Enel Garden Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 50-100
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There are 3 Redeemed Temples in Elysium.

One in the center of the map, 1 North East, and another, slightly less obvious, South West.

Ecclesiast Enel Gill

Step 1:
First off head to the Central Temple and inside. Up some spiral stairs and take the entrance on the South-east. Speak to Ecclesiast Enel Gill and get sealed letter. Then show it to all of the following NPC's in order. The missions tells you who to see next (there is also another Enel Gil outside the Temple you can talk to).

Chat with him, ask about the journey, and you'll get sealed letter.
You'll get a new mission.

The mission gives you the name of the NPC's to see next. You must follow the order that is given to you at each step.

Locations for NPC's:

Central Temple - Inside
1. Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad
2. Diviner Enel Wei-Nuir
3. Sipius Enel Mara-Ilad

South West Temple - Outside (Barter)
4. Devoted Enel Cama-Lux
5. Diviner Enel Thar-Thar

North East Temple - In a 'hut' (Ripwell)
6. Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar

489 x 1393 : Archbile
Acolyte Enel Wei
Elysium West - 489x1393

Step 2:
Head back to Ecclesiast Enel Gill in the central temple. He gives you the letter back and instructs you to go Enel's Garden.

Forrester Enel Aban

Locate Forrester Enel Aban just a bit ahead of the pool, and speak to this modest Redeemer. He seems to favor the humble, but at the same time is very interested to hear about the sun, and light reflected on armor. Once you get through his curiosity he gives you an Ancient Tracking Device.

Step 3:
You then need to tag all the Un-reedemed mobs in the following order: ( all found at un-reedemend temples.

1588 721 :
Elysium North - 1588x721

1. Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere
2. Hypnagogic Wox-Xum Shere
3. Follower Chi-Nar Shere

737 566 :
Elysium East - 737x566

4. Fortuitous Hes-Man Shere
5. Hypnagogic Ixi-Bhotaar Shere
6. Visionist Dom-Xum Shere
7. Follower Yutt-Ixi Shere

899 418 :
Elysium North - 899x418

8. Fortuitous Pi-Zul Shere
9. Follower Man-Wox Shere

Step 5:
Head back to Forrester Enel Aban and give him the Ancient Tagging Device back, and voila! The Key to the Garden of Enel.

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Information originally provided by Roedran and Herodotus to the SL Library Forums and at the Official AO Forums. Additional information provided by Windguaerd.
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