Galahad Garden Key Quest

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Faction: Clan
Level: 160-220
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The quest basically requires you to get your hands on 9 specific complete pocket boss patterns from the depths of Inferno that are between QL 220 and 255. The collecting of the pattern pieces can be very difficult at times, and the spawning is even harder. You may need some dedicated friends to not only gather the pattern parts, but also get the key.

If you're attempting this quest at level 160-210, make sure to bring a few people. A good doc/tank, plus some additional DD will make things easier.

    NOTE: It should be noted though that a number 220 professions can solo most of these mobs, however, you will probably want your key before 220.

The Farming

With the release of Patch 18.6 there are now TWO ways you can get the pattern pieces.

Xan Reliquary

With the patch came a new type of Inferno Mission designed as a single instance, pulled from the companion Yutto of Ergo, The Retainer Of Ergo.

Retainer Of Ergo
The Retainer Of Ergo

These missions, Xan Reliquary - New Inferno Missions require a minimum level of 170 to enter the instance but one of the advantages to them are the bosses drop garden key pocket boss parts, A,B,C, D.

The mission entrance itself is located just before Ergo in Inferno and can be accessed through a cave entrance. Click the map below to see the cave entrance highlighted by the yellow square

New Inf Mission Map Copy
New Inf Mission Cave Location

Camping Inferno

If you decide to gather the pieces the old fashion way, you will need to do a lot of Dyna Boss camping. Once you've gathered the pocket bosses you will need some dedicated friends to get this key.

Each Dyna Boss will have a few dynas, as well as some adds around them. The dynas always have 100% chance of a pattern drop. The mobs around them have a lesser chance of dropping the needed patterns, so be sure to take them out as well!

Here are the 9 Pocket Bosses, that you will have to farm, as well as the order they *MUST* be killed in.

Poket Bosses

1 - The Indomitable Chimera

Drops from

-Chimera Monitor -- level 215
Coordinates 1375 x 560

-Chimera Trainer -- level 210
Coordinates 1430 x 620

-Chimera Drivers

Difficulty to Collect : easy-medium

These dynas are relativelly easy to kill, however, the area is full of adds which could complicate things a bit. You should try to get rid of some adds before going for the bosses.

2 - Ahpta

Drops from

-Atarkirh -- level 215
Coordinates 1950 x 2450

-Salahpt -- level 215
Coordinates 2150 x 2650


Difficulty to Collect : medium

These bosses are dragon mobs, therefore a bit more difficult. There are however less adds than some other places, so at least you won't have to deal with those. The 2 bosses are not that close to one another, so you'll have to travel between them, killing adds along the way.

3 - Relief Teals

Drops from

-Pyiininnik's Shadow -- level 215
Coordinates 3250 x 1690

-Pyiininnik -- level 250
Coordinates 3320 x 1690

-Wicked Shadows

Difficulty to Collect : easy-medium

The easiest way to get this pocket boss is only killing Pyiininnik's Shadow. If you have a powerful team, then by all means go for pyiininnik, but be warned, he's not easy to kill. Both have a few adds around them, that you'll have to get pull before the boss. For the shadows, try to pull the adds west of the spawn point, as there are no mobs anywhere that spot. This strategy makes it easier to kill in peace.

4 - Taille Frees

Drops from

Aniitap's Shadow -- level 220
Coordinates 2420 x 3230

Aniitap -- level 250
Coordinates 2470 x 3360

Difficulty to Collect : easy

As with Pyiininnik, if your team is not particularly strong, stick with killing the shadow. In this case however, there
is only 1 add, and he's a walker, so you can avoid killing him altogether. Just wait until he's far, then pull Aniitap's Shadow
towards the temple building. Rinse and repeat. This is one of the easiest to kill and to solo.

5 - Lya

Drops from

-Afreet Ellis --level 230
Coordinates 2570 x 2940

-Maychwyawi -- level 220
Coordinates 2630 x 2920

-Medusa Philanderer -- level 250
Coordinates 2570 x 2930

-Steele Filar -- level 230
Coordinates 2740 x 2930


Difficulty to Collect : Medium-hard

The bosses for this one are a tad harder than the shadow from the previous 2.
You'll need a better team, and preferably a calmer. The good thing about this one, is that there are 4 bosses,
so with a good team, you'll have the full pattern in no time.

6 - Fester Leila

-Beast -- level 215
Coordinates 3490 x 2000

-Distracted Snake Tamer -- level 215
Coordinates 3600 x 1910

-Estella Fire -- level 215
Coordinates 3610 x 2090


Difficulty to Collect : easy-medium

These bosses are relativelly easy to kill, however there are quite a few adds in this area. The adds are also not too hard however,
but a calmer might be useful anyways.

7 - Pazuzu

-Limnos -- level 250
Coordinates 3110 x 2980

-Syros -- level 250
Coordinates 3200 x 2970

-Crete -- level 250
Coordinates 3130 x 3010


Difficulty to Collect : medium-hard

This is an interesting one to collect. While it would be a rather difficult one to collect under normal circumstances, it is fortunate that many teams choose to level at this spot. Therefore, these bosses are way over-killed, which makes the
pazuzu patterns quite common. Rather than comming here with the specific purpose of collecting these, I'd come here to level and just collect the patterns while doing that. You'll need a good tank/doc and a good calmer for this one, as these hecks are difficult. Keep in mind also that since this patterns is overfarmed, they are really cheap on the GMS, so that might be another option.

8 - Nyame

-Anansi Left Hand --level 250
Coordinates 1920 x 1750

-Anansi Right Hand -- level 250
Coordinates 1900 x 1600

-Nyame's Drudge -- level 250
Coordinates 1860 x 1770


Difficulty to Collect : Hard

This is by far the hardest pocket boss to collect. To kill these bosses, you'll need a very good doc/tank, preferebly 210+. The bosses were even boosted with the 16.3 patch, so it makes this part of the quest even harder than before. The adds around the bosses are also very hard, way harder than all the other adds found throughout this quest. Therefore, a calmer will simplify things for this part of the collecting.

9 - Arch Bigot Aliel

-Bigot Nzaemihiel, level 250
Coordinates 745 x 1180

-Bigot Inmodeah, level 250
Coordinates 700 x 1130

-Devoted Spirit Hunter, level 215
Coordinates 650 x 1300

-Pursued Spirit, level 215
Coordinates 710 x 1100

-Soul Dredge

Difficulty to Collect : easy

If you stick with the 215 bosses, you'll have an easy time with this one. The bosses themselves are quite tame, and
the adds, especially the spirit mobs, are the easiest adds in this quest. The frustrating thing about this part though is
that the dynas (and mobs) drop 2 pbs, the Aliel, and also Captured Spirit. So you will probably have some extra camping with this one in order not only to get the right pb part, but to get the right pb.

Pulling the Mission!

So you've got all the Pocket Bosses farmed! Now all that's left is to get them made, and ready to pop! You're ready to kill, right?! ...Not QUITE!

Regardless of how difficult or time-consuming collecting the pattern pieces and assembling them seemed, it's NOT the most important part of the Key Quest! That is the actual pulling of the mission.

So often people forget to do this, and either make the entire quest team wait while they take the time to run and pull it... OR worse, and go through the killing of at least one, (if not ALL) of the Pocket Bosses only to realize they forgot to pull the mission. This means you better hope the team and group killing is understanding AND they have another ready-to-spawn PB of the one(s) you missed or you're not getting your Inferno Key that run!!

Pull this mission early! It gives you 10k hours (or 416 days) to complete it, so better to have it in your mission window 416 days, than not have the mission on the day when it's time to kill!

Where do you get the mission?

  • There are 2 places where you can start this quest. The first one is from Sipius Gal Wei-Zean in the Penumbra Redeemed Temple.

  • The other is in the Inferno Redeemed Temple.

  • Sipius Gal Wei-Zean can be found in the room to the south at the top of the spiral staircase.

Sipius Gal Wei-Zean

    Note: The Penumbra temple is by far the easiest to get to, but if you like to explore, I recommend that you get it from the Inferno temple, as it is an interesting place, that you will never go to otherwise.

The Spawning and the Killing!

Once you've hunted down all the Pocket Bosses, and cleaned your wounds and your weapons, it's time to make all the completed patterns into crystals and novictalize them. Then they will be ready to pop.
If you're unsure on how to make the pocket bosses from the completed patterns, look here.

The Spawning

Before we get started, let's make sure all the Kill Team is saved in the Inferno garden or in Pandemonium! In worst case scenarios and someone in the kill team dies, they will want to get back to the North Inferno zone, and this is faster from Pandemonium.
Kills should still register as long as the team member is in the correct zone when the mobs die.. hopefully, this scenario won't be one you face though!

Incarnator 255
The 255 Incarnator

You will need to use the 255 Icarnator to spawn all of your PBs as a few are 255 Pocket Bosses.

The order that you spawn them is really important.

The order above is correct, but to make 100% certain, make sure that you check your mission log. It will tell you which one you need to kill.

    Note: Although it is no longer the case that the person spawning the bosses will have his hp reduced to 1, it may still be unwise to take the risk with a person from the kill team. You may want to have an outside member spawn the bosses. If That is not possible, and a Kill Team member must spawn them, be sure the person spawning the Pocket Boss mobs is announcing it in vicinity and all are ready to attack to keep most of the agg off of the person spawning. A good healer or heal pet on the player spawning the PBs never hurts!

The Kill Team

It's fine to have outside help killing these if you aren't sure the Kill Team (the people needing the key and holding the mission) can accomplish the task. To make sure that those that will get the key (the Kill Team) complete the mission with each kill, all others just helping should NOT be in any teams. In order for this Kill-team to get the mission updates, they should be the ones who get the loot rights, so, they should be the only ones attacking the boss in a team and for the last few bars of the mob.

    Note: If those that need the key are on the lower level side, it would be advisable to get some high-level help. Just be sure to have only the Kill Team teamed up. You will need a good tank, doc, mp, and some DD All of these are crucial to the success of the quest.

The Killing

The bosses themselves get progressively harder as you advance. The first ones are relatively tame, and you shouldn't have too many problems. As you advance, however, they get extremely hard, and meaner.

The last few have some really nasty nukes, that could wipe out the more squishy professions. Keep this in mind while killing, and if you suspect that a few might die from the nukes (especially those in the Kill team), have them stand back, at least while the mp lands NSD. This way, you'll be guaranteed that they don't die, therefore ruining their chance of updating the mission.

Again, it's recommended all outside Damage Dealers stop attacking at 3 bars remaining to ensure the Kill Team gets credit.

Once the last mob in the order, (Arch Bigot Aliel) is dies, two items will spawn in your inventory!


If you feel up to it, you can now go for the sanctuary key, described in this guide: Galahad Sanctuary Key.

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