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Post by Cariadast » Sun Feb 04, 2024 4:34 am

Yet another dedicated community member has created a useful tool to assist the players of AO! dyrshin has been busy working on a site to help players of Anarchy Online.

While the site is in its early stages, it currently boasts an active, informative Nanoline page located here:


Just pick your profession from the list on the left and start exploring the Nanos for your chosen profession.


The Nanoline page contains profession Nanos by categories, and provides info like:
  • Name
    • The name of the Nano
  • Location
    • Where or how the Nano can be found/obtained
  • Stats:
    • Level of the Nano
      Cast time
      Recharge time
      Nano Cost
      NCU Cost
  • Modify (known as Effects in AUNO)
    • What Skill(s) effects it provides/modifies
  • Requirements (reqs)
    • Level reqs to cast/use the nano
      Nano Skills reqs
  • Note: clicking the name of the Nano takes you to the AUNO page representing that specific nano, so if you want to double-check it, AOGalaxy makes it easy!
That's not all that AOGalaxy plans to offer. They are working on membership ability with profiles and stat setup(s) for your various character(s). There is also some consideration regarding adding an item database in the future if it is something that receives interest.

AOGalaxy is looking for both feedback and requests in an effort to make the site more useful for the community. If you have helpful thoughts or suggestions, you can drop dyrshin a line in Discord directly or leave some feedback on the Discord Anarchy Online Forum section in AOGalaxy! Nanolines

dyrshin#0680 direct message on Discord


⁠Anarchy Online MMORPG Official Discord Forum (test) AO Galaxy! Nanolines by Profession Post

Give him a shout if you have any ideas on this project that might be helpful!
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