Our Team

Silvana - Site Manager
Playing AO since beta, Silvana has been around to see the best and the worst that the game has to offer, always finding the constant evolution an enjoyable process to be part of. More of an explorer than a level grinder, she likes to find new and interesting things around the game that others may not have noticed or overlooked and to write about them to increase player awareness in the little gems buried in the game world.

Khuri - Code Leet
Former AO player and webmaster of this website.

Snakebite - Community Relations
Snakebite started playing AO on December 20th, 2004, when he made his first character (MA) and was lucky enough to drop into one of the best, most friendly Clan Orgs on Rimor and never looked back. Whilst not the best player around by any stretch of the imagination, he has a solid base for teamwork and keeping the team alive on short notice on his 220 Doctor. His Main is now a level 220 top end tradeskilling Engineer (because he's lazy & it's less stress than his Doctor). 

Forum admin for 2 sites and Moderator for 4 others, he allows more controversy than the average Moderator but comes down hard on people that overstep the boundaries. Joined AOUniverse on it's second day as Forums Moderator and hasn't looked back since.

Snakebite is his everyday nickname (not a character name) and he has the scars to prove it.

Content Editors:

  • Afreng
  • Bitnykk
  • Kiytan
  • Llie
  • Morgo

AO Universe Partners:

  • Beaexn
  • Demoder
  • Docaholic
  • Novagen

Community Legends (Retired):

  • Niodemus
  • Scene
  • Scoopx
  • Trgeorge
  • Ukblizzard
  • Uragon
  • Windguaerd
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