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Community - TinkerTools 11.02.2023

By Saavick
The Anarchy Online community continues to amaze me with the various cool tools people create to make the game more fun for everyone.

This week the TinkeringIdiot a.k.a. FloridaMan released his latest tool called TinkerFite, which lets you enter your skills, profession, level etc and then ranks every eligible weapon in the game based on min damage, average damage per second, speed, and various other things you can choose. This should be useful for both new players ("what weapon should a level 35 froob fixer use?") and end game players ("should I use 2he or melee energy on my 220 keeper?"). Veterans can also fill in the many parameters and then share a link to the exact search with new players who might not know what exactly to look for.

You can find TinkerFite here. Also make sure to check out his implant designer TinkerPlants and dynamic nuke table TinkerNukes to decide which Nano-technician nukes best fit your skills.

You can also find TinkerTools and many other tools made over the years here on AO-Universe in the links section.

Community - Valentine's Day event 2024 15.02.2024

By Cariadast
The Valentine's Day event in Anarchy Online started yesterday, 14 February. It should run through early March.

The Valentine's Day event has ended

Have a look at our Valentine's Day Activities to read about the event content and loot :)

Community-AOGalaxy 04.02.2024

By Cariadast
Yet another dedicated community member has created a useful tool to assist the players of AO! dyrshin has been busy working on a site to help players of Anarchy Online.

While the site is in its early stages, it currently boasts an active, informative Nanoline page located here:


Just pick your profession from the list on the left and start exploring the Nanos for your chosen profession.


The Nanoline page contains profession Nanos by categories, and provides info like:
  • Name
    • The name of the Nano
  • Location
    • Where or how the Nano can be found/obtained
  • Stats:
    • Level of the Nano
      Cast time
      Recharge time
      Nano Cost
      NCU Cost
  • Modify (known as Effects in AUNO)
    • What Skill(s) effects it provides/modifies
  • Requirements (reqs)
    • Level reqs to cast/use the nano
      Nano Skills reqs
  • Note: clicking the name of the Nano takes you to the AUNO page representing that specific nano, so if you want to double-check it, AOGalaxy makes it easy!
That's not all that AOGalaxy plans to offer. They are working on membership ability with profiles and stat setup(s) for your various character(s). There is also some consideration regarding adding an item database in the future if it is something that receives interest.

AOGalaxy is looking for both feedback and requests in an effort to make the site more useful for the community. If you have helpful thoughts or suggestions, you can drop dyrshin a line in Discord directly or leave some feedback on the Discord Anarchy Online Forum section in AOGalaxy! Nanolines

dyrshin#0680 direct message on Discord


⁠Anarchy Online MMORPG Official Discord Forum (test) AO Galaxy! Nanolines by Profession Post

Give him a shout if you have any ideas on this project that might be helpful!

AUNO / AOItems What the HECK is going on?!? 30.01.2024

By Cariadast
So, there has been some talk, and a few questions popping up on various platforms across the Anarchy Online Internet outlets. These are generally regarding what is happening with Anarchy Online Universe, the use of two popular databases, AUNO and AOItems, and changes that have been made in our usage of them.

I thought I would shortly, but with as much detail as possible attempt to address all the questions about what's happened. ( I know, I know... :shock: )

Some of you may have noticed that AOItems has been down frequently for some time now.


With AOItems being set as the default for when an item needs to be linked or referenced on our guides, this started causing issues for players. Our initial hope was that whatever was happening with AOItems would quickly rectify itself. Efforts were made to contact the owner of AOitems to get an update on what was happening and to see if we could help.

After an extended period with no replies, in November of 2023, the owner let it be known in a post on Discord that AOItems would "be more down than up" while they worked on some things. Real life always comes first, even here, so we are hoping all is well, and when things are back to normal for our beloved AOItems and its creator, we will update everyone on its status in AOU.

At that point, however, it was clear that AOU needed to find a solution until AOItems' situation could be rectified.

To do so, we started by reinstating as the default database option in December.

At first, there were some small issues:
  • The AUNO database was set to default for registered users. That was not intentional, and Khuri quickly made sure that even if the visitor was a guest to an AOU guide, it would auto-default to AUNO's database for everyone.
  • Also, AUNO had some minor item and image link issues.
  • AUNO still needed to be updated to the current patch, (as did AOItems, so little changed there).

Even with these issues, we were still able to utilize the database from AUNO on a regular, consistent basis.

To help us with some of those issues, most recently, offered us the use of their site as a way to fill in some of those previously missing images and item links. So, with the implementation of both AUNO and AOGalaxy, we are pleased to say we once again have a fully functioning guide site for Anarchy Online.

  • Note: While the AOItems drop-down option is still available, we have no guarantee the site will work if you attempt to use the link, and no estimated time frame on when AOItems might return to our default Database.

AUNO recently updated to Patch 18.8.62


now matching the current game patch version


While AUNO is now up-to-date and running smoothing on their current database, for the foreseeable future we are going to continue running both AUNO and AOGalaxy to continue to ensure a fast, and smooth guide site for our players.

A lot of steps went into ensuring AOU would be able to provide AO players with a stable, usable database, and we appreciate your patience with us.

Have fun, and stay safe out there in Anarchy Online!

We appreciate your support, and if you'd like to ensure we can continue helping you, please consider donating to AOU's 2024 AO-Universe Website Hosting campaign! You can donate one time, or monthly! Any amount helps us to continue!

To do so, simply select the DONATE button at the bottom of this page! You are why we do what we do!


Community - Ironman Season 7 29.11.2023

By Cariadast
Season 7 Ironman Challenge

This event is once again being held on RK2019 and starts January 5th, 2024!

Details Discord Anarchy Online:

Attention: brave citizens of Rubi-Ka!

Prepare to embark on the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and determination. The Iron Man Challenge has arrived in Anarchy Online, and it's time to prove that you have what it takes to conquer the most hardcore Player vs. Monster (PvM) experience ever devised.

The Challenge:
Embark on an epic journey where the stakes are higher, and the dangers are deadlier. The Iron Man Challenge in Anarchy Online challenges players to navigate the perilous PvM landscape with a twist – a level cap that will push your skills to the limit. No more relying on high-level perks and abilities; this challenge is about raw talent, quick thinking, and mastering the art of combat within the constraints of your limited level.

Hardcore PvM Action:
Prepare for relentless battles against formidable monsters, unforgiving dungeons, and treacherous environments. The Iron Man Challenge is the ultimate test of your PvM prowess. Only the most skilled players will emerge victorious, claiming fame and glory in the unforgiving world of Rubi-Ka.

Global Recognition:
Participate in the Iron Man Challenge and join a global community of elite players. Prove your mettle not only to your fellow citizens of Rubi-Ka but to players from around the world. Compete for top spots on the leaderboard, showcasing your skill and resilience to the entire Anarchy Online universe.

Rewards for the Fearless:
Only the bravest and most skilled adventurers will earn the coveted rewards awaiting them at the end of the Iron Man Challenge. Are you ready to claim your place among the legends of Rubi-Ka?

Save the Date:
The adrenaline-fueled saga is set to kick off on January 5th, 2024. Mark your calendars, rally your friends, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Join the Iron Man Challenge Today:
The Iron Man Challenge awaits fearless adventurers like you. Sharpen your blades, charge your energy weapons, and prepare for the ultimate PvM test in Anarchy Online.

Will you rise to the challenge, or will you succumb to the perils of Rubi-Ka?

The fate of your legacy hangs in the balance.

For more information and to join the Iron Man Challenge community on Discord:


May the bravest prevail! ( To access additional channels, make sure to cast your vote in ⁠challenge-rules after reading them.)

Details From Discord Ironman:

As you have may heard the next Iron Man challenge is coming!

The Iron Man Screenshot Battle:

Capture the essence of your faction with the most remarkable Iron Man screenshot. Whether you represent Omni-Tek, Clan, or stand proudly Neutral, showcase your strength, camaraderie, and resilience in a single, breathtaking image. The community will decide which faction rises to glory through the sheer power of your screenshots.

Vote for Your Faction:
Once the submissions are in, the community will have the chance to cast their votes. Rally your fellow faction members, friends, and allies to support your cause. The faction with the most compelling Iron Man screenshot and community votes will emerge triumphant and claim the title of the ultimate faction on Rubi-Ka!

Submission Phase: Capture and submit your Iron Man screenshots in ⁠screenshots-competition .
Voting Period: Cast your votes (reaction / ) and rally support for your faction.
Victory Announcement: Witness the crowning of the supreme faction based on the winning Iron Man screenshot and community votes.

Epic Rewards Await:
The stakes are high, and the rewards are even greater! The winner will choose the side of Iron Man season 7!
Closing date: Dec 15, 2023 (Remember to make sure to read the rules and react it will give you full access ⁠challenge-rules )

While the Iron Man Challenge is set to kick off on January 5th, on RK19, feel free to join The Ironman Discord Channel now!

New Challenge this season!

For more details, join us in the Ironman Discord: Visit

Nostalgia Guides 23.08.2023

By Khuri
With the removal of the ICC Shuttleport area from the game, we've decided to introduce a "Nostalgia" section in our guides.
There you will find (outdated) guides for quests and gameplay areas that are no more, but will be kept available for the public to read through... for nostalgic effect :)

During the next days the list of guides in there might grow, as our editors comb through the guide lists.

Community - 22nd Anniversary event 23.06.2023

By Saavick
The celebration event for Anarchy Online's 22nd birthday has started today, 23 June! Although no end date has been announced, last year it started at the same date and ended on 16 July, so that may be a good indication. Should an announcement be made by Funcom later, I will edit this post. Edit: our Community Manager AndyB has just made a post on the official forums. The event will run stay until 17 July.

Have a look at our guides to learn about things to do during the event:

Tomorrow, Saturday 24 June at 6 pm GMT, GridStream Productions will throw a party in the ICC Assembly Hall. You can paste the following waypoint in game for a map marker: /waypoint 3335 950 655

Future of the ARK Program 13.06.2023

By Cariadast
Today Umbrols from FunCom, in the Customer Support area announced the discontinuation of our beloved ARK (Advisors of Rubi-Ka) program. You can read the details on the FunCom forums: ... ram/230929

We at AOU are at a loss for words as to why this would be happening, so the only words we can offer are THANK YOU to ALL of the Advisors of Rubki-Ka, present and past, for the dedication you showed. As well as the hard work you gave, and the unconditional support you provided to this game and its community.

Thank you for carrying the needs and concerns of the players through the years, and helping players when times called for it. AOU has appreciated and enjoyed working with you over the decades and is proud to have had a number of you counted in our staff and ranks here at AOU.

You will be deeply, regretfully missed.

We will not forget!

Update: Message from Spacequest
Spacequest — Today at 7:14 PM BST (GMT+1)

Transmission online…

I need keep quite, incase they hear me, but I saw a new Alien ship, I thought i would investigate before putting out the call to arms.

Upon entering the ship I lost all my powers and had no defence, the door shut behind me.
Quickly I ran to hide behind some strange alien containers, their I could see a new type of alien, never seen before. If I move I could be seen and disintegrated.

Oh no! I feel the ships engines starting, I am trapped!
My comms is loosing power, what is this ship.
I must say this quick before my comms fails.

This maybe the last transmission to you all.

All I can say is you are the best and I have enjoyed every moment and event with you all, I hope myself and the events team have brought you a smile into your life. I must tell you something really important before my comms fails. What ever you do don't ………….

End of transmission…

Community - Ironman 19.05.2023

By Cariadast
Season 6 Ironman Challenge started today May 19th, 2023 at 16:00 UTC!

This event is being held on RK2019!

Currently, there are 5 events scheduled to run through August and up to level 170.

From their announcement:

For those of you who haven't participated before, Ironman is a challenge to level and take down bosses with only the assistance of other Ironman players. This means we don't use OSB, paid items, and we obtain all of our own loot!

As always Ironman is a PvM challenge at heart, we welcome everyone to take part in the classic Anarchy Online Ironman experience!

So join the Discord to join the fun!
AO Ironman Community

Once you join, there you will be greeted by a Code of Conduct you must read and agree to as rules to follow throughout the challenge.

You'll find "Event Details" directly underneath the AO Ironman Community server header. Clicking the green Event Details gives you current information as needed.

If you have any questions regarding participating in Ironman be sure to ask a Moderator in Discord!

Best of Luck to all the Ironman Participants!

AO Universe in numbers 2022 31.12.2022

By Khuri
2022 is nearing it's end and I've been asked if I could show some numbers regarding this website and it's usage, how relevant it still is in regards to the age of the game.

We've removed the direct in-database tracking of guide visits some years back already, however based on pages called we can still see trends on which guides are the most searched after this year.

Visitor numbers

Absolute visitor numbers are a bit difficult to gather unfortunately. I'll split these numbers up based on their sources.
For one we have since several years now a Piwik/Matomo tracking on the website. However due to cookie policies and additionally modern browsers own do-not-track-me features, which the Matomo tracking respects, this tracking only registers a fraction of visits on the website.
The second tracking we have is the webservers internal logfiles, which register every page call. It does not however recognize "coming back visitors" as such. If two page calls from the same user are 30 minutes apart, they get registered as a new visit.

So much for the techniques behind the tracking, let's talk some numbers.
Matomo tells me that in 2022 we had over 123k visits on the website. These numbers have been going down from 2021 (125k), 2020 (148k) and 2019 (301k). Keep in mind though that with more strict browser privacy policies, Matomo might not see all visits by default.
Now the internal server logfiles show a little bit bigger numbers. According to them in 2022 we had over 1.5 million visits. There's a very interesting surge in visits starting with July 2022 where we went from an average of 80k visits per month to 190k, which continues throughout December.
This trend in rising numbers also reflects in the Matomo tracking, with a surge in July 2022.

Who's visiting?

Let's talk some about who's visiting this website.
The majority of visitors come from Europe (58 %) and North America (34 %). Based on country, first place goes to the USA (31.5 %), followed by the UK (10.3 %), Norway (9.4 %), Sweden (5.4 %) and Germany (5.3 %).
These numbers also get backed up by the Google Search Console, which just registers things happening on the Google Search Results in regards to our website. There the most impressions and clicks also come from the USA, followed by the UK, then Norway, Germany and Sweden.

The majority of visitors use a Full HD resolution screen (42.6 %), followed by QDH (9.3 %), and then come a variety of odd laptop and mobile device resolutions.
The vast majority visits using Chrome as browser and Windows 10 as OS (76.9 %), followed by Android OS (9.6 %).

When are you visiting?

For this I had a look at the Google Search Console and I can very confidently that a majority of players are playing and looking at our guides on weekends. Every saturday/sunday there's a high peak in impressions and clicks.

Hot Topics

The most interest in guides goes to the Classic AO guides (31.7 %), followed by Shadowlands (24.4 %), Alien Invasion (8.4 %), then Legacy of the Xan, Lost Eden and lastly Notum Wars.
The classic raids are where most visitors come looking for guides, namely the Condemned Subway, followed by the Temple of Three Winds, the Inner Sanctum Raid and the Dust Brigade.
Those also show in the Google search words, where the top searched topics include "subway", "inner sanctum" and "totw".
Guides regarding the Dust Brigade quests have been the most search after using our internal search engine.

And lastly for some more numbers on how we're doing on Google in general. We've had 1.39 million impressions in search results, with 224k clicks leading from those impressions to our site.

All of this tells me that despite the age of this game, it still has an active and interested community.
Also since we started accepting Paypal donations to support this website with it's hosting, we've reached the yearly goal every year, thanks to you generous people.
This year we've gotten 138 € in total (excluding Paypal fees), which covers the set goal of 120 € per year. A big thank you to everyone who donated! :)

In the name of the AOU team I'd like to thank everyone who comes visiting, interacting and supporting this website and the community around it, as well as the game itself.
I wish you a Happy New Year and hope you'll come by again in 2023!