About Side TopA fansite by players, for players!

It all began as a project back in September of 2005 and with a bit of luck and strong support from the AO community we haven't stopped since.

What the site provides:

Knowledge content:
Thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years! Every guide will have the proper credits to the owner of the information; if you have a gameplay guide to contribute please use our contact page! We currently host more guides than any other AO fansite in the world!!

PvP content:
This includes the latest activity of Notum Wars battles across all servers, stats, listing of organizations involved and the exact time of each event.

Additional content/download:
We also host and link overall utilities used by the community, like ChartConverter, ScriptEditor, Guild Database, Server Status, Clicksaver, AOIA, AOShopAgent, AOScripter, Launcher Skins, Wallpapers, etc. We have a hundreds of screenshots, original player-made comics and art, images and AO concept art at our Gallery.

We provide a set of forums for all types of players to interact, exchange information, share AO stories, and more.
What the site will NOT have:
- Annoying unwanted real-life advertising and annoying popups.
- Pushing other MMO's at our front page (which is what most gaming networks are doing).
- News related to the Test Server (AO's Community Corner covers that just fine for the playerbase).

Currently we're hosted by IOS-Solutions.

Special thanks:
To all the players who supported this project, you made this happen!

Special Note:
The banners currently at our front page is to advertise guilds, other AO fansites who added an AOU banner to their site, in-character fictitious advertising, ARK and the Official Anarchy Online website.

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