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Holo Deck Bi-Weekly "Daily" Missions

With the 18.8.13 Patch that launched on April 14, 2016, new missions were added to the game. These missions can be obtained from Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero or the Arbitration Drone in the
Holo Deck
Andromeda - 3246x940
Tower outside of the ICC grid exit.

Holo Deck Building

These missions are only offered for a week and then disappears for a week. After that week of disappearance is up, these should return with new missions available.

*Note: These ICC missions have been reported as being unreliable, so do not be surprised if they aren't available when you think they should be. You can petition the issue, but they have always reappeared, and started back up...eventually...

Speak with Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero for the following series of missions.

Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero

Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero

The following lists the missions that Arbiter Palmiero can offer you.

Arbiter Mission 1: PvP - "Civil Disobedience"

Level Requirement: All Levels
1) Compete in a duel
2) Complete 3 rounds of BattleStation
3) Kill 5 Notum Miners in PvP Arena in BS Station

1) 1200 PvP Solo or Team Score - Equivalent to roughly 12 Solo or Team Kills
2) 2 ICC Commendation
3) XP / Research
4) Victory Points
5) Tokens
6) 20% Chance to Receive ICC Drone

[Reveal] Extra Notes:

1) Notum Miners spawn when people die in the PvP arena. You retain all buffs and are simply put back up top to zone back down, so there is no real loss for dying here. Bring a friend and take turns killing each other to spawn the Miners.
2) To satisfy the 1st requirement of dueling, you can simply duel draw. Use /duel to start the duel. Use /duel draw to end it.

Arbiter Mission 2: Alien - "Alien Invasion"

Level Requirement: 201+
1) Defeat 10 Hacker'Uri
2) Defeat 2 Generals
3) Clear 1 Kyr'Ozch invasion ship
4) Defeat 1 Kyr'Ozch Mothership Leader
5) Defeat Technomaster Sinuh

1) AXP
2) 100% Chance of one of the following items
- Kyr'Ozch Helmet (Token Board or Credits)
- Viralbots (Supple, Enduring, etc.)
- Bounty Items (Tokens or Credits) + 3x Hacker ICE-Breaker Source
3) 2 ICC Commendations

Note: The Kyr'Ozch Helmet, Viralbots, and Bounty Items DO NOT stack. This means that you can only potentially win 1 of these items per completion of this mission.

Arbiter Mission 3: DustBrigade - "Dust It Off"

Level Requirement: 201+
1) Defeat DustBrigade General
2) Defeat Mikkelsen
3) Defeat Aune
4) Defeat Vortexx

1) XP/Research
2) 2 ICC Commendations
3) Tokens
4) 100% Drop on DustBrigade Operative Armor (1 random piece) or Overtuned Mother Nitrogena

Arbitration Drone

Arbitration Drone

In addition to Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero, you can retrieve the following missions by speaking with the Arbitration Drone. Currently, the drone offers missions for a week and then disappears for a week. After that week of disappearance is up, the drone will return with the same missions. Currently, there is one mission that the Arbitration Drone will offer everyone, and a second mission that it will offer that depends on your character's level.

Freelancers Inc.

Level Requirement: All Levels
Requires that you complete 3 regular daily missions

1) 5% Chance on Freelance Inc. Token
2) 10% Chance on Damaged Freelancers Inc Recall Beacon
3) 1 ICC Commendation
4) XP/Research
5) Tokens

Note: Only normal and elite dailies count; AI dailies do not. Some mission do not count even though you might expect them to.

Valid Daily Missions (Verified):

Invalid Daily Missions (Verified):

  • Sub-200 Elites (except Mantis Ravagers)
  • Notum Mining & Tower from the PvP daily missions line.
  • Crash Site
  • All missions the from Arbitration Drone (e.g. Darkest Sanctum)

Mission Based on Level

Level 1-25: Subway Showdown
Kill Eumenidies in the Condemned Subway.

Level 26-60: Cultist Culling
Kill 30 Cultists in the Temple of Three Winds.

Level 125-200: Darkest Sanctum
Defeat the Re-Incarnator.

For this mission, go into the Inner Sanctum and there will be a mob in a white robe floating around on the 1st floor after you step through the portal. Kill this mob and a blue portal spawns. Step through the portal and kill the level 210 Re-Incarnator. He also has a few Undead Soldier adds around him. Only Level 125-200 players can enter that area of Inner Sanctum.

Rewards for All Level-Based Missions Include:
1) % Chance on Freelance Inc. Token
2) 1 ICC Commendation
3) XP/Research - Cap
4) Tokens
5) Credits

Completing Missions


If you are instructed to return to ICC HQ to complete your mission, enter the Holo Deck and target RALPH by clicking on him. This will complete your mission. You do not need to speak to him. Whenever you complete a mission there is a small chance you will receive Damaged Freelancers Inc Recall Beacon.

Freelancers Inc. Token

When completing Freelancers Inc. (Complete 3 Normal Daily Missions) from the Arbitration Drone, there is a chance for a bonus reward of a Freelancers Inc. Token. The tokens act as a type of currency. It will allow you to open a chat with Adeline Guerra, an associate of Freelancers Inc. who can help clear you for additional contracts per day, making it possible to reset your Daily Mission and avoid the 18-hour wait.

Adeline Guerra

Freelancers Inc. Tokens are relatively rare, but if you should receive one you can then head over and speak with Adeline Guerra, who is standing at the side of the Arbiter's office.

ICC Commendations

When you collect sufficient ICC Commendations, you can purchase items from the store near the entrance of Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero's office. The current items available for purchase and the number of commendations required to purchase it are listed here:

There you have the list of Halo Deck/Arbiter bi-weekly mission you can complete! While these are the missions everyone is usually doing when the Arbiter is up, they are not the only missions available in ICC!

Other ICC Missions

We can't leave out the other missions in ICC. Most of these are intended for new/low-level characters, just out of the backyard or Arete...depending on whether you play RK5 or RK2019!

Let's start at the Arrival hall!

Arrival Hall

Here you will find one Natalia Akcora.

The Stolen Handbag

  • Talk to Natalia Akcora
  • Level Requirement: 1-25
  • Reward: Decent XP

Standing just outside of the Arrival Hall Entrance is a woman named Natalia Akcora, looking out of sorts! She seems distraught and desperate to get your attention. You wonder if, at your low level, you can help her.

Natalia Akcora

Open a chat with her and she will tell you a thief stole her Stolen Handbag and then ran into the Subway, just next to the Arrival Hall. She asks you to go in and retrieve her purse.

Waste no time entering the Subway and you'll catch him at the entrance, preparing to rummage through said handbag.

Our Thief

You may surprise him enough that he automatically attacks you, or you may need to engage him by, well, attacking him first. Either way, you must kill and loot him to get the purse! This means if you are in a team, you will need to wait on the bugger to respawn and dispatch him again!

Once you have looted the handbag, head back outside the Subway. Open another chat with Natalia and she will ask if you found her bag.

Tell her you have her handbag, and she will ask you to return it to her. Once you do she will thank you and give you a decent amount of XP as a thank you!

Read Your Mail

  • Cash: 1600 credits
  • Experience: (Up to) 1540 XP.
  • Reward: (3) 16 - 31 NCU Memory (QL50)

For this next mission, you will want to head into the Shopping building in ICC.


Once inside, head around the back toward the bank, and find Fia Lou! Open a chat with her and ask her if she knows anything about what the terminal she is standing next to does. She will be glad to answer you. Asking her how it works leads her to explain a bit about how the mail system works, and sends you an item in the process.

Fia seems a bit odd, she's holding her pillow and dressed in what looks like PJs but with how she talks, she must not be able to sleep. Maybe its her obsession with the mail system huh?

Fia Lou

To open the Mail Terminal, right-click it. Once you have received Fia's mail*, open it and take (select take all), the wrapped present from the mail.

*Note: It may take a bit of time for the mail she sent you to arrive. You can keep trying by checking the Mail terminal, or go and explore a bit of ICC, or even the subway, and the mail system will notify you when you have received any mail.

Once the Gift from Fia Lou is in your inventory, open chat again with Fia. Tell her you got her gift. She will ask you to show her it. Trade her the gift. She will unwrap it and present you with three QL 50 NCUs.

She will send you on your way after explaining she's waiting on an E-mail from her boyfriend. (ohhhh, that explains the pillow and Pajamas...I think!).

If you'd like to learn more details on the mail system, visit our guide here:Mail System

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