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AO-Universe has been running for more than 15 years as a primary source for information on Anarchy Online.
Since that time, our premise has always been to keep the website running on a fast server, for free and ad-free.

Of course the overall interest in the game and this website has declined over the years, however we still have more than half a million unique visitors each year and more than a quarter million of our guides read by fans each month.

The people behind AO-Universe have always been using their free time and worked for free to maintain the content as up-to-date as possible.

There is however a fixed cost, the actual webserver, which has always been there and has been privately funded all the years.
To keep these costs as low as possible, we've been maintaining as much of the hard- and software ourselves as possible, however a cost of around 120 € per year remains, which goes directly to our provider.

If you're interested in supporting AO-Universe by spending some money and through that reducing our own costs of hosting the website, we'd appreciate your help a lot.


Donations will not affect the day to day operation of AO-Universe, updates to current content, or the addition of new content. There is not a predetermined goal or requirement for donations, meaning that AO-Universe will not shut down or otherwise cease functions based on amounts received.

AO-Universe has always been free to browse for everyone, and will remain so.

Thank you for your interest,
The AO-Universe Team

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