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While some people might be able to solo a couple of the encounters, the various parts of this quest have short timers, so on the whole team damage is needed. Even so, a team could also find themselves running out of time if something goes wrong. Fortunately, in that case you can re-pull the quest.

Peacekeeper Constad

ICC HQ, Andromeda
Andromeda - 3260x920

You start the quest with Peacekeeper Constad. He is leading an investigation on new Dust Brigade activities. His first mission for you is to contact Priest Fontain in the City of Home, Broken Shores.

Peacekeeper Constad

Priest Fontain

City of Home, Broken Shores
Broken Shores - 620x1500

Priest Fontain

Priest Fontain will give you 1 hour to cure his colleague, Priest Atalas. This is the only part in the whole quest line where you don't get a mission marker on your map. Well, not so much cure as kill, since his friends are waiting at reclaim and will take things over from there. Atalas can't be pulled, warps players to his location and has a long aggro range. Gather and buff up at a safe distance from him.

Priest Atalas

The Dead Maze, Broken Shores
Broken Shores - 459x4055

Priest Atalas

Once you kill Priest Atalas, return to Fontain. He will be ready to help you with further investigations into Dust Brigade activity. He only knows about two outside helpers and their locations. Your next task is to head to their locations and have a chat with them.

David Meyers and Jon Solare

The Sea of Home, Broken Shores
Broken Shores - 1193x730

The smaller guy, David Meyers, is a side-kick and he will just tell you to talk to Jon Solare.

David Meyers

Jon is a bit tougher than David, so don't bother being nice. He only speaks two languages, money and violence.

Jon Solare

Jon Solare will ask for 80 million credits, and while that amount might not be much for some players, he will get nervous about spilling out the secrets and will eventually attack you anyway. So, the better way is to simply insult him and attack him right away. At this point, it should be enough for just one team member to do the talking, but in case things go wrong, the whole team could start chatting with him.

With Jon Solare dead, Meyers is more willing to cooperate. He'll give you coordinates to a Dust Brigade Tower which might hold more information (and a 30 minute timer).

Relay Tower

Steep Shores, Broken Shores
Broken Shores - 709x476

Communications Relay Tower

Meyers forgot to provide you with security codes for the Communications Relay Tower, which you'll notice you could use as soon as you open tower interface. There are two ways of extracting information from the mechanical contraptions; either by using a soft touch and correct procedures or by whacking at it with anything and everything you can lay your hands on.

A bit of a coordination within the team is needed because the tower engages in combat as soon as the first person enters the wrong codes. You can technically still chat with the tower to update the mission, but it's a lot more painful.

The tower has two special modes to defend itself besides regular shooting of intruders. It spawns Dust Brigade Security Drone (if healers can keep the team alive, you can ignore it) and also uses AoE nukes (watch out for shouted vicinity countdown). Once you have destroyed the tower, Encrypted Data Chips will spawn in your inventory and you're ready to return to Peacekeeper Constad.

Note: If your team struggles to destroy this tower and finds that each attempt is leading to being sent to reclaim, it has been suggested that using a mech could be a viable, yet perhaps slower option.

Peacekeeper Constad

Peacekeeper Constad will reward you with a Professional Nanodeck, which you'll need equipped to use every nano rewarded from this quest line.

Since you will be reporting back to Peacekeeper Constad on a more regular basis from now on, you can repull quests with new timers from him. Always verify you have the next mission; sometimes you need to initiate chat with Constad again to get it. Anyway, the Peacekeeper has a new task for you. With increased Dust Brigade activity in Mort, he sends you there to patrol five hotspots.

Checkpoints Relays

As these are all marked on your map, finding them should be easy. However, we have also included the waypoints if you are trying to help someone else to do their quest. They are also marked on Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka.

  • Checkpoint Relay One
    Mort - 1979x390

  • Checkpoint Relay Two
    Mort - 2291x855

  • Checkpoint Relay Three
    Mort - 2206x1672

  • Checkpoint Relay Four
    Mort - 2263x2469

  • Checkpoint Relay Five
    Mort - 2676x3104

Checkpoint Relay

Once you locate a Checkpoint Relay, open chat with it to update your progress (only one person can chat with the Relay at a time). The second, forth and fifth checkpoints hold surprises. After the first team member opens chat with a Relay, a Dust Brigade Flame Drone will spawn and start to attack. When killed, the whole team will get the update, so the rest of the team doesn't have to chat with that Checkpoint Relay.

Dust Brigade Flame Drone

The last checkpoint location is defended a bit more heavily. First a powerful Dust Brigade Drone - Gamma will spawn and when you defeat it, you will get your first glance of what you're really up against. Ground Chief Aune will appear and issue you a warning in vicinity. Don't worry, he won't attack you... yet. With all these findings, you'd better report back to Constad.

While you can bet all your belongings that Constad will have another mission already lined up for you, he'll also present you with your first Nano Crystal reward:

Your next task will be in Eastern Fouls Plains. Some parts of the mission are also in Perpetual Wastelands and Southern Fouls Hills. Saving in Inferno and jumping down to Rub-Ka will save some time on flying/running, unless you have either a fixer in your team or own a tower site in those zones.

These next tasks are reconnaissance based, so you don't have to kill anything. All you have to do is target 3 different terminals (Data Encryption, Primary and Secondary Terminal). These are located inside a secluded camp guarded by Dust Brigade mobs. So, assuming you are NOT going to be training anyone inside the camp you can simply run in, tab like crazy and manage to complete this mission. Once you have managed to target them all, return to Constad.

On your return, Constad will give you a new mission. This time he wants you to eliminate all 4 Drill Sergeants (Nortin, Weston, Estare, Sotoh) as well as hack into the Primary Computer terminal with an ICC-Modified Hacking Tool within the next 2 hours.

The easiest way to deal with this task is to run clock-wise along the inner walls of the camp and pull each Drill Sergeant separately. Once they are all killed, you can safely go to the center, open the Primary Terminal's interface and trade the ICC-Modified Hacking Tool. At this point, the interface will start its countdown. Fear not, instead of nuking you at the end of the countdown, you will receive Hacked Data Chips to bring back to Constad. He will have a new Nano Crystal ready for you:

You should now have a new mission. This one starts off easy as well. You need to find and hack a series of communication relay towers using an ICC Modified Hacking Tool. You'll have 45 minutes for each of them. They are located in Perpetual Wastelands, Mort, Lush Hills, Milky Way and Southern Fouls Hills. The last two locations are a bit tough.

In Southern Fouls Hills, the communication relay tower is located on top of a Tree House. Dust Brigade Snipers are waiting for you. With some luck, you can approach it flying in a vehicle, and not draw their attention.

Communications Relay Tower

In Milky Way, the tower is located right at the end of a cave system.

Entrance to the cave system

Deeper inside the caves, you'll encounter many Dust Brigade mobs looking for target practice. If you're already familiar with the area, you should have enough time to simply run to the tower, though unfortunately there's no way to check in advance if by doing this you won't train someone. Once you have hacked all 5 towers, return back to Peacekeeper Constad. He eagerly awaits your findings, and he will have a new reward for you:

Now you're ready for your last mission. You need to travel to Southern Fouls Hills and persuade Sean Powell, an ex Dusty, to return with you for ICC protection as well as for him to turn into a snitch. Since the Dust Brigade know of his location and is already massing to kill him, you have just 2 hours to do so (remember you can always re-pull the mission if you fail or run out of time).

Sean Powell

With this being your last mission, you can be sure it's not going to be easy. Your main objective is to keep Sean alive.

When the first team member starts talking with him, a Dust Brigade assault team will arrive. The whole team will get ICC Identity Data Card as proof of your intention and Sean is only able to talk to one person at time. First of all, Dust Brigade Security Drones will spawn at all entrances, preventing reinforcements.

Dust Brigade Security Drone

Then, close to them, Dust Brigade Elite Commandos will start spawning. After a couple of seconds, they'll start attacking. Some of them will be drawn to you and your team, but most of them will center in on Sean. The easiest way to keep him alive during this part, where you're most likely to fail, is to calm all incoming mobs and concentrate your damage on assisting (and drawing aggro from) Sean. With this strategy, you shouldn't use hostile auras (Engineers), perks (Adventurers) or nanos (Enforcers and NTs) that break calms.

The Dust Brigade assault!

While you might be overwhelmed at first, there's just a limited number of Dust Brigade Elite Commandos that spawn. There's even one special one among them that spawns Ground Chief Aune on his death. You can spot it by the fact it's the only one carrying a weapon. Once you have spotted it, the safest way to proceed is to calm it outside Sean's aggro range and kill it last.

Dust Brigade Elite Commando

Ground Chief Aune will spawn a bit north of Sean. This means he'll stop attacking (his heal regen will kick into overdrive) and as long as you have a decent tank and healer, you're over the worst part. Any remaining Dust Brigade Elite Commandos will still present some risk, since some aggro might not be wiped out by calms (they'll start attacking Sean again when calms run out), but almost anyone can steal aggro from Sean and deal with one of two of those.

Ground Chief Aune has a lot of HP and can strike a blow.
Note: It has been reported and observed by AOU while trying to kill Aune that when she is at just 20% health remaining and starts talking that she puts up a 100% reflect. She does not despawn when she finishes talking and the only way to proceed with the questline is to break the reflect. In this post here, there is a suggestion to use Epsilon Purge. This does break the reflect when it lands. Another option is to use NT reflect piercing nukes (doubles/triples).

Once you kill her, a Dust Brigade Drone - Omega will spawn. This drone rivals Aune on the HP and damage front, and has some tricks of its own, such as blinds.

Dust Brigade Drone - Omega

With some luck, you'll be able to take down this one as well. When the drone dies, all the remaining Elite Commands will also despawn, meaning you successfully kept Sean alive.

Now it's time to talk with Sean again. Some notes:
  • If there's any other team present, they shouldn't talk to Sean until you have.
  • If Sean doesn't want to talk to the original team, mech up, kill him and wait for respawn.

Sean only talks with one person at time, but this time, every team member should talk with him. Nobody will be able to persuade him to return to Andromeda. However, he's ready to turn snitch, spilling out the info on Dust brigade activities to the best of his knowledge. Luck has it that he happens to have some Dust Brigade Security Codes. This is your entry pass for Inside the Machine, so keep it safe.

Since you have done your best in the given situation, you can only return to Constad with your last report. Even without Sean, he's thrilled about information you provide and in order to be prepared for the assault on the Dust Brigade encampment, when the ICC locates it, he rewards you with:

With all the information you have gathered, Constad has found another use for you. Try talking to him about the new machine that Aune and the rest of the Dust Brigade have constructed.

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