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Community - Rubi-Ka 2019's Second Birthday event 26.02.2021

By Saavick
The Rubi-Ka 2019 server is now two years old and this is celebrated with an event with special content. This event is only available on Rubi-Ka 2019. Have a look at our guide for all the details :)

The event was not announced by Funcom this year, but last year it ran from 25 February to 17 March 2020, so I suspect it may end on the 17th this year too.

Community - Valentine's Day event 11.02.2021

By Saavick
The Valentine's Day event in Anarchy Online starts today, 11 February and will remain up until the 25th. :)

Have a look at our new guide to see what's new.


Community - Onward to 2021 30.12.2020

By Khuri
We're about to leave 2020 behind us and look forward to 2021, where you can still look forward to playing AO and reading on this website.

Many thanks to our volunteers and fans for writing, commenting and maintaining the guides on this website, and a big thanks to all those of you who supported our website financially, smoothly covering the yearly expenses towards the end of the year. Thank you all, you rock :)

Community - Christmas event 16.12.2020

By Saavick
Later today, 16 December 2020, the Christmas event will start and it will last until 5 January 2021. A special subscription offer with Dust Brigade Parasite Armour and XP boost nano cans is also newly available.

You can read all the details here.

Happy holidays everyone :)

Community - High level Subway raid releases today 28.10.2020

By Saavick
A new high level raid instance based on the Condemned Subway will be released today, 28 October 2020. Servers go down at 13:00 GMT and the downtime is expected to last 2 hours. You can read the original announcement by Community Manager AndyB on the official forums.

Check out Malishade's forum post to read about new items and item changes.

A guide for the Subway raid instance should be available on AO-Universe sometime soon™ :)
For now, a map is already available here.

EDIT: a guide is now available here.

Community - Halloween event 13.10.2020

By Saavick
As just announced by our Community Manager AndyB, this year's Halloween event will start tomorrow, October 14th and last until November 3rd.

See the original announcement on the official forums.

Make sure to check out our new guides for info on what to do during this event :)

Community - Auno updated to 18.8.53 14.08.2020

By Saavick
The items database on has been updated to the current patch, 18.8.53.

Many thanks to Nadyita and Leite for creating the actual database dump and to Auno for updating the site with it, especially considering he no longer plays. It is much appreciated!

Auno is currently a few patches ahead of, so both sites complement eachother beautifully. AOItems does have the full patch history and an up to date nano listing, but auno has many useful comments.

AO-Universe supports using both sites in our guides, depending on your preference. You can select your preferences at the top of a guide like so:


Community - Palmiero's Missions on RK2019 24.07.2020

By Saavick
With yesterday's maintenance downtime, a ninja-change was snuck in for RK2019 :)

Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero and his ICC missions are now available. Make sure to check our guide for all the details. This week, he is handing out the Alien Invasion mission.


Community - AO's 19th Birthday event 21.06.2020

By Saavick
On 27 June this year, Anarchy Online turns 19 and there is a special event to celebrate this. The event is available on both servers from 17 June - 8 July. You can read all the details in the official announcement by our Community Manager AndyB.

Besides the birthday event, the same patch introduces a new raid dungeon at the Temple of Three Winds for level 201+ players. Details for that are in the same post by AndyB. We're currently working on a guide for it; you can find the work in progress here.

And finally, this patch makes daily missions and new inferno missions available on the RK2019 server. Woot!


Community - Rubi-Ka 2019 Birthday event 27.02.2020

By Saavick
The Rubi-Ka 2019 server is now (almost) one year old and this is celebrated with an event with special content. The event will run from 25 February to 17 March 2020. Check out the official announcement and our guide for all the details.

Also! The Legacy of the Xan expansion will be released on Rubi-Ka 2019 on 10 March. Check out our guides on that to refresh your memory on what that means :)
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