Sector 10 Alien Playfield

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Level: 100-150
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How to get to Sector 10

Quite easy actually, just read our Alien Playfields Guide that will show you exactly how to get there in detail.

The Unicorn Outpost

Sector 10

Location: Same elevator as for Sector 13/28/35

You will enter an outpost with lots of unicorns killing aliens that manage to get through the defensive fence that leads to the sector itself.


Before you head inside starting to slay aliens you would want to talk to the Unicorn Duty Sergeant located east in the outpost. He will give you 5 missions that will give you great AXP, XP and Token rewards! Most of these missions you will complete by simply fighting your way through the sector, you get the reward automatically by completing them. Note that you won't get mission updates while being in a raid.

These are the missions:

  • Kill 5 Alien Medics
  • Kill 5 Alien Communication Officers
  • Kill 5 Alien Leaders (Generals, not the big ones, but smaller mobs)
  • Collect 5 Alien DNA (Use cage on Alien Larvas) (DNA must be delivered, but can be farmed for later)
  • Kill 20 Alien Immature Vectors (long task, but no timer)

Pull them all and have them running when you enter the outzone.

Oh and one last thing.


Inside Sector 10

So you got the missions and the backpacks. Now what?

You will find a huge variety of Alien mobs and also the Regeneration Conducts that snares you and heals the mobs around you if left alive. These you'll want to kill first of course. Use walk mode to get in range with them easier, if you are melee.

Unless you are a level 150 twink you'd want to bring at least a team to Sector10 if you want to go any deeper than the first area. Pretty often you'll have 4 mobs on you at the same time, but if you have a decent twink or a team you should make it to the middle area. If you are doing missions or farming tradeskill items or relay items you don't have to go any further than this. (I'll explain loot soon) But if you want to get to north, east or west side to spawn Alien Pocket bosses you'll need a team of twinks or a hardcore raid.

Misc Loot

The aliens in Sector 10 drop a ton of loot; besides weapons and bio clumps, they drop various items needed to make Alien Augmentation Devices and Alien Tank Armors. You'll have to kill the Alien pocket bosses for some of those items though.

See this guide for info on how to tradeskill these items.

Items that drop from common aliens
Kyr'Ozch Weapons.

Used for AI Tank Armors.

Used for tradeskilling.

Clumps of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material.

Used for Alien Augmentation Devices.

Can be upgraded with Swatch from city generals.

Plus parts for the following pocket boss tradeskill items.

All the four different pocket bosses can be spawned at either of the 3 spawn points shown in the map above. Some lucky loot drop and farming is needed to get the parts needed to spawn these bosses

Items for Tools to type the Signal Relays
X Compiler Unit (4 different types, one for each boss)
X Crystal - Left Fragment (4 different types, one for each boss)
X Crystal - Right Fragment (4 different types, one for each boss)

See this guide to learn how to tradeskilll the relays.

Make a note of that last part though. I'm betting most Sector 10 characters has someone else do their tradeskilling. Don't activate the Tuning Unit or combine it with Untuned Kyr'Ozch Signal Relay on the tradeskill character.

It will become NODROP! And the tradeskill character probably can't enter sector 10? (above level 150)

The good news is that the Tuning Unit tool itself doesn't get "used up". You'll have the tool for future Signal Relays, so you don't have to farm new tools every time.

Alien Pocketbosses

From the middle area you can choose to go north, east or west to get to one of the spawnpoints where you can spawn your alien pocketbosses. The paths are pretty crowded with aliens that respawns pretty quick, so you have to be both careful and fast to move forward safely. You will reach a fence area where you have to click a box on the ground to cross safely, check for a yellow icon in your NCU before crossing:

Alien Bio-Transmission Encoder

You also need to do this when you are leaving the area, unless you are warping out or die ;)

You will enter a large area with a spawn point in the middle. This is where you spawn your alien pocketbosses. Mark the Teleport Ring and stand in range of it, then right click the finished Signal Relay from your inventory. You will not lose your HP like you do with pocketbosses in the Shadowlands. I'll provide some info on the different boss types, but not exactly how much damage they do or what damage types they use.

Rho- Ilari Khazon Ra

The easiest of the four boss types. This one spawns adds behind you, but they are not the hardest of mobs. With some good damage in team/raid you should be able to kill the boss before the adds spawns.

Sigma - Chemist Khazon Ra

This one can be a little more tricky, but stay focused and he shouldn't be too hard to kill. He spawns flames simular to the highbie alien daily mission ships on the ground around you. While standing on the flames you will constantly take damage, roughly 500 pr hit. Move around and dodge the flames and you shold be able to kill this boss without too much hassle.

Kappa - Ankari Khazon Ra

This one can be a bit painful. He completely drains the nanopool of everyone that is attacking him, and there is no chance to get it back during the fight. Enforcers can't mongo, doc's can't heal etc. With good damage in the team/raid you can probably kill him before cocoon, tms or evade perks run out.

Alpha - Cha Khazon Ra

This is the hardest boss of them all. It spawns Alien Defense System (nukers) and alien larvae. These adds can wipe a whole raid force if you don't keep your head cool. Unconfirmed, but I would think that you should stop damage on the boss and kill adds before turning back to the boss. I think that if you keep doing damage on the boss when the adds spawn, additional adds will spawn and it will be hard to survive.

Boss Loot

All bosses have a chance to drop the following loot:

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