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Community - Halloween event 2022 19.10.2022

By Saavick
Our Community Manager AndyB just announced on discord that this year's halloween event will start tomorrow 20 October 2022 and will last until 6 November 2022.

If you're curious about what you can do during the event, have a look here:

Additionally, on Sunday 23 October 2022 from 18:00 to 21:00 GMT, the Advisors of Rubi-Ka and Gridstream Productions are throwing a Halloween party in the ICC Assembly Hall with live music, prizes and a costume contest. You can enter the ICC Assembly Hall in the northeast of ICC, near Maddy from the mini quest for the Temple of Three Winds portal. Or use the following waypoint:

/waypoint 3335 950 655

Hope to see you there :)

Community - Can you smell it? 25.09.2022

By Cariadast
...It's FEAR!


Community - 21st Anniversary event 23.06.2022

By Saavick
On 27 June Anarchy Online turns 21 years old. To celebrate it, the anniversary event starts today, 23 June at 12pm (noon) GMT and will last until 16 July. You can read the announcement from our Community Manager AndyB on the official forums.

The event comes with a special subscription offer with various parts of the Cybernetic Assassin armour set and a High-Frequency Katana. It also includes the Funcom points you would get with a regular subscription.

If you're looking for things to see, fight and loot during the event, have a look at our guides:


Community - Valentine's Day event 12.02.2022

By Saavick
As just announced by Community Manager AndyB on the official forums, the Valentine's Day event in Anarchy Online starts next Monday, 14 February at 14:00 GMT and ends on 1 March at 14:00 GMT.

Have a look at our guide to read about the event content and loot :)

Community - Christmas event 15.12.2021

By Saavick
Anarchy Online's Christmas event starts today, 15 December 2021 and will last until 8 January 2022 14:00 GMT. For the duration of the event, a special subscription offer is available, which makes the Silencer's Armour available again. You can find the details on the official forums.

To get started on some Christmas content, have a look at our guides:

Happy holidays everyone!

Community - Halloween 2021 14.10.2021

By Saavick
As just announced on the official forums by our Community Manager AndyB, this year's Halloween event will start today, October 14th and last until November 5th. You can find the original post here.

To get you started on what to do during the event, have a look at our guides :)

ARK Asheal Eulogy and ARK Memorial 02.10.2021

By Cariadast
ARK News:

The Advisors of Rubi-Ka are saddened to announce the sudden passing of Former ARK Asheal, on Sept 21, 2021.

Asheal joined the Advisors of Rubi-Ka in 2003 and was involved with ARK for as long as anyone can remember. She was always present, always attentive, rarely taking time off. She moved through the ARK ranks over the years to achieve Lead Director, serving players and ARK staff with unprecedented dedication and integrity. When it came to Anarchy Online she was a respected member of the Advisors of Rubi-Ka (ARK).

Outside of ARK, she liked to make friends. She was happy and loved making other people happy. It was the small things, like the funny faces she would make at you. How she just always wanted people to be laughing and having a good time, and how she always gave the best hugs. She was a big sports fan and enjoyed rooting for her favorite team.

She leaves a daughter, husband, and her cats, and will be missed by family and many friends worldwide.

Asheal was a US Veteran and among her many passions was the Wounded Warrior Project.

ARK will be holding a private ceremony to honor her memory and life on Sunday, Oct 3. She would be overjoyed to know she has brought ARKs from every generation back. Seeing it as her opportunity and her gift for ARK to gather in mass to remember her, to celebrate her life, and buff her as an ARK one last time.

If you would like to help them honor her they ask that you consider donating to the Wounded Warrior Project in her name: Lauren Egedy Labbé.

To do so, please follow the link below and check "Make this a gift in honor or memory of an individual", under "One-Time Gift" and just below the amount buttons.
Donate in Lauren's Memory

Asheal, Lauren Egedy Labbé

ARK Watch Ended. Thank you for your service.

Community - Anarchy Online's 20th birthday 16.06.2021

By Saavick
This month is Anarchy Online's 20th birthday and today the Anniversary event starts :) You can read the announcement from the Community Manager AndyB here. The event will last until 14 July 2021. Edit: the event has been extended and will now last until 19 July 13:00 GMT.

To get you started on some of the things to do:

Loren Warr

Loren Warr returns again to claim severance pay. Check out our guide for details.

Birthday Event World Bosses

Have a look at our guide for all the details on the Birthday Event World Bosses. These bosses were originally introduced for the RK2019 server birthday event, but are now available on RK5 as well. The guide has been edited to reflect this. Do note that some of the items have been updated as well; Malishade has compiled an overview in his thread on the official forums. Once aoitems is updated, AO-Universe links will automatically be as well.

The Desert Rider and the Desert Nomad Arena

As in previous years, the Tinker will try to lure the Desert Rider to Stolt's Trading Outpost again with a birthday present. After the Desert Rider has been defeated though, a shiny new team instance called the Desert Nomad Arena is now available with unique loot. You can read all about the Desert Rider in our new guide.

Gridstream Productions & ARK Party

Gridstream Productions and the Advisors of Rubi-Ka are throwing a party to celebrate the anniversary and everyone is invited. The party will take place at Saturday 19 June 2021 20:00-0:00 GMT in Coast of Peace. Also keep an eye on the official forums for special contests: Contest 1, Contest 2 and Contest 3.

Community - Updates-Dust Brigade Questline Guide 27.03.2021

By Cariadast
After a number of comments and requests, some substantial changes have been made to the DB quest guide.

Take a look at the new improved updated Dust Brigade questline!

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to AOU! Enjoy and Best of Luck!!!

*Thank you Ginsold and Valheru Ascendants for running through it to check the info!

Community - ARK Contest: Design a tour! 24.03.2021

By Saavick
As posted by ARK Fairwolf on the official forums:


For some spring is here, for others the leaves are falling. In both cases what more of a beautiful time to be outside then now!

Some of you may have started to experience ARK tours popping up around Rubi-ka and Shadowlands. Those fun moments when players get together and enjoy some story time and forget about the daily grind of life, but there is so much to explore.

We are excited to announce ARK tours first official contest where you become the tour guide!

For this contest we are looking for people out there who want to tell a good story, and show off their favorite playfield. All you have to do is create a tour path, and dialog for the tour area, put it into a word document, and send it to us, that’s it :)

there are a few area though that are off limits;
  • No Pande
  • No raid instances
  • No areas that players can’t get to on their own such as city instances or discontinued areas that you may have a character in.
So the fun part

This contest starts today, and runs through the last day of April. ARK tours will then look over the submissions and pick out their favorite tours. The person with the winning tour entry will have their tour developed into a tour script panel by ARK tours, we will assist you as you run the tour for players (including announcing the tours and advertising it) and we will integrate your tour into the ARK Tours rotation and give you credit each time it’s run. (yay eternal fame!)

to submit your entry send an email to with the subject line (Tours contest submission - playername)

I look forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!
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