Dust Brigade - Inside the Machine (DB2)

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Level: 190-220
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This mini dungeon is the final step in the quest line you can get from Peacekeeper Constad. Remember the Dust Brigade Security Codes, which he handed you at the end of his tasks? You can use them to easily warp yourself to the
Dust Brigade Dig Site
Perpetual Wastelands - 2117x2758
in Perpetual Wastelands.

In the Dig Site, enter the left cave entrance. You have to be at least level 190 and must be in a team.

Once inside, you'll be facing a corridor that leads to the main room. Before you face Ground Chief Aune, it would be a good idea to get rid of the eight Masked Commandos that are lining the circular outer walls of the main room. While you can kill them, they have a nasty habit of respawning. The best approach is to have either the tank or a doctor train them to the start of the corridor and then have someone else calm them there. That way anyone dying has a fair chance of zoning back behind their aggro range, or should he/she aggro some, it will be just a couple of them.

Now you should be ready to face Ground Chief Aune, located in the center of Machine. Unfortunately, the only way to get to her is to walk the narrow pathways, traversing a fan of sorts. It would be a good idea at this point to turn off run mode, since there's a risk to fall down. Should you fall down anyway, you'll have to run counter clockwise in a circle to light up the four platforms. This will teleport you back up.

Aune has couple of nasty tricks beside decent damage. The first one you'll encounter soon enough, since she'll teleport herself to different pathway, stunning everyone in range in the process. This isn't so bad, since if you enable run mode again, you can jump from one pathway to the other. Just be careful not to do so during an earthquake, since you can lose your footing. Her other tricks can be harder to deal with, but if the team follows vicinity chat, they can detect it in time. She shouts the following phrases:

Ground Chief Aune shouts: Shoot me cowards!


Ground Chief Aune shouts: Go ahead! Shoot me!

This will force Xan Blessing of the Enemy in your NCU. With this active, you'll heal Aune for over 14k per hit (DoTs, perks and pet damage excluded). The best way to deal with this is to assign one team member to stay close to the outer wall. Once Auno taunts you in vicinity chat, this player should circle the outer wall, searching for towers to kill. When the towers are destroyed, it's safe to attack again.

Ground Chief Aune shouts: You will never know the secrets of the Machine!

This taunt will be associated with a blue nano effect and will provide Aune with absorbs as well as a 200 point reflect shield. The tactics are the same as above.

Ground Chief Aune shouts: Know the power of Xan!

Shortly followed by:

Ground Chief Aune shouts: Die!

The first shout initiates a Machine Shockwave and the second one Notum Pull. At the same time a Notum Irregularity will spawn somewhere on the pathways. Besides emitting a white nano effect, you can see it as a blue Omni dot on the minimap. Stepping inside this nano cloud will clear the init debuff and prevent getting hit by the DoT. The Notum Irregularity has a short duration, so you better get there as soon as possible. The team member that's on tower watch will probably miss it, so it would be advisable to have someone with heals do this task.

That's basically all the info you need to be able to kill Aune. In case of a wipe, the tower watch member will probably survive, while maintaining aggro and preventing Aune to heal up. This gives the rest of the team some time to get back.

Ground Chief Aune may drop the following:

Check out these guides to learn how to use this loot:

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