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To enter the APFs, use a Whom-Pah to ICC HQ and take the lift up to the
Shuttle Platform
Andromeda - 3124.6x905.7
. From there, take the heavily guarded shuttle to the Outzones.

Shuttle to the Outzones.

Map of the area.

Once you're there, head downstairs and you will find some NPCs there and a handy terminal named the Unicorn Supply Depot. Any faction can use it and it provides up to QL 150 medical supplies.

Be sure to have medical supplies.

Most NPCs are related to Sectors 13, 28 and 35 and waiting to reward you for items from the alien bosses. You might also encounter the Unicorn Recruiter, who offers missions to board the Alien Mothership to those with the Lost Eden expansion.

The Unicorn Recruiter.

Now get on the bridge and follow the signs by turning left after the bridge, and you will arrive at a lift. Right-click the lift controls and you are now in the "staging area" of the playfields. From here you may enter Sectors 13, 28 and 35.

All the way in the southeast you can find the entrance to the Central Gateway, where you can find Arid Rift and the Neretva Canyons.

To exit, just go back top side, go past the bridge, turn left, go up the stairs and through a second bridge leading upstairs to a ship waiting for you to send you back to the landing pad in ICC HQ.

Alright, now you know how to get to APF and exactly where to go to raid there, if you want more details about each sector check out our guides:

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Information originally provided by Roedran to the AI Library Forums. Additional information provided by Windguaerd.
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