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Community - The New AOU 06.01.2019

By Khuri
Welcome in 2019 and to the new AO-Universe Website.

We've made some slight changes on the looks of the website as you might notice.
In the background we've replaced lots of old code, updated the forum software to the latest version and improved the general speed of the website.
The page also should work fine on tablets and smartphones and hopefully give you a better overall experience. The URLs of the normal site also should now be a lot more readable. But don't worry, all the old links to the guides are still valid and will correctly forward you to the new sites.

In the process we also removed some old pages which haven't seen much use in the past.
If you should come across something important missing, or if you spot any missing images or otherwise, please let us know :)

Community - Happy Holidays everyone! 23.12.2018

By Khuri
We like to wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays!

We hope you all have some nice and relaxing X-Mas days to spend with your loved ones.

Community - Future of Budabot 10.07.2018

By Cariadast
I recently had the chance to sit down with Tyrence of Budabot and get some info about the future projects he's implementing for Anarchy Online! Take a moment and see what Tyrence has to say in our Interview!

Guides - Where to Find our Guides? 05.07.2018

By Cariadast
You'll find so much useful information on our site and we are glad to have you visit us! We hope we help enhance your Anarchy Online game play. We know you come here for our guides, but do you know where to find them?

Our AO Quests and Encounter guides are listed under KNOWLEDGE on the left hand side of all the pages. There you will find everything from the moment you crash land on Rubi-Ka, to the time you take on The Beast in Pandemonium. After you find the knowledge guide you're looking for, be sure to explore our Multimedia section, and find out a bit more about us in the About AOU section.

See something that needs updated? Are we missing an encounter or experience you wish we had a guide on? Join our Forums and let us know! Share information and ideas and see whats coming up for Anarchy Online and AO Universe!
You can register here: AOU Registration

Community - Secured connections 21.02.2018

By Khuri
Your communication with AO-Universe is now always using HTTPS and your browser should tell you this site is secure.
If you happen to stumble over any errors regarding this, please let us know.

Community - Pledgie has shut down 11.02.2018

By Khuri
Unfortunately the owners of have decided to close down their services without any prior notice to campaign owners.

I'm grateful to all of you who dontated to our campaign and that the server costs for 2018 have been covered. Sadly with the immediate removal of all campaigns on Pledgie, I can't copy the list of names of those who donated.
Since most have been done as anonymous donations I can't just use the actual transaction names either.

So for those of you who donated, a big "thank you" to you! :)

When 2019 comes we'll think of something else.

Community VIRUS ALERT warning, please ALL read! 06.02.2018

By Snakebite
So it seems that Xyphos has either been hacked or is now owned by someone else.
There have been virus warnings on the site!

At least for now till we either get rid of all Xyphos links or we find out what's happening with the site

Community - Welcome Bitnykk, new Guidemaker 16.01.2018

By Khuri
Please welcome Bitnykk to the AOU-Team!

He's an active player on RK2 and will help with creating new as well as update existing guides to keep this site fresh and up-to-date.

You can read his first guide here, Galahad Sanctuary Key Quest.

Social/Roleplaying - RP News 08.01.2018

By Khuri
A recent stunning revelation from an unexpected appearance from the long-missing clan The Pilgrims has shown that the original Omega, long thought gone from this universe, have returned, and Omni-Tek has been making unknown deals. Omni-Tek CEO Eva Pourais denied these allegations, citing the lack of tangible proof, as the Pilgrims could only show a recording of the supposed encounter. The Omega, the original nano-based immortals, can be remembered from the book Prophet Without Honor, available for free at the old official site ( ... le=CONTENT )

CoT Speaker elections have been extended until the meeting on February 3rd. The Council site at has more information, including statements from the candidates and information on how to file a vote.

The RP community and ARK hosts are hard at work developing a new RP channel/bot to make finding events and roleplayers simple. Be alerted to one time events, surprise appearances, or find out about planned storyline elements, in the near future.

There is a special call out to revive an Omni-Tek organization to balance out the Council of Truth, the Clan player representation. If you're interested, please check out the forums (link below)!

All of the storylines, large and small, and information about roleplaying organizations and meetings, can be found at the Fourth Wall forum on the official AO site, at ... ourth-Wall

(Written by Zagadka)

Community - Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 24.12.2017

By Khuri
We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! :)
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