Enel Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 50-100
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Talk to Ecclesiast Enel Gil

Ecclesiast Enel Gil

You'll start by talking to
Ecclesiast Enel Gil
Elysium - 825x815
outside at the Redeemed temple near Utopolis (Pos: 825 815) which is who you dealt with during the garden key quest. Use the chat option about his needing more help, show him your garden key when requested and continue through the chat sequence. He'll then give you a new mission which sends you around to kill the named Unredeemed mobs you tagged in the garden key quest. After you kill one the mission will be updated with your next target and each include a way point as well which makes things easier.


If you're doing this by yourself at around level 100 or lower while the mobs you're sent after may not be a problem the social aggro you bring down on yourself once you attack them may be. So be careful or bring help.


The local Unredeemed mobs are around level 85 while your three targets are all level 70.

They're conveniently located all in one spot, just be sure to kill them in the right order.

Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere
Hypnagogic Wox-Xum Shere
Follower Chi-Nar Shere


The local Unredeemed mobs are around level 60-70 while your four targets are all level 70.

Fortuitous Hes-Man Shere

Hypnagogic Ixi-Bhotaar Shere

Visionist Dom-Xum Shere

Follower Yutt-Ixi Shere


The local Unredeemed mobs are around level 90 while your two targets are both level 70.

Fortuitous Pi-Zul Shere

Follower Man-Wox Shere, he's the one on the left looking at you.


Be sure to loot the Briefing from the corpse of Follower Man-Wox Shere.

Return to Ecclesiast Enel Gil

When you get back let him know you completed your task but you're worried after finding the Briefing which outlines an Unredeemed attack on the Redeemed in Elysium. After you hand the Briefing over you'll get your sanctuary key, some XP/SK, creds and two daily mission like XP/SK rewards (no tokens though). The XP/SK and cred rewards scale based on your level.

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Information originally provided by Gibs at the Official Forums. Additional information provided by Windguaerd.

Rewritten by AnotherPhoenix.
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