wailing Wastes just south from the Whompahs. Just like the Unredeemed statue, simply use your Garden or Sanctuary key on the statue and you will be transported in a few moments.

Traveling from a garden

When you are in a SL garden, you will find that there are statues in there that are the same as those you found in the playfield. There are also transportation and transit statues. To go somewhere in the zone that the garden is in, you will want to use one of the statues around the main part of the garden. To go to a different zone, you will need to possess the appropriate garden key and then you can use

Vibrating Unreedem Statue of Transportation

Shining Redeemed Statue of Transit

Traveling up through the Shadowlands

Ergo will give you "free" passage into the Shadowlands zones up until access to Inferno, assuming you are the correct level. If you are not the correct level, then Ergo will ask you to take on tasks for him.

Nasence Free access via Jobe Research
Elysium Access via portals in Jobe market and Jobe Plaza or Quest
Scheol Level 80 Requirement or Quest
Adonis Level 130 Requirement or Quest
Penumbra Level 160 Requirement or Quest and
Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses
InfernoIce Golem Molar (sided) and Inferno Boots
PandemoniumPure Novictum Ring for the Artillery Unit (for access into Pandemonium you can use ANY Pure Novictum Ring, even if you are unable to wear it) and a Hold Hell at Bay.

As stated a little while ago, up until Inferno you get free access. However for Penumbra, to survive the cold you are going to need to get your hands on your Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses! For Inferno and Pandemonium, you are going to need to do some work to get yourself protection from the environment in the areas and in the case of Pandemonium, to get your ring to actually enter the zone. For inferno, you will need to get yourself a pair of Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer. For Pandemonium you will need a Pure Novictum Ring for the Artillery Unit (for access into Pandemonium you can use ANY Pure Novictum Ring, even if you are unable to wear it) and a Hold Hell at Bay.

Are you a Fixer or a Meta-Physicist?

Then damn you are lucky! Both of these professions are able to warp themselves to the gardens, assuming that they are in possession of the appropriate key and nano program.

Fixers can make use of the Tap Notum Vein nano line for garden teleportation. Meta-Physicists can use the Channel Notum Vein nanos.

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