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Greetings! As some of you may or may not know, Update 18.7 was released on April 21, 2015. This gave a ton of new changes, and a new starter area, called Arete Landing. I thought it would be a good idea to make up a guide here about the isle and the quests and things on it.

WARNING: I found this out the hard way, but do not join the Omni-Tek or Clan before you are ready to leave Arete Landing. It will remove you from the Neutral chat channel (Neu. Newbie OOC) - the default chat channel when you start the game. Neu. Newbie OOC can give you a lot of help and let you ask questions as pretty much everyone is in that channel at the get go. Also, at level 31, you'll be removed from the Neu. Newbie OOC channel. Silly, but you still have /shout and /vicinity to ask questions and look for help.

NOTE: If you want to skip over the tutorial for whatever reason, go to this section and I'll show you how you can do it quickly.

Okay! So, first off making a character. Everyone starts off on Rubi-Ka (even if you get the expansion for Shade and Keeper, there is no Shadowlands option when you start). There have been quite a number of nano and professional changes to the classes, so please click on the link in the first sentence of this guide (it will take you directly to the 18.7 patch notes) so you can see the changes to whatever class you are interested in. It has been suggested that for a very new player, Adventurer or Martial Artist are quite easy to learn and get used to the game with (my first character was an Adventurer). I also won't go over what's the best race, etc, as I feel that is a personal choice.

NOTE: Can't see your friend? They're probably in a different instance (called a GS). To see which you are in, press Shift+F9. Look for where it says 'GS=#'. How do we fix that? You can enter the ship that you see when you first log into the game, or you can find and enter the Alien Ship to be in the same area.

Just step on the blue circle there to be transported inside the ship.

If the Gui that automatically loads isn't for you, there is a great guide here with explanations of all the GUI elements.

Once you get your UI settled, take a look around. There are a number of new things, so we'll go over them.

Check your Inventory (hitting I) and you'll find you have some items:


(Computer Literacy needs to be 20 before you can wear it)

(wear on your Back, and you can Right Click on it to give you more Inventory space)

Weapons and one Nano based on your Profession/Class choice

You can Left click on the Health and Nano items and place them on your hotbar (you target yourself or another person, then Right Click on the health item to use) if you wish. To wear your items and weapons, you need to go into the Wear tab (bottom tab on the left hand bars or Ctrl+1) and either Right Click on the weapon or item, or pick them up with the Left Click and place them in the correct tab. You have a tab for Weapons, Clothing/Armor, Implants, and Social/Clothing. By Shift + Left Clicking on an item in your inventory, it will give you a pop out window about that item.

When you Right Click on the Nanos you have, it will bring up the Programs (fourth tab on left bar or Ctrl+8) with different category tabs. By Left Clicking and holding, you can drag the Nano icon to your hotbar to use. Targeting yourself or another person, then Right Clicking on the Nano icon will 'cast' the program.


1. Rex Larsson

Mobs you can run into while doing these missions:

  • Malfunctioning Cleaning Robot (Level 1)
  • Cleaning Robot (Level 1)


Step 1: Terminate 5 Malfunctioning Cleaning Robots.
Step 2: Open the Cargo Box.
Step 3: Return to Rex Larsson. Reward: 1040 credits; (up to) 1281 xp.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Once you get your inventory situated, you'll notice two things right away in the area around you: A blue question mark (?) and a man with the name Rex Larsson (in blue), NOTE: Any NPC you see with a blue name is related to a mission in some way, by either giving them or being a step in one.

Holding Shift and Left-clicking on the question mark will give you a small tutorial about Missions:


Rarity: Normal
Description: [Ctrl]+[4] (By default) will open the Mission Window. From here, it is possible to right-click an accepted mission and perform an action on it: Look at Mission, Delete Mission, Upload to Map, and Update Team Members. Not all missions will have all of these actions.

* Look at Mission opens a window to provide the mission description.
* Upload to Map will place a waypoint on the planet map ([P] by default), local map ([Ctrl]+[6] by default), and the compass. Only one mission can be uploaded at a time.
* Update Team Members will provide team members with details on the mission (NOTE: This is only for team-missions).
* Delete Mission will delete the mission, if possible.

Speaking to Rex by Right clicking on him will give you your first mission:

Rex Larsson: Hi, I'm Rex.
Nice moves, I'm impressed. It is not easy hiding in a cargo ship. Say, how did you do it?
Nanashai: I don't really feel like telling you any of my secrets. If you'll excuse me, I need to go now.
Rex Larsson: You have it all figured out, don't you? I bet you forgot that you need an ID card to enter ICC. I don't even need glasses to notice that you don't have anything of value...
Rex lowers his voice.
Rex Larsson: You know, I arrived here the same way as you just did. I might know a guy that can help you out... I got a fake ID myself.
Nanashai: Who said I don't have any ID?
Rex Larsson: Alright there, boss, say what you want. Just know that if you don't have any form of identification, your options are limited. You can either take a quick stroll
Or.. you could get my help getting an ID, if you start helping me out here instead of denying facts...
Nanashai: Get to the point, Rex.
Rex Larsson: Ya see these Cleaning Robots? They are old, stupid and broken now. I need you to terminate them and open the cargo box with the new ones so they can start cleaning up this place... It looks messy here, don't you agree?
Nanashai: I'll do it if you promise to tell me who your contact is.
Rex Larsson: Excellent choice, I will tell you what you need to know when you have completed the task.

We got our first task! If you look in your Mission window (you can press the Missions bar on the right side tabs or Ctrl+4) it says we need to Terminate 5 Malfunctioning Cleaning Robots (Level 1). You can also click on the mission itself in the Mission window for a pop out that will give you even more detail about the mission (I highly suggest doing that).

If you look around, you will see the Malfunctioning Cleaning Bots. By Left Clicking on the creature (also known as a mob) you will see their name in a bar at the top of your UI (might have to move things around to see it) as well as in a window by your right UI bars.

You will notice two things about the bar at the top of your UI, or where you moved it:

  • Either blue (neutral) or red (hostile) dots on the sides of the bar.
  • A color inside the bar. This notes the difficulty level of the mob or NPC you have targeted. The colors go from: Easy - Grey > Green > Yellow > Red - Difficult (with some possible shades in between the colors)

You're now ready to attack! Hit the Q (default) or you can hit your Start Attack button. You'll get bars at the top right of your UI (you can't seem to move these) that show the speed of your attacks and nano (if used). Continue to fight the Malfunctioning Cleaning Bot until it is defeated.

When defeating a creature, after a few moments, you will be able to loot it. Hover your mouse over the dead mob and when a gear appears, Right Click on it. This will open a new window where loot might be found. If there is anything, Left Click on the items to put it in your inventory. The Loot window will close when it is empty.

Now, defeat four more Malfunctioning Cleaning Bots. The game will make a sound when that step is done, and a new one will appear in your Mission window. This time, we need to Open a Cargo Box. If you look at your Compass, you will see an orange dot, pointing to where the Cargo Box is. Left Click on the Cargo Box to select it, then Right Click on it to open it, finishing that part of the mission. With that done, return to Rex.

Rex Larsson: How did it go?
Nanashai: I've done what you asked. Can you tell me who your contact is?
Rex Larsson: I've had my fun watching you do my job. You didn't actually believe that I got a fake ID from someone here, did you? The only person I know around here is Marcus Stone, you could try asking him.
Nanashai: I can see why you don't have too many friends.
Rex Larsson: Off you go, I need to relax now. It has been a long day at work.

2. Marcus Stone


Step 1: Talk to Marcus Stone.
Step 2: Extinguish the Gas Fire.
Step 3: Return to Marcus. Reward: 1080 credits; (up to) 1281 xp; Generic Nano Transmitter.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Well, wasn't Rex a charming batch of sunshine. Meh. Well, time to move on. We need to find our next NPC, Marcus Stone. Head east then north down the ramp, where you will come across another tutorial. This one is about First Aid.

First Aid

Rarity: Normal
Description: In a world fueled by conflict and war, it is common that you or an ally is badly injured. There are a few methods that can be used to heal yourself and allies.

* The Health and Nano Recharger can be used when you are sitting on the ground [X] and not engaged in combat. Simply select yourself or an ally and right-click the recharger.
* The Health and Nano Stim can be used in combat, but it has a smaller effect and a longer cool-down than the recharger.

So, let's talk to Marcus for our next task:

Marcus Stone: As you might have noticed, I'm a little busy at the moment.
Nanashai: Who are you?
Marcus Stone: Marcus Stone. I mostly oversee the unloading of cargo that finds its way up here on this little orange rock we all call "home". I don't know where all of you are coming from, but there's sure been a lot of folks walking out of these freighters.
Nanashai: Where am I?
Marcus Stone: Where are you? Are you being serious? You're on the planet Rubi-Ka. She may not look like much, but deep down, she's full of some precious materials that people are killing to get. Literally.
Right now we're in the primary ICC Shuttleport on the planet, right next to their main establishment. Assuming you have a valid ID card, that's where you're going to want to head - After you're in there and done with all the processing, you'll be able to go... where-ever you'd like to go, I guess.
Nanashai: Actually, Rex said you could help me... I seem to have misplaced my Identity Card.
Marcus Stone: Well now. Sounds like you got a problem. I'm not going to say I can't help you but, well, as you'll find out soon enough, everyone on Rubi-Ka needs something..
Nanashai: So, let me guess... You need some help with the fire?
A little smirk crosses his lips as he nods his approval.
Marcus Stone: Yeah, now you're catching on. As you have already noticed, a few, small fires have erupted up on this landing platform. The appropriate authorities are on their way to deal with the wounded and property damage, but if you wouldn't mind helping me with a few of these fires, it would be appreciated. You do that, I'll see if I can't help you out with your little... identity issue.

Time to fulfill your dreams of being a firefighter! Find one of the fires on the boxes nearby and Left Click on it. Then, open your Inventory, Left Click the Compact Fire Suppressant Container so it is on your cursor, then Left Click on the Gas Fire to put it out (it might take a few tries to get it right in the hitbox). Once that's done, return to Marcus.

Marcus Stone: You did a pretty good job there!
Nanashai: Thanks.
Marcus Stone: Hand me the Compact Fire Suppressant Container, please.

You'll notice a small window pop up to the side of the NPC chat window. This is where you will open your Inventory, pick up the Compact Fire Suppressant Container by Left Clicking on it so it's on your cursor, then click it into the Give Item box. After that, press the check mark.

Marcus Stone: And, good to my word....
Reaching into a small pouch by his side he produces a thin, flat, metallic disc, barely larger than a fingernail.
Marcus Stone: There. That's a generic nano transmitter, pretty standard equipment for... well, most everything. Same gizmo that lets you see things like data and information via your NCU's heads-up-display. Most of 'em are already programmed with something or another - Manufacturer's information, warning notes, care & use & feeding or whatever of whatever it is you're looking at. Typically blank ones aren't issued to the public - Supposed to make 'em hard to fake... Now, you go talk to Flint Novak. He runs the junkyard. Just head on down for the bottom of the ramp and look for a little shack. Can't miss it.
Nanashai: Thanks again.
Marcus Stone: Was there anything else?

Marcus will give you a Generic Nano Transmitter, needed to make your ID card.


Step 1: Ask Marcus about “Are those wounded workers your guys?”
Step 2: Use the Stim on a Wounded Dockworker. Time: 8 hours.
Step 3: Return to Marcus Stone. Reward: 1040 credits; (up to) 1281 xp; Health and Nano Recharger x50; Health and Nano Stim x25.

Nanashai: Are those wounded workers your guys?
Marcus Stone: They are.. Say, if you are not in a hurry would you mind saving at least one of them? I'll reward you with some equipment to patch yourself up when you get hurt.
Nanashai: I'll do it, just tell me how.
Marcus Stone: Take this Health Regeneration Stim and use it on one of my wounded workers.

This time you want to head to the west, where you'll find the Wounded Workers laying on the ground.

Left Click on one of them, then open your Inventory and Right Click on the Health Regeneration Stim. If you look at the upper left of your UI, where the bars for attacking and nano are, you'll see a new one for Item. Once that bar fills up, the stim will be 'used' on the Wounded Worker. Return to Marcus.

Marcus Stone: What?
Nanashai: I healed one of your workers with the Health Regeneration Stim.
Marcus Stone: Great, hand me the stim. (give the Health Regeneration Stim to him in the window)
Marcus Stone: Thank you for saving one of my workers. Here, take this first aid equipment to heal yourself when you need it.
Nanashai: You are welcome.
Marcus Stone: Good luck out there, kid.

Marcus will give you 50 Health and Nano Recharger and 25 Health and Nano Stim. Also, you should have enough Experience (XP or EXP) Points to reach the next level!

I'll go over leveling now. If you look at the left hand of your UI, you should see a teal colored box with the icon of a graduation cap and a plus sign. Click on that to bring up the Skills window. Now you have a choice: You can allocate all the points yourself (the points you have available is shown at the top of the window), or use the Suggested IP Distribution button letting the game put points in a 'template' of sorts for your character. Some skills are harder to level than others, in that it takes more IP points to go from one point to another. Example: As a Martial Artist, it takes 6 IP points to go from 3 to 4 Strength. After that, it is 8 IP from 4 to 5.

Either way, make sure you press the Save Changes button when you like what you see. You can always hit Close if you make a mistake.

3. Flink Novak

Mobs you will run into while doing these missions:

  • Cleaning Robot (Level 1)
  • Waste Collector (Level 2)
  • Garbage Flea (Aggro, Level 1 - 2)
  • 32-V Docker (Level 3)
  • Protester (Level 2)
  • Bruiser (Level 5)
  • Obedience Enforcement (Level 5)
  • Dockworker (Level 5)


Step 1: Talk to Flint Novak.
Step 2: Find a Bio Analyzing Computer (kill 7 robots). Reward: Bio Analyzing Computer.
Step 3: Deliver the Bio Analyzing Computer to Alex Gibbs. Reward: 1120 credits; (up to) 2076 xp; Blank Info Chip.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

We have our first item needed to leave Arete Landing. Now it's time to find Flint Novak.

Head a little west, then on your right you'll see a ramp. Follow that ramp all the way down. You'll find Flint by the building up ahead.

Flint Novak: It's amazing how much trash finds itself on this planet. Hey, don't look at me like that, I was talking about the filth behind me.
My name is Flint. I look after the junkyard.
Nanashai: Hi Flint, I'm Nanashai. I was told you had work for me.
Flint Novak: Nobody talks to me, the junkyard guy, unless they need something very specific, and usually something done off of the record. Funny how often these requests have been made recently...
Flint takes a deep breath before continuing, shaking his head as though to clear the thoughts.
Flint Novak: Anyway, yes, first things first. I have a friend, yes, I'll call her a friend and she needs a small piece of hardware and... well, I could go do it myself, but...
Nanashai: What hardware does she need and where could I find it?
Flint Novak: You are a quick one, aren't you. Go out back to the 'yard and take out some of the old rickety robots back there. The device Alex needs is called a Bio Analyzing Computer. Destroy a few robots and you will find it. Don't bother coming back to me with it, give it to Alex directly.
Nanashai: What is a "Bio Analyzing Computer?quot;
Flint Novak: Always with the questions...good workers used to just do what they were told.
Flint sighs.
Flint Novak: These gizmos works like brains for my robots. Originally, they were programmed to seek out and chase away any living creatures that wandered in, but now they all just move around aimlessly. That said they're a fairly generic part, good for all sorts of things. Alex gets me to procure one for her once in a while, for.... various reasons. Seems these little toys can be used for the construction of other things too.
So... be a pal and get this handled for me, won't you?
Nanashai: What does this Alex person want with a piece of robot scrap?
Flint Novak: Hey, be careful what you call "scrap" around here. That's MY scrap you're talkin' about.
Anyway, you'll just have to ask her. That's knowledge that I don't need to know or want to know. The less I know about her and her personal projects, the better.
Anyway, it doesn't matter to you why she wants one - All that matters to you is that she does. Whatever you came here for, she should be able to help; Alex's a bit of a whiz. If you want more information on what she's going to do with it, ask her yourself. I'm staying out of it.

Looks like it's time to kill more robots. I'm not sure if the number is random or not (Nanashai was tasked to get 7). You can find the robots to the west, behind the shack Flint was at.

In this area there are many types of monsters. The below three will count towards Flint's quest.

  • Cleaning Robot
  • Waste Collector
  • 32-V Docker

Once you defeat the number of robots, you will automatically have in your Inventory a Bio Analyzing Computer. We need to take this right to Alex Gibbs (no going back to Flint).

4. Alex Gibbs


Step 1: Target the Surveillance Droid and use the SecTec Monitor.
Step 2: Find a suitable place in Desmond Calitri's office to plant a bug.
Step 3: Deliver the SecTec Monitor to ICC Immigration Officer Bill. Reward: 1160 credits; (up to) 2076 xp.
Step 4: Defeat "The Kneebreaker".
Step 5: Report to Alex. Reward: 1200 credit; (up to) 2229 xp; 2560-Bit Encryption Complier; Nano Crystal (Composite Tradeskill Expertise).

[Reveal] Walkthrough

I hope you didn't get too much robot oil and grease on you. It's time to find Alex Gibbs.

From where Flint is standing:

  • Go west behind his building
  • Take the first right out onto a a roadway (it's not far)
  • Go immediately left onto the road
  • Take the first left you see as an opening.

Alex Gibbs will be right there along with a tutorial on Tradeskilling.

Alex Gibbs: Hello there, what do you want?
Nanashai: I was told to bring you this device so you could help me get an ID.
Alex Gibbs: Wait.. You came onto Rubi-Ka without sufficient identification? What? I don't even... I need a moment to think... I am only experienced with providing identification to newly created automations. While the process is similar in nature, I can only provide you with the most basic identification board.
To imprint that with an actual identification that would be recognized by ICC, you would need to go elsewhere. I can help you with part of the process though... if you're willing to potentially give me a hand..
Let me see what you have for me... (hand over the Bio Analyzing Computer)
Alex Gibbs: It's only part of a broken robot and I already have this one.. Ah well, you have to do me a favour if I'm going to help you further with your ID problem. Have you heard of Desmond Calitri? He is the administrator who operates and oversees all the operations around this industrial area of Arete Landing and has been starting to cut budgets for my engineering work. I want you to find out why, simply remotely hack into one of his patrolling security droids, and then plant an audio recording device in his office.
Once you're done, talk to old Bill. He's the closest contact I have with the ICC officials. He is usually down at the Bronto Dog Kiosk this time of the day.
Nanashai: I will get it done.
Alex Gibbs: Thank you, Nanashai.

This quest has a few different steps to it, so let's start with the first, finding the Surveillance Droid. You want to get back on the road and head right, then take the immediate left. Go straight a little, then head left at the NPC ICC Immigration Officer Bill. Now head down the road until you see the Surveillance Droid.

Left Click on the Surveillance Droid, then Right Click on the Rebuilt HC-12 SecTec Monitor in your Inventory. Once done, your mission will turn into Plant a Bug.

Continue down the road past the Surveillance Droid to the house at the end, where Bodyguard Logan Fixx is. Enter the house, and find the Prized House Plant. Pick up the RC-P Audio Recording Device from your Inventory, and Left Click it on the Prized House Plant (once again, might take a few tries to get it in the hitbox).

Now to find ICC Immigration Officer Bill. Remember the NPC we saw at the corner not long ago? Just exit the house and go all the way to the end of the road. He'll be on your right.

ICC Immigration Officer Bill: There have been a number of accidents in my shuttleport recently. I am told they are just that, accidents. I have lived here long enough to know that there are no accidents on this planet. These are actions of terrorists...some probably aren't even documented citizens.
Speaking of which, who are you?
Nanashai: My name is Nanashai. I am new to the planet.
ICC Immigration Officer Bill: Hello Nanashai, if that is your real name. I have my eye on you. I will blow this string of crimes wide-open and finally make a name for myself. No longer will I just be an ICC Immigration Officer. It'll be Bill's time to shine.
The ICC Officer rambles on for a few minutes. You can sneak away now or ask another question.
Nanashai: What do you do around here?
ICC Immigration Officer Bill: Me? I am an Immigration Officer. I...don't have any actual power over who actually can become a citizen of Rubi-Ka, I just point people towards various locations. If you want to exit the gateway into ICC HQ, you'll have to talk to Vaughn Hammond.
Nanashai: What locations are nearby?
ICC Immigration Officer Bill: Down this main path, you'll find the market area. A few interesting characters are Remi Gallois, a weapons vendor, Sarah Greene, a trader of various armors, and of course, Antonio Stacklund, the owner of the General Store that is at the end of the strip.
Past the end of the road, on top of the bridge, you'll find Dr. Mason's medical clinic...though he is more interested in selling his bodily augmentations than actually caring for patients.
Beyond the clinic, you'll find an area where you may relax after your long voyage. Also, if you're still waiting for some final paperwork to finalize your citizenship on Rubi-Ka, that would be a good place to wait. Be careful though, I have heard that both Omni-Tek and the Clans have unofficially established themselves over there.
After that, all that is left is the ICC Headquarters here on Rubi-Ka. Vaughn will be waiting at the gate.
Nanashai: Alex Gibbs thought you may be interested in seeing this?
ICC Immigration Officer Bill: Oh, please, the SecTec Monitor! Give it here at once! I have been waiting for this to arrive. (hand over the Rebuilt HC-12 SecTec Monitor)
ICC Immigration Officer Bill: This is just what she promised...oh wait...I am hearing something from Calitri's office.
It seems he wants to arrange an "accident" to befall one of the head workers, Cedric Harding. This is awful! I...I don't know what to do! I can't move forces, and by the time I find a superior officer, it could be all over.
Nanashai: I will take care of it.
ICC Immigration Officer Bill: By yourself? That sounds dangerous.. Well, In that case you should take care of that guy he was talking to, "Alfonzo Rizzolo."
Oh and by the way, I don't know you and I have not heard anything about these plans. Don't talk to me again, got it?

Time to save a life! We need to find a mob named The Kneebreaker.

Go back down the road as if you were heading to plant the bug, but take the third ramp on your left. Go around the back then into the doorway on your left. Inside you'll find Kneebreaker Alfonzo Rizzolo (Level 4).

You'll need to talk to him until he attacks you. Defeat him and the Bruiser that appears. Once done, it's time to return to Alex (remember, you can see where to go by the orange dot that appears in your compass).

Alex Gibbs: Whats up?
Nanashai: I don't think you will need to worry about Calitri any longer.
Smiling brightly Alex squeals a bit, perhaps a little bit too happy to hear the tales of your sabotage and murder.
Alex Gibbs: Fantastic! Here, take this encryption compiler - Without (A) something to encrypt, and (B) some encryption codes it's fairly worthless... but if you can get your hands on a proper ID chip and some authentic ICC security codes... Talk to Stan Goodman, a local merchant, he might be able to help you out with the next step in the process.
Oh, if you need any help crafting items, I'm here to help you!

Alex will give you a 2560-Bit Encryption Compiler (for your ID card), a Blank Info Chip (for the ID card), as well as a Nano Crystal (Composite Tradeskill Expertise). You'll need Psychological Modifications at 20 to use this.

5. Stan Goodman


Step 1: Talk to Stan Goodman.
Step 2: Buy a Lockpick.
Step 3: Take the Contents of the Strongbox.
Step 4: Deliver Adaptation Factory to Stan Goodman. Reward: 1240 credits; (up to) 2229 xp; Unprogrammed Identification Chip.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Now to our next NPC, Stan Goodman.

From where Alex is, here's how you get to him (if you lost the orange dot, Right Click on the mission and choose Upload to Map).

  • Go to the road
  • Turn Right
  • Go straight til you turn right again
  • Go straight for a bit til you turn left up a small ramp
  • Turn left into the Market area

You'll then run into a tutorial on Vendors:


Rarity: Normal
Description: After initiating a conversation with the desired vendor, simply press right-most button on the bottom, a Shopping Cart.

* Vending machines will initialize the trade instantly when you right-click them.
* Many vendors and vending machines will do business with anyone who approaches them, but others will only deal with people of the same faction.

Stan will be slightly south and to the left at the first stall there.

Stanley Goodman: Hello there, stranger.
The name is Stan, and I am a man who likes to deal in previously-owned merchandise.
Nanashai: I heard you could help me out... So, do you have any work for me?
Stanley Goodman: My my... Aren't we eager? Ambition is something that is dreadfully lacking from new colonists, but... Oh dear. You have a problem don't you?
Nanashai: I arrived here without an ID and Alex said you could help me...
Stanley Goodman: You aren't the first one to wander through here with that particular issue as of late. As it so happens, you're in the right place and speaking to the right man... and if you can scratch my back, we'll see about relieving that itch on yours too.
There's a... particular strongbox being kept in a small shack nearby. I would get it myself, but I only facilitate procurement, not enact. Get me whats in that box and I will help you out.
Nanashai: I suppose I don't have much choice...
Stanley Goodman: No, no you don't. Now, I'll be uploading the target's location to your NCU. The work itself is relatively simple:; Buy a lockpick, sneak into the small building undetected. Locate the strongbox your NCU directs you toward and clean it out. Inside you'll find an Adaptation Factory. Once you've procured this item, return to me and we'll see about creating your unique ID chip.

The work itself is relatively simple:

1. Buy a lockpick.
2. Sneak into the small building undetected. Locate the strongbox your NCU directs you toward and clean it out. Inside you'll find an Adaptation Factory.
3. Once you've procured this item, return to me and we'll see about creating your unique ID chip.

I hope you don't mind being a little bit sneaky and breaking and entering, cause we're going to be doing just that. But first, we need to go get our self a Lock Pick.

  • Head south down the path
  • At the first ramp you see on your right, go up it and into the building
  • Click on the ICC Tech Supplies terminal.

You will want to buy a Vacuum Packed Lock Pick for 241 credits. Right Click the item in your Inventory to get your Lock Pick.

Now to find where the container is.

  • Go out of the building and turn left.
  • Go down the ramp and turn left again
  • Go straight and turn left at the end before you reach the road
  • Go straight until you run into a tutorial for Concealment


Rarity: Normal
Description: For those skilled in stealth and subterfuge, it is possible to move past hostile targets. To enter Concealment, press [H] (by default).

* The Concealment skill of the user versus the Perception of the target determines if it is possible to successfully hide.
* Movement in Concealment is slowed.
* Using many types of actions, or receiving a hostile action, will cause Concealment to end.

Here things can get a little tricky as you have an NPC and a Security Dog in the area. What you want to do is move into the building then press H to sneak. If done right, it will say you start Sneaking. You want to go into the back room and Left Click on the container you see there. Once done, you need to open your Inventory and pick up the Lock Pick and Left Click on the Merchant's Strongbox.

This can be a pain if the Security Dog walks in (you cannot kill the dog) to get you as you drop stealth when you pick the lock. But when done correctly, you'll get Antonio's Adaptation Factory into your Inventory.

Time to go back to Stan.

Stanley Goodman: Good to see you again... Did you find Antonio's Adaption Factory?
Nanashai: I think I have what you were looking for.
Stanley Goodman: Excellent, I was starting to get worried. I didn't want to deal with ICC and their incessant questioning again.
Lets go ahead and get at least part of your identification issue settled! I'll need the Nano Transmitter, the Blank Info Chip, and the Encryption Compiler and ofcourse the Adaptation Factory if you please. (You want to hand over the items he asks for, along with the Antonio's Adaptation Factory you got from the Merchant Strongbox)
He pockets the adaptation factory before turning his attention to the three pieces of your future ID chip, plugging them all together.
Stanley Goodman: It would seem my instincts were correct about you. You're a natural. All it needs now is some additional information and security clearance codes and you should be ready to go. Visit Sarah Greene an 'associate' of mine, and if you're smart you'd do well to leave out my name.
Also if you haven't done so already you should see my good friend Marco Spida and buy a Nanoprogram Container.
Nanashai: Thanks, it was fun.
Stanley Goodman: I am glad to hear it. As I said, should you ever decide you want slightly more... stable, if not entirely *legal* employment, you know where to find me.

Let's go get some nanos for your specific profession. Just head directly southwest from Stan and you will see a building with NANO signs. When you enter, you'll find a tutorial on nanos.

Nano Programs

Rarity: Normal
Description: Nanobots are an essential element of life on Rubi-Ka. Manipulating them through nano programs is a common practice exercised by everyone. In order to upload a new nano program, a Nano Crystal is needed. There are specific nano programs designated for your profession, and the requirements to use the nano must be met every time it is executed.

* Once a nano program has been uploaded, it will be available in your nano program library: [Ctrl]+[8] (By default).
* A shortcut to a specific nano can be placed in your hotbar by simply dragging the nano program to the desired location.

6. Marco Spida

Marco is on the other side of the desk.


Step 1: Buy some Nano Programs from Marco Spida (of your profession).
Step 2: Open the Nanoprogram Container. Reward: 1120 credits; (up to) 2229 xp; Nano Crystal (Composite Attribute Boost).

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Marco Spida: Do you need any Nano Programs? I'm the guy.
Nanashai: What can you tell me about Nano Programs?
Marco Spida: Ask me anything you like.
Nanashai: What is a Nano Program?
Marco Spida: You are new here, aren't you? Rubi-Ka is filled with Notum which allows nanobots to work at peak efficiency. Nano programs are nanobots programmed to execute a specific task for you. In the old days they would have called nano programs magic, but today we call it science. Which nano programs you are able to control is determined by your profession.
Nanashai: What is Notum?
Marco Spida: Some think it is the very essence of life, but that is too deep for me. It is probably just a combination of chemicals or something. You know Omni-Tek knows their science stuff.
Nanashai: Where can I get new Nano Programs?
Marco Spida: I'm your guy! Look at my inventory, I'm sure I have the right package of nano programs to suit your needs.

What you now want to do is look at the far bottom of the NPC chat window and click on the icon that is a shopping cart (far right one). That will bring up the NPC's shop. Look for the one of your profession and buy it for 1575 credits. Right click it in your Inventory (which will complete the mission as well as give you a Nano Crystal (Composite Attribute Boost) which needs Psychological Modification and Sensory Improvement and Modification both at 30).

Some nanos might not be able to be used right away, but you should be able to use them all by level 10 when your IP are put in the right skills (make sure you Shift+Left Click on the nano so you can see what requirements you need).

7. Sarah Greene

Mobs you can run into as you do these missions:

  • Garbage Flea (Aggro, Level 5 - 6)


Step 1: Talk to Sarah Greene.
Step 2: Find the Thief in the underground.
Step 3: Deliver DNA-Locked Armor to Sarah Greene. Reward: 1280 credits; (up to) 2581 xp; Biological Survey Nanobots.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Now to our next NPC, Sarah Greene. Just go south from Stan and turn left when you see the ARMOR stall.

Sarah Greene: Well howdy, y'all. Welcome and step on up to Sarah Greene's Armor Imporium. As a new arrival you may not know that it's dangerous to go alone through the wilds of Rubi-Ka, without proper protection. Lucky for you, I've got the best custom-made protection available in the shuttleport!
Nanashai: I heard that we might be able to help each other out...
You spend a few moments explaining your basic plight, making sure to avoid mentioning Stan's name.
Sarah Greene: I can help ya out. You got good timin' too, just came up on my own little crisis. Somebody done made off with one of my prototype suits I was workin' on. Ain't much they can do with it, bein' DNA-locked to me and all, but it's still a pretty significant amount of effort and time from my end that went into it so I ain't quite ready to just let it go that easy. You get this back for me and I'll see what I can do about helping with your own issues.
Nanashai: Have you tried to contact ICC?
Sarah's eyes roll as she scoffs, head shaking side to side with unhidden disdain.
Sarah Greene: That ain't gonna do me no good. Local patrols don't exactly have the best record of catchin' thieves; tell the truth I can't think of a single time that one of us vendors got ripped off and we got our stuff back, regardless of affiliation or standin'. Guess it just all comes with the territory.

Let's go catch a thief!

Head south to the end of the platform and drop off. Turning around, you'll see there is another area full of trash and other items. Our thief is said to be in here somewhere. Go left down the path and the right, all the way to the end. Be careful as some Garbage Fleas can be orange and there is a named one at the end of the path.

Doesn't look like the thief got to far. Don't feel bad about looting his body to get the armor back (a Garbage Flea will spawn as well).

Let's head back to Sarah.

Sarah Greene: Well howdy, y'all. Welcome and step on up to Sarah Greene's Armor Imporium. As a new arrival you may not know that it's dangerous to go alone through the wilds of Rubi-Ka, without proper protection. Lucky for you, I've got the best custom-made protection available in the shuttleport!
Nanashai: I found the stolen armor.
Sarah claps her hands happily, beaming as you produce the stolen suit.
Sarah Greene: And you actually even brought it back! Well hot damn. If you don't mind passin' it over...? (Give over the DNA-Locked Prototype Raven Combat Armor)
Sarah Greene: Yeeehaw, y' found it! I was startin' to think it was lost an' gone forever. I'm so happy I could kiss ya! But I won't, 'cause that's a little creepy.
With a small 'thud' she tosses a package onto the counter in front of you, heavy and thick.
Sarah Greene: There ya go, a deal is a deal.
I'm sure Vernon Godfray should be able to help with aquiring more parts needed for your ID card.
Nanashai: Thanks.
Sarah Greene: Good luck out there.

Sarah will give you a Biological Survey Nanobots (used for ID card).

8. Vernon Godfray


Step 1: Speak to Vernon Godfray.
Step 2: Hack the Omni-Tek Technical Library.
Step 3: Give the Hacked Technical Library to Vernon Godfray. Reward: 1320 credits; (up to) 2581 xp; Hacked Technical Library.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Onward to the next NPC, Vernon Godfray. From Susan, head left, then right up the ramp you see. Go into the building (the same building you bought the Lock pick in). Vernon is behind the desk.

Vernon Godfray: You. Take these.
His outstretched hand offers you the two objects: One a small pill-sized object with electrical connectors poking from the sides, and the other some fashion of scan and input device. He pulls another object from his pocket with his free hand, a strangely green metallic tube. He waits for you to follow his instructions.
Nanashai: Fine, I will hold the items for you.
As you take the two objects in-hand the man begins running his fingers along the tube, pressing at various points on its featureless, smooth surface. As he works a glow begins eminating from within, steadily growing brighter and brighter. After a moment he pauses and looks up to you for the first time, an expectant expression on his face.
Vernon Godfray: ... Well?
Nanashai: ... well what?
Vernon Godfray: Well get to it!
He seems less than pleased that you haven't done... whatever it is he wanted you to do by now.
Vernon Godfray: The little thing is an Omni-Tek Technical Library. The scope thing is a Hacker Tool. I want the Library hacked because that will remove that absolutely moronic "Omni-Tek Employee Lock" on the damnable thing. Just use the tool on the library and get back to me when you're done.
With that he returns his attention to the glowing tube.

Ah, another ray of sunshine. But Vernon wants us to do a bit of hacking for him. First, open the Tradeskill Kit (Shift+T) and put the Hacker Tool (Source) and Omni-Tek Technical Library (Target) to make the Hacked Technical Library. Now talk to Vernon again.

The man's head barely even tilts upward as you approach, keeping his focus on the odd objects in his hands.
Vernon Godfray: Well?
Nanashai: I was able to hack the device.
Without even blinking an eye the man continues to poke at the tube in his hands, nodding impassively.
Vernon Godfray: Very well, leave it here if you would. (Hand over the Hacked Technical Library)
Vernon Godfray: Well then, you seem like you are the useful kind of stray dog. Don't tell me, you are here to get my help with an ID card, but I won't do it for free. I have a simple task, and you'll need that Hacker Tool again. In the dock area, there's a Shipping Manifest Terminal. I need that terminal... altered. You can either go in via the freight entrance or the personnel entrance. Either way is up to you. Once you're in, find the terminal and use your Hacker Tool on it to reroute some of the data over to one of my... organization's own databases. Fairly simple, and once you're done I should be able to give you a hand.
Do you have any questions?
Nanashai: Is this... legal?
Vernon Godfray: Technically speaking, no. But neither is getting a fake ID.
With that the man nods and returns his attention to the glowing green tube nearby, seemingly forgetting about your presence once more. You suppose question and answer time is over...

You receive a Hacked Technical Library which you can wear (need Computer Literacy at 50).

Now to find that Terminal.

  • Exit and turn left
  • Go down the ramp and turn right
  • Go straight and head south until you see some ramps
  • Go left and across the ramp. Continue until you reach a building
  • Turn left and head north until you run into ICC Immigration Officer Bill
  • Turn right and go down the road
  • Turn left at the second ramp.
  • Go up the ramp and turn left. Follow the platform and enter the building

Here you will find the Shipping Manifest Terminal. Right Click on the terminal.

Shipping Manifest Terminal: Please choose an operation:
* Register a new/completed shipment
* Cancel an existing shipment
* Access Shipping Manifest Logging
Nanashai: (Access Shipping Manifest Logging)
Shipping Manifest Terminal: Access Denied.
Nanashai: (Apply Hacker Tool) (Put your Hacker Tool in the Give window)
Shipping Manifest Terminal: Please Enter Password.
Shipping Manifest Terminal: Password Correct. Access Granted.
Shipping Manifest Logs are maintained within ICC Headquarters. To view Log History, please schedule an appointment with Roy K. of Shuttleport Administration.
Nanashai: (Re-route shipping report data.)
Shipping Manifest Terminal: Updating
New data delay point has been specified. No notification messages have been sent.

With that done, it's time to return to Vernon.

Vernon Godfray: And you finally return. I was starting to think I'd have to head on over to the docks and fish you out of some trouble.
Nanashai: I've returned. The terminal was hacked.
Vernon Godfray: Good. You should have an ID chip of some fashion. Give it here. (Give your Unprogrammed Identification Chip)
You procure the chip from your pocket, the man quickly snatching it from your grip. He produces his own hacker tool and sets to work, holding the scope end over the small chip as he taps against the interface display. After only a few seconds he nods again and hands it to you once more.
Vernon Godfray: There. I've programmed your chip with official ICC clearance codes. Same as if you'd gotten them from a bureaucrat yourself. You'll need that for authentication purposes. Doctor Mason over at the hospital can help you out with imprinting your DNA in to the chip.
Nanashai: Great! Anything else?
Hunching over again the man peers once more at the floating green tube, seemingly lost in its sparkling shine. As he doesn't respond to your question you assume that the answer would be 'no'; with your newly programmed chip in hand, you decide to leave him to his own devices.

Vernon will hand you a Blank ICC ID Chip (for your ID card).

8a. Lady Sheila Black (SHADES ONLY)

Mobs you can find as you do these missions:

  • Rollerrat (Aggro, Flocks, Level 5 - 6)
  • Desert Reet (Flocks, Level 5 - 6)

NOTE: There are two different people you see depending on your profession. If you are a Shade, you speak to Lady Sheila Black. All other classes see Doctor Mason.


Step 1: Upload Nano Crystal (Spirit Siphon).
Step 2: Use Spirit Siphon on a monster with < 21% health.
Step 3: Loot the Soul Capsule and return to Lady Sheila. Reward: Comfortless Spirit of Defense.
Step 4: Equip the Comfortless Spirit of Defense.
Step 5: Talk to Lady Sheila. Reward: 1400 credits; (up to) 2416 xp; Personalized ICC ID Chip.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Since Shades do not use Implants, we need to speak to a specific person to learn about Spirits. That person is Lady Sheila.

Lady Sheila Black: I like your style.
Angelterri: I was told you could help me out...
Lady Sheila Black: Another shade, could it be? What do you need help with, my dear?
Angelterri: I need my DNA imprented in this Blank ICC ID Chip..
Lady Sheila Black: I could do that in a heartbeat, but there is something that is not quite right about you. I will help you with your ID chip, if you prove to me that you are a true Shade.
Take this Spirit Siphon and use it on a dying monster to capture its spirit. Return to me with the spirit you found.

She hands you a Nano Crystal (Spirit Siphon), something you may have gotten beforehand if you bought your nano pack. You are to head out and fight a mob, then when their health is under 20%, use the Spirit Siphon skill. This will net you a Soul Capsule.

Let's go back to Lady Sheila with the Soul Capsule.

Lady Sheila Black: Come closer my friend.
Angelterri: I found a Soul Capsule!
Lady Sheila Black: Let me have a look. (Hand over the Soul Capsule)
Lady Sheila Black: Impressive. You can open the Soul Capsule to see what it contains.
I gave you a spirit as a reward, why don't you become its vessel?
Angelterri: I will.
Lady Sheila Black: Talk to me when you are done.

She will hand back the Soul Capsule and also give you a Comfortless Spirit of Defense. Since you don't need the Surgical Clinic to put on Spirits, just right click it to 'wear' it in your Legs slot in Implants. Talk to Lady Sheila when you have done that.

Lady Sheila Black: I like your style.
Angelterri: Now, will you help me?
Lady Sheila Black: Yes. Hand me the following items:
A Blank ICC ID Chip and some Biological Survey Nanobots. (Hand over the items)
She touches you and it feels like she ripped out part of your spirit.. A little droplet of blood runs down your cheek. Did you just cry blood?
Lady Sheila Black: There we have it, one personalized ID chip, ready to be used in a card.
Angelterri: Eh.. thank you..
Lady Sheila Black: Don't mention it. Perhaps you should talk to Lorelei, I heard she might be involved in some... Illegal things in her spare time.

8b. Doctor Mason


Step 1: Talk to Doctor Mason.
Follow these steps below exactly.
Step 2: Buy a Basic Leg Implant. Buy an Agility Cluster - Shiny (Leg). Insert the Agility Cluster - Shiny (Leg) into the Leg Implant.
Step 3: Buy a Stamina Cluster - Bright (Leg). Insert the Stamina Cluster - Bright (Leg) into the Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny.
Step 4: Buy a Max Health Cluster - Faded (Leg). Insert the Max Health Cluster - Faded (Leg) into the Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny.
Step 5: Show Doctor Mason the Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny. Reward: Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny.
Step 6: Install the Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny.
Step 7: Talk to Doctor Mason. Reward: 1400 credits; (up to) 2581 xp; Personalized ICC ID Chip.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

WARNING: Doc Mason will refuse to talk you if you dare to make an implant with clusters other then what's specified & give it to him. Can't get the final mission ( Lolly bird) then. At that point you can either petition or do the 15k bribe or reroll.

Time to see the Doctor! Well ... not that doctor, but Doctor Mason. He is found across from the building where Vernon is, in the Implants/Pharmacy building.

Dr. Mason: Good day to you! If you've come looking to improve your quality of life through the power of bodily augmentation, you have come to the right place.
Nanashai: I heard you might be able to help me...
You spend a few moments explaining your situation to the patient doctor.
Dr. Mason: Ah, yes, another one. I should say that forging an ID chip is rather illegal and somewhat risky... but truthfully I'd rather lend a hand against the bureaucratic red-tape-nonsense than be a stickler for the law.
However, I won't help you without a little hand in return. Trust me, the task I have for you is mutually beneficial.. See my fine selection of vending machines? ICC wants me to make more money, and that is where you come in. Assemble a Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny, I will upload the recipe to your ncu. Show it to me when you are done.
Nanashai: I'll come back when I'm done.
Dr. Mason: Sounds good. I'll be here.

Time to do a bit more crafting!

If you turn to your right, you'll see four terminals, each labeled differently. Three hold Clusters; Shiny, Bright, Faded respectively, and the last holds blank Implants. Doctor Mason gave us a recipe we need to follow in our Mission.

First, we need a Basic Leg Implant. So go to the Implant terminal and scroll down to the 9th row. There are three levels of it (1, 5, or 10) so buy the level 1 implant for 399 credits. NOTE: You can do a higher level relative to your own, but you need more Nano Programming in order to do the combine; 22 for the level 5. I am unsure about the level 10 implant.

Now we need an Agility Cluster - Shiny (Leg). Go to the Shiny terminal, and scroll to the 4th row. It's the middle one for 1827 credits. NOTE: Clusters are grouped by part (Leg, Hand, Head, etc.) as well as alphabetical on stat (Agility, 2H Blunt, etc.)

Time to craft! Open your Tradeskill Kit window and put the Agility Cluster - Shiny (Leg) into the Source, and the Basic Leg Implant to get a Leg Implant: Agility, Shiny.

Now we need a Stamina Cluster - Bright (Leg). Remember, we can't have the same Cluster in all three slots. Go to the Bright terminal, and the cluster is on the 49th row on the right for 761 credits. Combine that as your source and the Leg Implant you already made to add the Stamina cluster.

Lastly, we'll need a Max Health Cluster - Faded (Leg). Skip on over to the Faded terminal, and it's on the 27th row, left one for 368 credits. Combine that as your Source to the Leg Implant you already have to add the Max Health cluster.

Let's return to Doctor Mason to show him what we've made.

Dr. Mason: Welcome back, I hope you were successful.
Nanashai: I finished that implant.
Dr. Mason: Good, let's see how you did. Please give it to me. (Hand over the implant you made)
Dr. Mason: Not bad for a beginner. Now, I think you should install it. Use the Surgery Clinic in the corner.
Nanashai: How do I install an Implant?
Dr. Mason: To install an implant, you will need to utilize a Surgery Clinic. I recommend the stationary devices, such as the one located here.
In addition to needing access to a Surgery Clinic, you will also need some medical proficiency in treating wounds and injuries. With appropriate Treatment, and a strong enough body to withstand the implants, you will be able to insert implants into vacant places within your body. As a reminder, only 1 implant can be in a single location.
With the right skills, all you need to do is use a Clinic and then begin inserting your augmentations.

He'll hand back your implant, and wants you to go install it on the Surgery Clinic. Turn around and you'll see the device in the corner next to a tutorial on Implants.


Rarity: Normal
Description: Implants are available for 13 different parts of the body. They are composed of 3 Clusters, each of a different type: shining, bright, and faded. Every skill has a shining, bright, and faded cluster, and each cluster may only be placed in an pre-defined location (e.g. a shining Matter Creation cluster can only be placed in a Brain implant).

What you want to do is Click on the Surgery Clinic. This will give you a buff for about 5 minutes (or until you leave the building) allowing you to put in and change around your implants. So let's put in the Leg Implant we made. Open up the Wear window (CTRL+1) and click on the Implant tab at the top of it. Pick up your Leg Implant from your Inventory, and drop it into the Leg slot. There you go! You just shoved some weird, mechanical stuff into your body, and you don't even have a medical degree!

Return to the good doctor.

Dr. Mason: Welcome back, I hope you were successful.
Nanashai: I have installed the implant and I have all the items we need for the chip.
The good doctor clasps his hands together with a big smile, nodding to himself.
Dr. Mason: Excellent, then let's get started. I'll need the Blank ICC ID Chip and the Biological Survey Nanobots, if you please. (Hand over the items he asks for)
Without any warning he pokes the side of your neck with the DNA-Unlocking device. A little droplet of blood runs down the outside of your throat.
Dr. Mason: And... there we have it, one personalized ID chip, ready to be used in a card.
Lorelei down at the bar has a... slight side business. Speak with her, and she should be able to help out with the final step.
Nanashai: Thank you for all the help.
Dr. Mason: More than happy to. Like I said, if I have to bend the rules a little to help out those who've been passed over by the bureacracy, I'm more than happy to do so. At any rate, Lorelei should be able to help you from here - Best of luck, sincerely.

Ow ... he could have given us a warning! But anyway, feel free to make more implants for yourself before you head off to the next NPC.

Here is a great guide with info about making Implants, and what clusters go in what Implant. Hopefully it will help you decide!

9. Lorelei


Step 1: Talk to Lorelei.
Step 2: Buy a Tasty Peanut Butter Cookie.
Step 3: Capture Lolly.
Step 4: Deliver Lolly to Lorelei. Reward: 1440 credits; (up to) 2596 xp; Identification Card.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

And now, off to get a drink at the bar and see Lorelei the Bartender! Just go out of the building you're in with the doctor, turn left, then head straight west to the building you see in front of you.

The young woman before you smiles brightly as you approach, her hands busy polishing a tumbler with a rather less-than-sanitary looking rag.
Lorelei the Bartender: Hey there, cutie. What can I get ya?
Nanashai: I was told you might be able to give me a hand...
You yet again start the process of explaining your situation when, barely five words in, Lorelei raises her hand to stop you with a soft, friendly chuckle.
Lorelei the Bartender: No, no, it's ok I can help you! You don't have to go through the whole story. Probably better I don't know. However, I will need you to do me a favor before I help you out.
Nanashai: I will help you, what do you need?
Lorelei the Bartender: You need to find my stupid Reet, Lolly. He escaped again... I believe he might have found a girlfriend or something... Try looking for him near the other Reets in the desert oasis.
Nanashai: Is there anything in particular I should know about Lolly?
Lorelei the Bartender: He is blue and talks a lot...
And he really loves peanut butter cookies. If you plan to lure him in to the cage, it would probably be a good idea to buy a cookie before you leave.

This quest really caught a lot of people in that they didn't pay attention to what Lorelei said.

First, click on the Shopping Cart for her, and buy the Tasty Peanut Butter Cookie from her shop (11th row, middle, 198 credits). Now we need to do a bit of trekking into the desert and grassy area outside. Head south into the desert, then cross into the grass area. Along the way you'll pass Roller Rats and Desert Reets. The mission will give you a general area of where Lolly is, as the reet flies around.

Right click on Lolly (Flocks, Level 10) when you get close enough to talk to it.

Lolly the Reet: Lolly wants a cracker! (Here, press the Give icon at the bottom of the NPC chat. Looks like a hand with a box in it) and give Lolli the Peanut Butter Cookie)
The bird starts eating the tasty cookie. It is distracted, now is the time to catch it!
Nanashai: (Quietly pick up the bird)
Lolly doesn't notice that you get closer and by the time he does, he is already in your hands!

Now you have Lolly and the cage in your Inventory. Open up your Tradeskill Kit, put Lolly in the Source and the Cage in the Target, and voila! Lolly in the cage. Now back to Lorelei.

The young woman before you smiles brightly as you approach, her hands busy polishing a tumbler with a rather less-than-sanitary looking rag.
Lorelei the Bartender: Hey there, cutie. What can I get ya?
Nanashai: I have the bird...
With a sharp smile and nod the bartender extends her hand.
Lorelei the Bartender: Alright then, sounds like we're ready to do this. I'll need the ID chip too. (hand over Lolly in the cage and the ID chip)
She places the bird cage on the ground and you can see Lolly breaking out of his cage as she crouches down behind the counter.
Lorelei the Bartender: This'll take just a sec.
You hear a few miscellaneous beeps and dings from... something... underneath the bar top.
Lorelei the Bartender: And here you go. Congratulations, you are now a fully-fledged colonist of Rubi-Ka!
You should talk to Vaughn Hammond about entering ICC HQ.
Nanashai: Thank you.
Lorelei the Bartender: No, thank you. I'm glad to have Lolly back!
She looks down at the cage...
Lorelei the Bartender: Excuse me... I have some feathers to pick with my little friend...

You now have the last item you need to leave Arete Landing!

10. Vaughn Hammond (LEAVING NPE)


Step 1: Talk to Vaughn Hammond. Reward: 1040 credits; (up to) 2596 xp.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

This is it folks, the end of our journey on Arete Landing. You'll want to find and speak to Vaughn Hammond by the ICC HQ door.

WARNING: You cannot go back to Arete Landing once you leave. So make sure you do all the missions you want to, buy what you need, and are ready to leave.

You have two ways to leave Arete Landing; the quick way or the story way.

The Quick Way

Go to this section of the guide to get the Credit Card and steal the money, then head directly to Vaugh Hammond and talk to him.

A low sigh comes from inside the Peackeeper's helmet.
Vaughn Hammond: Hello citizen, on behalf of the ICC, I welcome you to Rubi-Ka.
Please present your identification to proceed to the elevator.
Mauncark: I am ready to leave.
Vaughn Hammond: Do you have an ID card?
Mauncark: No... I don't.
Vaughn Hammond: Well then, I guess you are stuck here. You have my condolences. Good luck.
Mauncark: Wait a minute! I'm sure we could arrange a little something for your troubles if you help me..
Vaughn Hammond: I'm a peacekeeper, kid. You won't get anywhere without a proper identification.
Mauncark: But, I'm rich. I will pay you to help me!
Vaughn Hammond: You don't have the kind of cash to bribe me, kid.
Mauncark: Name your price.
Vaughn starts laughing, obviously amused by your persistence.
Vaughn Hammond: 15.000 credits and we have an understanding.
Mauncark: I have the money.
Vaughn Hammond: Interesting.. Hand them over. (Click into the Give box and type in 15000)
Vaughn Hammond: Impressive, kid. I'll file in a false ID for you and upload it to your NCU.

Once done, go straight to the ICC HQ Access Terminal, right click on it and say Yes. You'll then find yourself in ICC HQs, Andromeda.

The Story Way

Follow all the main quests to get your Identification Card, then go to Vaugh Hammond when you're ready to leave.

A low sigh comes from inside the Peackeeper's helmet.
Vaughn Hammond: Hello citizen, on behalf of the ICC, I welcome you to Rubi-Ka.
Please present your identification to proceed to the elevator.
Nanashai: Here's my identification.
Vaughn Hammond: Very well then, let's see it. (Hand over your Identification Card)
Vaughn Hammond: Everything...seems to be in order. I have uploaded your identity details to your NCU. You may leave Arete Landing whenever you are ready.
Nanashai: How do I leave?
Vaughn Hammond: Simply use the elevator.
Nanashai: What will I find in when I leave Arete Landing?
Vaughn Hammond: ICC HQ is a city. You will find everything from vendors to citizens there.

Head to the ICC HQ Access Terminal to the right of the large door. Right Click on it and you'll be prompted one more time to make sure you want to leave. Hit Yes when you are sure and ready.

You'll now find yourself in ICC HQ, Andromeda. New adventures await you!


11. Alex Gibbs and Personalized Basic Robot Brain


Step 1: Buy a Screwdriver. Find Robot Junk (higher QL the better). Modify the Robot Junk with the Screwdriver.
Step 2: Buy a Bio Analyzing Computer. Apply the Bio Analyzing Computer to the Basic Robot Brain.
Step 3: Buy a MasterComm - Personalization Device. Apply the MasterComm - Personalization Device to the Basic Robot Brain.
Step 4: Show the Personalized Basic Robot Brain to Alex Gibbs. Reward: Personalized Basic Robot Brain.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

If you want to learn a bit of basic Tradeskilling, here is where you can. Normally only Traders and Engineers have the right tools to master tradeskills. But this will show you how to do it as you'll need to know for a few of the future quests on Arete Landing.


Rarity: Normal
Description: The only way to obtain certain items or devices is to assemble them. [Shift]+[T] (By default) opens up the trade-skill interface. Simply place the objects you wish to combine in the Source & Target windows. If the Resulting item is what you intended to build, use the Build button to complete the process.
Hot keys for tradeskilling items can be done within your inventory, pick up the Source item, and [Shift]+(Right-Click) onto the Target item.

Alex Gibbs: Whats up?
Angelterri: Can you teach me how to tradeskill items?
Alex Gibbs: Sure, what do you want to learn?
Angelterri: Can you tell me how to make a Personalized Robot Brain?
Alex Gibbs: It is quite simple, really. All you need to find is some 'Robot Junk' the rest can be bought from my Junk Shop. You can loot 'Robot Junk' from robot remains. Just kill a robot and you might have a chance of salvaging its parts. The higher quality 'Robot Junk', the better 'Personalized Robot Brain' you will make. I will upload the recipe for making a 'Personalized Robot Brain' to your ncu.

We are going to make a Personalized Basic Robot Brain. There are a few steps to this, so let's start!

First, we need to get a Screwdriver and some Robot Junk. If you look behind Alex, you will see two machines/terminals. There are many like this which are used as shops. The left one is for Ammunition for weapons, while the one on the right is the Junk Shop.

Right Click on the Junk Shop, which will open up the Shop menu on the right side of your UI. Here, you can sell some of the items you have in your Inventory, by picking them up and putting them in the Sold Items boxes (you can keep clicking items on top of each other there as it will keep adding the credits up). For now, we want to buy (right click) on the Screwdriver (second row, far right) for 525 credits.

Now for the Robot Junk, we'll need to kill robots in the area. The Junk comes in different Quality Levels, which will affect the Quality Level (or QL) of the item you make. So try to find a high level one (unsure how high the QL goes).

Now that we have both items, you will want to hit Shift+T to bring up your Tradeskill Kit window. Here, you need to add an item for a Source and one for the Target. So, for this combine, we want to put the Screwdriver (Source) and Robot Junk (Target). When you have it correct, you will see the icon of a Nano Sensor in Result. Click Build to make the Nano Sensor which will go in your Inventory.

Next, we need to buy a Bio Analyzing Computer from the Junk Shop (first slot for 213 credits). We need to combine the Bio Analyzing Computer (Source) and Nano Sensor (Target) to make a Basic Robot Brain.

After that, we need a MasterComm - Personalization Device from the Junk Shop (second row, far left for 945 credits). We need to combine the MasterComm - Personalization Device (Source) with the Basic Robot Brain (Target) to make a Personalized Basic Robot Brain.

Whew! All done. Now let's show this to Alex.

Alex Gibbs: I hope you were successful with building that little brain. In the time you were gone, I built a robot to assemble other robot brains. It has completed 3 so far. Sorry, I hope that didn't come off as sounding rude.
Anyway, did you have something to show me?
Nanashai: I built a Personalized Robot Brain!
Alex Gibbs: You don't say? Please show me. (Give the Personalized Basic Robot Brain)
Alex Gibbs: Looks pretty good, for an amateur. You should hold onto that trinket, it may come in handy.
To assemble more advanced creations, you may need to find a skilled specialist. Not everyone is a natural tinkerer, after all. Don't force it on yourself if it doesn't feel natural.
Alex grins.
Alex Gibbs: Anyway, that is all I have for the moment. Good luck, wherever you end up.

She will hand it back to you so you can wear it (you'll need Computer Literacy of 30 to do so).

12. Desmond Caltiri - Kill the Protestors

Mobs you will run into while doing this mission:

  • Protester (Level 2)
  • Cedric Harding (Level 6)
  • Violent Protester (Level 2)


Step 1: Find a Bronto Burger food stall.
Step 2: Buy a plain Bronto Burger.
Step 3: Return to Desmond. Reward: None

[Reveal] Walkthrough
Before we head off, do you remember where we planted that bug in the plant? That's right! We're going to talk to Desmond Caltiri. Now, he is quite an unsavory person, so you may want to cover your eyes while you do this next part.

Desmond Calitri: I have a shipyard to run, do you need something?
Nanashai: Do you have any work around here?
Desmond Calitri lets out a loud laugh
Desmond Calitri: Look 'round you, kid. This is a large-scale industrial operation, freight is coming and going constantly. Sadly, my staff is full. We have no room for more grunts here.

Though I am hungry. Go grab me a Bronto Burger, and I must emphasize, a normal Bronto burger. I may be able to think of something for you to do for me by the time you get back.
Nanashai: Goodbye.
Desmond Calitri: Just go.

Mm, burgers.

So, we want to leave his office and head down the road to the food .. blimp? Car? Well, the Bronto Burger fast food store.

Give Barry a little chat.

Barry the Food Vendor: Step on up, stranger. I've got the delicious, meaty goodness that you crave.
Nanashai: Desmond Calitri sent me here for a Bronto Burger.
Barry the Food Vendor: He wants another one? Excellent! Nobody can't help but fall in love with these succulent and mouthwatering burgers.

Boss Calitri always asks for the traditional Bronto Burger. If that's the one you want, just say so.

Click on the little shopping cart icon at the bottom of that chat window, and buy the Bronto Burger for 30 credits. You can tell it's the right one because the name of the item is in blue and it is on the first row, far right.

Return to Desmond with the burger. Make sure not to get the grease all over your armor!

Desmond Calitri: I am busy, what do you want?
Nanashai: I have your Bronto Burger.
Desmond Calitri: Yes, I can smell it. Hand it over. (hand over the Bronto Burger)
Desmond Calitri: Took you long enough. I was getting ready to call in one of my Bruisers to take care of this little chore, but I think you will be able to handle it.

I hope you won't have any qualms with getting your hands dirty, as I have a mess that needs to be cleaned up.
Nanashai: What do you need help with?
Desmond Calitri: Let's get one thing straight: I don't need anyone's help for anything. But, there is a situation on my hands that needs to be dealt with. A new face like yourself will do good here.

Some of my workers are outside protesting. Something about unfair payment or my harsh work conditions. They are all lucky to have jobs here with the ICC. I need you to rough up a couple of those Protesters that are forming outside. It's bad for business, and I don't need ICC to start breathing down my neck.


Step 1: Go outside and eliminate 2 Protesters.
Step 2: Return to Desmond. Reward: None

Now comes the not-so-fun part. We need to head outside his office once more and confront those who stand outside with signs. Just think of us knocking them out!

When you're done, let Desmond know. And hope those two protesters are okay.

Desmond Calitri: I am busy, what do you want?
Nanashai: I took care of those protesters.
Desmond Calitri: Good, serves them right. They are all lucky to have a job with ICC and such a caring boss like myself. If they keep up with these protests, they'll wake up in the desert. In small pieces.

Now there's just one last thing I need from you, and then maybe I'll let you join my workforce. The organizer of these Protests, and the person putting ideas of "unions" and "fair" working conditions...I need you to shut him up.

Find that upstart, Cedric Harding. Make an example out of him, and I may count you as one of my own.
Nanashai: I'll take care of it.
Desmond Calitri: Good, then stop wasting time and take care of it already.


Step 1: Find Cedric Harding and eliminate him. Reward: 1120 credits; (up to) 2229 xp; Dockworker Overalls, The Brute Suit, and Experimental Nano Armor Exosuit

Ugh. I don't want to kill Cedric! Head on out of Desmond's office and just past the Bronto Burger food blimp thing.

There he is. You can have a small chat with him beforehand.

Cedric Harding: Hello there, here to combat the tyranny brought on by our oppressive foreman?
Nanashai: I am here to end the fighting.
Cedric Harding: Oh? That's good to hear, I think. Did Calitri send you with a message? That was easier than I thought it'd be.
Nanashai: Yes, this is easier than expected.
Cedric Harding: So that's how it is. I figured he was done sending his goons at me. We'll deal with you like we have all the rest.

Cedric will call a Violent Protester to help him. Once you defeat them both, you will get the reward without having to return to Desmond.

I like to think I just knocked everyone out instead of killing them. Ew.

13. Patrick Sun and Insurance Terminals


Step 1: Touch the Insurance Terminal.
Step 2: Talk to Patrick. Time 2 real minutes.
Step 3: Talk to Patrick again. Reward: 2200 credits; (up to) 1797 xp; Belt Component Platform 300X

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Let's learn about Insurance Terminals with Patrick Sun.

Patrick Sun: Up with skirts! Down with pants!
Nanashai: What did you say?
Patrick Sun: Yes.
Nanashai: Ok... Do you know anything about that terminal over there?
Patrick Sun: Maybe...
Nanashai: Could you tell me about it?
Patrick Sun: Yes.
Nanashai: Who do I have to bribe around here to get straight answers?
Patrick Sun: Fine, I will tell you. Just use the terminal, and after I kill you for asking silly questions, you will returned to the blue beacon next to it. Lets test that, shall we?
Nanashai: What? Are you going to kill me?
Patrick Sun: It is perfectly safe. Go use the terminal and let me know when you're ready for more of my 'help'.

What a weirdo. But a mission is a mission! So go ahead and Right Click on the terminal. It will take some credits and save some EXP. This way when you die, you will spawn at the terminal and not have EXP loss.

After you do that, talk to Patrick again, and find out how much of a nasty right hook he has. So bad, he kills you. Speak to him again.

Patrick Sun: Up with skirts! Down with pants!
Nanashai: You evil son of a...
Patrick Sun: hahaHaHaHAHAHA...
Patrick can't stop laughing.
Patrick Sun: Dude, I told you not to ask stupid questions.
Nanashai: You owe me big time for this, Patrick.
Patrick Sun: Possibly.
Patrick looks as though he tries to kill himself not to laugh.
Nanashai: You see that ICC guard over there? I bet he has something to say about your demonstrations!
Patrick Sun: Relax! I will hand you a little something to cheer you up, after all, your cloned body looks better than your old. Your soul is the same, no real damage done. Bet you will look great with this now that you lost some weight.
Patrick hands you a belt.

Patrick gives you the Belt Component Platform 300X (you'll need Computer Literacy of 76 to wear).

14. Antonio Stacklund and Upgrading Weapons

Mobs found in the area as you do these missions:

  • Leet (Flocks, Level 10 - 13)
  • Angry Minibull (Aggro, Flocks, Level 8 - 13)
  • Rollerrat (Aggro, Flocks, Level 5 - 6)
  • Desert Reet (Flocks, Level 5 - 6)

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Antonio Stacklund can be found in the Marketplace

Antonio Stacklund: Hello there, welcome to Rubi-Ka! Looking for an upgrade for your weapon? With my greatest creation, the Adaptation Factory, you can improve your old, worn weapon!
Nanashai: As a matter of fact I would like to upgrade my weapon...
Antonio Stacklund: Good! What type of weapon would you like to upgrade?

You'll see a list of choices in the bottom of the NPC chat. Choose which one you are interested in, and Antonio will tell you what you need to find, along with buying an Adaptation Factory from his shop. He also sells all the starter weapons in case you want a different one or deleted yours.

For example, I'll update Nanashai's starter weapon, the Worn Oak Bo. When you choose what weapon you want upgraded, Antonio will upload the recipe to you ncu. For my Bo, I need a Leather Hide. Getting that, I combine the Antonio's Adaptation Factory (Source) with the Leather Hide (Target) to make Leather Grip Tape. I then combine the Leather Grip Tape (Source) with the Worn Oak Bo (Target) to make a Strong Oak Bo.

Once you get your weapon, you can talk to Antonio again to make some armor.

Antonio Stacklund: Hello there, welcome to Rubi-Ka! Looking for an upgrade for your weapon? With my greatest creation, the Adaptation Factory, you can improve your old, worn weapon!
Nanashai: Do you only have weapons and weapon upgrades?
Antonio Stacklund: Actually, you can use the adaption factory to make other things. How about a bracer? A leather vest? Or maybe a hud device is what you are looking for?

You can make a Poison Injector Bracelet, Leather Vest, and a Range Meter.

Here, I will list the many items you need for the different weapon upgrades and what creatures you can find them on:

Angry Minibull
Waste Collector
Garbage Flea, Waste Collector
Waste Collector
Angry Minibull
Angry Minibull
32-V Docker
32-V Docker
Desert Reet
Bought from the ICC Tech Terminal by Vernon

15. Remi Gallois

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Now, off we go to Remi Gallois, who is in the stall next to Antonio. NOTE: This is a Subscriber only mission.

Flashing a killer smile as you approach the young man before you spreads his arms at his side, directing attention to his wares.
Remi Gallois: This is a dangerous world, friend - I'd hope you're prepared. That Omni-Tek... yokel over there believes that you can hide from your troubles behind some shiny plasteel. Personally, I prescribe to the idea that the best offense? Is a damn good offense.
Nanashai: Do you have any work for me?
Remi Gallois: I have spent some time in the lab working on new designs...
With a grunt and a loud thud Remi plops a large tube of wicked-looking hardware onto the nearby table.
Remi Gallois: I give you: The Hellfyre Rocket Launcher.
Still needs a few additional field tests before I can call it a day, which is where you come in.
Nanashai: Wait, you want me to do what now?
Remi Gallois: Don't worry, It's easy. There's a group of lowlife gangbangers out there that managed to get ahold of some serious hardware. Someone left some stray mech activation codes laying around somewhere and these a-holes got ahold of it. Been running around acting like little brats ever since.
The Hellfyre Rocket Launcher is designed to remove unwanted bipedal mechanized war machines. So, are you in?
Nanashai: I guess I could do that...
With a sharp nod he reaches down and pushes the launcher toward you across the counter-top.
Remi Gallois: Good to hear. I've uploaded some basic information on the gangbangers you're going to be taking out including where we think they're hiding out at the moment.

Woohoo! We get to play with a rocket launcher! But we should wait til we get to the area before we equip and use it, as we only have so many rockets.

While heading east towards our destination, you may pass by the Arena with a tutorial on PvP.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Rarity: Normal
Description: There are different levels of suppression gas allowing or preventing fights.

* 100% suppression gas means that no fighting is allowed in this area.
* 75% suppression gas allows for fighting monsters, but players will need a PVP Flag to be able to fight each other.
* 25% suppression gas allows opposing factions to fight each other.
* 5% suppression gas allows players who do not belong to the same organization to fight each other.
* 0% suppression gas will allow anyone to fight anyone.
* It is also possible to engage in a duel with another player. Simply target and type /duel to initiate the duel request. A player can only fight another player if the level difference allows for it.

Let's continue east now, until you come across a compound in the desert. Here is where we'll find the mobs we need.

You'll now need to unequip your weapons, and equip the Experimental Hellfyre Rocket Launcher. Target a SANDSTORM Marauder (they can be killed with regular weaponry, but it just takes a while), and attack it, just like you would any other mob, except this time, you'll be shooting rockets. When done, unequip the rocket launcher and return to Remi.

Remi Gallois: You came back! How did my weapon do?
Nanashai: Your field test is complete!
Remi Gallois: I saw the explosions from here - Good stuff! I think I might have come up with a real winner this time around. Anyway, since the weapon's registered to my ID, the ICC sent over the bounty reward soon as the kills got registered. Thank you for your help!

As a reward, you'll get 4 Nano Crystals; Composite Ranged Expertise, Composite Melee Expertise, Composite Physical Special Expertise, and Composite Ranged Special Expertise, all needing Sensory Improvement and Psychological Modification at 61. NOTE: It looks like you can keep the Experimental Hellfyre Rocket Launcher after the mission, but alas, after a minute or so it will explode in your Inventory and disappear.

16. The Shiny Sword and The Leet King

[Reveal] Walkthrough

While you fight and loot, you might come across an object called Shiny Sword. If you do, Right Click it to get a mission. Hm, who might like shiny things ... ah, I know! The Greedy Desert Reet!

Greedy Desert Reet: Can I have ur sword?
Nanashai: What?
Greedy Desert Reet: UR SWORD!! GIVE IT!
Nanashai: Here, take my sword.
Greedy Desert Reet: WAT!??! Shiny stuff for me? Z0mg! (Hand over the Shiny Sword)
Greedy Desert Reet: Oh so SHINY!
Nanashai: You are welcome...
Greedy Desert Reet: I HAS UR SWORD!!!

You'll receive Nano Crystal (Composite Nano Expertise) which you will need Sensory Improvement and Psychological Modification at 61.

As you wander around, you might even run into the Leet King!

Leet King: Wat?
Nanashai: What are you?
Leet King: I r teh king!
Nanashai: But you look like... A rat..
Leet King: Silence j00! I r teh King, j00 no speek to me liek dat!
Nanashai: Sorry..
Leet King: U maekz mad nao! U needz to deserve forgivenesseses! J00 do teh j0bz and I forgievz. We has understandings?
Nanashai: What do you want me to do.... Your smallness...?
Leet King: Dewd u sux. Now I r so angreh I dun wanna speek wif u againz! Go awayz! Shoo! Leave teh king alonez!
Nanashai: Just tell me what to do to get your forgiveness, my king.
Leet King: U haz makez teh king furiousez! U has to remove teh wrath, only way to do dat is annoyz teh Greedy Desert Reet and smash his treazurez! He stolez them and maed urs king vereh angreh!
Nanashai: I'll do it..
Leet King: U slowz noob. Wai u still standeh thar? Go nao!

Looks like we have to go back and kill the Greedy Desert Reet (Flocks, Level 7). Once you do that, click on the Stolen Treasure and Right Click the Sledgehammer in your Inventory to break it. Now back to the King Leet.

Leet King: Wat?
Nanashai: I did it..
Leet King: Gief mah hammar backz! (Return the Sledgehammer)
Leet King: !U did gewd. Nao u hazs to fiend me a womanthing! Yus!
Nanashai: a woman... thing?
Leet King: Wat isz wrong wif u? U not many smartz. Ofc king needzz a queen. U go fiend oen for me nao.
Nanashai: Where?
Leet King: U hazs eyeseses don'tz u? Hurry I r vereh loneleh! And giev her chocolateseses and fl0warz fr0m teh kiiiing!

So, ugh that speech ... but it looks like we need to steal us some flowers and chocolates, and find the Leet King a lady friend.

First the flowers and chocolates. You'll find them on the table in the stall next to the Food Provider (across from Remy Gallois) in the Market. Just click on them both to pick them up.

Well, one would assume the Leet King wants to marry another Leet, so let's look around. A-ha! There she is, the lovely Princess Leet!

Princess Leet: I r tha princess!
Nanashai: I bring gifts from the king..
Princess Leet: Silleh humin. He iz no king, he juzt pretandz! Besidez he alwayzs bring giftzezes..
Nanashai: So I went through all this trouble for nothing...?
Princess Leet: Maybeh.. Letz me see what he sended u to giefz. (Hand over the flowers and chocolate candy)
Princess Leet: He gotz me all diz stuffz... Kewl he muszt liekz meh! I found diz junkz in teh desart, u canz has it forz urz troublez!
Nanashai: Thank you, I guess.
Princess Leet: Movez along nao u. I haz a daet!

Love is in the air, and you receive a random item dealing with biomesh clothing.

17. The Shady Guy


Step 1: Find the fancy white car in the desert.
Step 2: Use the Crowbar on the car.
Step 3: Defeat Mario Carles.
Step 4: Return to the Shady Guy. Reward: 5000 credits; (up to) 1540 xp; Kodiak Velocity IV

[Reveal] Walkthrough

And now, let's talk to a Shady Guy near the vehicle dock.

Shady Guy: Rusty piece of junk!
Nanashai: What is wrong?
Shady Guy: I used to have a nice car, but then the fancy guy stole it from me. Now I only have this piece of junk.
Nanashai: Well, at least you have a car...
Shady Guy: I sense we might benefit from collaborating. You look like a girl who knows how to take care of herself...
Nanashai: Where are you going with this?
Shady Guy: If you were to help me steal my car back, I could give you my rusty junk car here. And we would both benefit from the deal, what do you say?
Nanashai: I'm listening.
Shady Guy: Here, take this crowbar. Pretend to smash the car, I'm sure that will get his attention. Knock him out and bring me my car back.

Yeah, totally legit this is .... ah well. Too late to back out now! What we need to do is head into the desert and look for a ritzy, white vehicle floating around.

It moves quite slow, so you are able to Left Click on it, then open your Inventory and Right Click on the Crowbar. This will have Mario Carles (Level 10) jump out of the vehicle. Proceed to pummel him until defeated, and you'll receive his car (Stolen Yalmaha) ... somehow ... Let's return to the Shady Guy.

Shady Guy: Rusty piece of junk!
Nanashai: I have your vehicle.
Shady Guy: Give it to me, now! And the crowbar too! (hand over the crowbar and the Stolen Yalmaha)
Shady Guy: Nice! I finally have "my" car back. And a beauty she is.
Nanashai: Did you just tell me it wasn't your vehicle to begin with?
Shady Guy: Details... Details... You have a car now, be happy. I don't think we have much more to talk about.

You'll receive a Kodaik Velocity IV, which when used will give you the ability to summon your very own vehicle!

18. Emiel Dijkman


If you head south out of Arete Landing and go pretty far into the desert area, as you approach the Alien crashed ship, you'll come across a man in a tent, Emiel Dijkman.

Step 1: Deliver the box of foodstuffs to Logistics Manager Fausto at the Bazaar. Reward: Choice of Heavy Bio Mesh OR Light Bio Mesh.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Emiel Dijkman: Hello
Nanashai: I'm looking for some honest work.
Emiel Dijkman: You have come to the right place then. I have some goodies that need delivery to the Logistics manager in the bazaar. He enjoys food as much as I do.
Emiel Smiles.
Nanashai: I'll do it.
Emiel Dijkman: Perfect, here take this box and locate Fausto Cesario in the Bazaar area and hand it to him.

Heading to where we got our profession nanos and lockpicked the merchant strongbox, you'll find Logistics Manager Fausto.

Logistics Manager Fausto: Well well, a newcommer?
Nanashai: Emiel told me to give you this box of foodstuffs.
Logistics Manager Fausto: Hand it over. (hand over Emiel's Box of Foodstuffs)
Logistics Manager Fausto: Perfect, this was just what I needed. Emiel's super tasty food. My day is saved.
Nanashai: What about a little tip for my efforts?
Logistics Manager Fausto: I found some old stuff lying around that you might be interested in. It is called a biomesh and is used for tailoring fancy clothes.
The heavy bio mesh is used for footwear, legwear and chestwear.
The light biomesh is used for backwear, handwear, headwear and armwear.
Which one would you like? (You can only choose one, so it's a personal choice)

19. The Credit Card


Steal the credits. Reward: 15000 credits.
Find the owner of the credit card. Reward: (up to) 2080 xp; Vacuum Packed Omni-Med Suit.

[Reveal] Walkthrough

While you are down in the Underground, take the straight path to the end, and look behind some barrels. You'll find what looks to be a lost Bank of Rubi-Ka Credit Card (3448, 889) there.

When you pick it up, you are given two quests. You have to make a choice.

1) Steal the credits. If you are looking to bypass Arete Landing and get right into ICC HQ, right click on the Credit Card in your Inventory, and say Yes at the pop up. You will be given 15k Credits. You can then go straight to Vaughn Hammond and bribe him to let you leave. Or of course, you can pocket the credits.


2) Find the owner of the Credit Card, Leonora Marty, pacing around in the Marketplace.

Leonora Marty: How could I be so stupid...
Oh hello there, I'm having a really bad day... What do you want?
Angelterri: I am here to make your day brighter. I have found your credit card!
Leonora Marty: Really? Hand it over! (Hand over the Credit Card)
Leonora Marty: Thank you so much. I really hope that the vendor still have the t-shirt I wanted!
Angelterri: You are welcome.
Leonora Marty: Finally I can go shopping again!

She then gives you a Vacuum Packed Omni-Med Suit.

20. The Alien Ship


Step 1: Find another player to team up with.
Step 2: Use the Nano Can: Friendly Buff on your teammate. Reward: 2520 credits; (up to) 1386 xp; 3x 8-15 NCU Memory

[Reveal] Walkthrough

If you head south past the lake in the desert, then go a bit east, you'll run into the Alien Crash Site. Make your way to the largest of the ships and enter it.

You will come across a very strange alien in the form of Karli Cappelleri.

This area is going to teach you about Teams and Team Missions.

If you speak to Karli while you are solo, you can get this quest:

Karli Cappelleri: I'm a little busy here...
Angelterri: What are you doing?
Karli Cappelleri: I'm an alien spy. I find and terminate aliens... Quietly!
Angelterri: I want to fight aliens too!
Karli Cappelleri: I think you should find some friends to help you out for this one.
Angelterri: But, I don't have any friends...
Karli Cappelleri: You know we have a lookup system to find people with similar interests here on Rubi-Ka. Just open your team search interface. Or perhaps just look for someone around you that you can start a team with. Here, take this Friendly Buff Nano can and see if you can find a friend to use it on.

She then gives you a Nano Can: Friendly Buff. What you need to do is find someone to Team with, then target them. Make sure they have at least 5 NCU slots free, and use the Nano Can while your team mate is click (right click on the can in your Inventory). This will complete the mission and give you 3x (PH)

Karli also gives a Team Mission. While staying in your Team (and the levels of all members are relatively close), talk to her again.

Karli Cappelleri: I'm a little busy here...
Angelterri: What are you doing?
Karli Cappelleri: I'm an alien spy. I find and terminate aliens... Quietly!
Angelterri: We are ready to help you out.
Karli Cappelleri: Enter the crashed ship and do your killing there. Try not to blow my cover.

The mission always entails finding and killing an Alien Spider - Zix, which is found in the room with the Alien General. The rooms are random, and the aliens in the ship are from Levels 11 - 13 or so.

The Aliens you encounter inside and outside the ship are:

  • Alien Spider - Zix (Level 8-13)
  • Scout Jaax'Sinuh (Level 11-13)
  • Specialist - Cha-Heru (Level 11-13)
  • Alien General (Level ?)

NOTE: Sadly, while I was rearranging this guide, I lost the name of the original player who helped me through the Alien Ship. Just know I really really appreciated the help!

21. Choosing a Faction

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Well, you got your ID card, finished all the quests in the area (or as much as you wanted to) and you're ready to leave Arete Landing.

There is one more thing you can do before you leave. I put this choice here since it fit better in the flow of things. Do you want to stay Neutral, join the Clan, or join Omni-Tek?


Rarity: Normal
Description: Primary goals for the Clans are freedom and spiritual gain. The clans are opposed what Omni-Tek stands for and fight to free Rubi-Ka of its oppressive rule. The Clans are stationed out of the rebel part of Rubi-Ka, on the dry side of the planet.

Main Cities:
* Tir
* Old Athens
* West Athens
* Avalon
* Bliss


Rarity: Normal
Description: Omni-Tek is a hyper-corporation with affiliates all over the galaxy. It has a large presence on Rubi-Ka to mine for the rare mineral commonly known as Notum.
Omni-Tek strives for profit and will let nothing stand in its way. As a new citizen of Rubi-Ka you are expected to become an Omni-Tek employee. In the Omni-Tek family you gain material benefits and power.
The primary goal for Omni-Tek is material gain.

Main Cities:
* Omni-1 (HQ, Trade, Entertainment Districts)
* Rome (Red, Blue, Green Districts)
* Galway Castle
* Lush Fields

Since you can only choose one side to be on, it is an important decision. NOTE: You can switch sides later on by purchasing the appropriate application form, but there is a lock out timer each time you use an application form that will prevent you from switching sides at will. The duration of the lock out depends on your level. It is 40 seconds if you are level 1 but will be 168 hours if you are level 200.

With Nanashai, I will have her join the Clan. (I will add the Omni-Tek side in the near future.)

Let's talk to Clan Guard Elina Jones.

Clan Guard Elina Jones: Hello Nanashai. You should join the freedom fighters!
Nanashai: What are you doing here?
Clan Guard Elina Jones: We have to make our stand here. Everyone that arrives on Rubi-ka deserves to know what Omni-Tek really does to this planet!
Nanashai: I agree with you, Omni-Tek needs to pay...
Clan Guard Elina Jones: Join the clans then! We fight for freedom and we certainly make Omni-Tek pay!
Nanashai: You are right, maybe I should join the clans...
Clan Guard Elina Jones: Great! I know a guy you might want to talk to. Ericson is always looking for young recruits.

Field Commander Ericson isn't that far away. Just head north through Omni-Tek building, and Ericson is standing at the tables.

Field Commander Ericson: And yet another able-bodied recruit blows in from the sandy wastes.
Are you here to help the cause?
Nanashai: Yes, Elina Jones sent me.
Field Commander Ericson: She is a fine woman, Elina. Did she tell you anything about the Clans?
Nanashai: Enough for me to know I should be on your side!
Field Commander Ericson: I have a small task for you, if you are interested..
Nanashai: What did you have in mind?
Field Commander Ericson: In this facility, you'll find some Omni-Tek lackies and I would like you to place this...device...on the vehicle that these Omni-Tek vermin crawled out of.
The device's true purpose does not matter, I just need you to locate their vehicle and use the device on it.
It doesn't get much simpler than that, right?
Nanashai: Ok, I'll do it.
Field Commander Ericson: Good, I knew you'd want a piece of the action. Here's the device, now go and tag that Omni-Tek vehicle.

Time to place a ... thing ... on Officer Milne's cruiser. Head straight south and down a small ramp to the desert and turn right. You'll see the cruiser there. Left click on it, then pick up the Unknown Device from your Inventory and click on the cruiser (once again, finiky hitbox heh). An Omni-Tek Patrol will appear, but just ignore it and head back to Ericson.

Field Commander Ericson: So you've come back. I trust the mission was a success?
Nanashai: I did it. Just as you told me to.
Field Commander Ericson: Good job, then there is nothing further that we will need to speak on the subject.
You should become a clanner, here take this application form and a token of my gratitude.

You will receive four items; Clan Mission Token, Joint Clans Shoulderpad x2, and a Low Level Clans Application Form. Right clicking on the Application form will ask if you are sure to 'join' the Clan. Say yes, and it will become a Clan Merits - Basic Board. NOTE: You can Right Click it again to make it a Clan Advancement - Basic Board, but outside of stat change between the two, I'm not sure what else is a difference, or if Froobs can make it that item. Also, you'll want to Right Click on the Clan Mission Token to add it to your total.

Now as part of either Omni-Tek or the Clan, you can get upgrades for your Newcomer Armor (bought at Sarah Greene's Armor stall).

Clan Equipment Vendor: Hello my friend!
I see you're one of us now... the noble freedom fighters of Rubi-Ka... the Clans!
Being a member of the Clans is something to be proud of--knowing you are fighting every day for justice and freedom on this beautiful dusty-red planet, Rubi-Ka.
And I even have armor upgrades and new equipment which can help you in your cause!
Nanashai: Armor upgrades?
Clan Equipment Vendor: It's great armor, only wearable by freedom fighting Clans!
All you need is some Newcomer's Armor to upgrade.
Nanashai: I've got some Newcomer's Armor. How do I upgrade it?
Clan Equipment Vendor: Check out my shop inventory.
Click on the shopping basket to open the shop window.
Clan Equipment Vendor: Look for the Joint Clans Badge in the shop inventory.
You'll want to buy one Joint Clans Badge for each piece of Newcomer's Armor you want to upgrade.
To upgrade, first make sure you're not wearing your armor, then attach a Joint Clans Badge to an armor piece.
This will start a chemical reaction which will change the molecular structure of the armor - it will become Joint Clans Newcomer's Armor.
Nanashai: Appreciate the help, thanks a lot.
Clan Equipment Vendor: Absolutely! I'm always happy to help a fellow Clansperson!

So, get yourself a set of Newcomer's Armor (Chest, Hands, Boots, Legs, and 2 Sleeves - there is no Head piece, though you can buy the Shades off your respective Equipment Vendor). NOTE: The Badges do not work on Sundance armor, the armor from the Shadowlands, so can't upgrade that. You'll want to put the Badge in the Source, and the Newcomer Armor piece (unequipped) in the Target, so get the upgraded armor.

NOTE: You can upgrade your Faction Newcomer Armor by Right Clicking on it after you take it off. Each click give 1 QL point. So it will level with you up to QL 50 (?). Just make sure not to accidentally have your armor outlevel you!

Here is Nanashai is full Clan armor with the shades.

Now let us check out the Omni-Tek side. For this, we need to find Omni AF Officer Milne in what I like to call the 'white kiss tent'.

Omni-AF Officer Milne: Stand up straight and look me in the eye. You are addressing a superior officer.
Omni-Tek is recruiting. You, a new citizen on this planet, must embrace the Omni-Tek mantle and guard it with your life, as there are those who wish to see it destroyed.
Angelterri: Is Omni-Tek recruiting?
Omni-AF Officer Milne: That is correct, but we won't take just anyone. You need to have the strength to execute your corporate duties, no matter how big or small.
If you are interested, I may have a chore for you.
Angelterri: What is it you want done?
Omni-AF Officer Milne: It's quite simple, really. The biggest bonehead around here, Henri, has crossed the line for the last time. He needs to be taken care of, and by that I mean prison time.
Angelterri: I will do it.
Omni-AF Officer Milne: Good to hear. Tell one of my privates to help you before you arrest Henri. No private will ask questions if you show him the OTAF Official Notice I gave you. However, they are not very patient..
That is all. You are dismissed.

You will be given the OTAF Official Notice which you need to 'give' to one of the Privates near you. Target a Private and right click the OTAF Official Notice in your Inventory. He will then follow you to find Vanguard Henri Zure (he hang out between the tent and the small bar to the north. The Private is impatient, so don't dally!

All you need to do is bring the Omni Private close enough to Henri for a scripted event to occur when Henri gets arrested. Once done, return to Milne.

Omni-AF Officer Milne: Welcome back.
Angelterri: I did what you asked.
Omni-AF Officer Milne: That is good to hear. You should send in your Omni-Tek application form, no need to sit on the fence.
As payment, here is a token of my gratitude, but it won't do you any good unless you make it official.

Just like if you joined the Clan, you will receive a Low Level Omni-Tek Application Form (right click to sign it and select Yes), an Omni-Tek Mission Token, and 2x Omni-Tek Shoulder Pads. You'll also find the Omni Trans Equipment Vendor that sells the Omni Badges to upgrade your Newbie Armor just north of Milne.

Here's my character, Angelterri in the full Omni-Tek Newcomer's Armor.

22. Janos - A Special Delivery


Step 1: Get the package from Janos.
Step 2: Leave Arete Landing for Andromeda
Step 3: Enter the Holo Deck tower and take the telepad.
Step 4: Talk to RALPH. Reward: 90907 credits; (up to) 11266 xp; commendations and tokens(?)

NOTE: This mission continues after you leave Arete Landing, so make sure you do everything you want to there as you can't go back.

[Reveal] Walkthrough
When you hit level 5, it's a good time to head back to the starting point of Arete Landing. Why? Because the ship nearby has a mission in it!

Head inside by stepping on the pulsing blue circle and run to the back of the ship. There you will find Janos.

Janos: You there...are you heading into the ICC Headquarters?
Nanashai: Yes, I was heading there now.
Janos: Good good, here, don't ask questions. Don't open it, or anything. Take this to the tallest tower. Leave it with the robot butler at the desk, and that will be that. Don't think about it, and get a little reward on the side.

Once you are all done in Arete Landing and find yourself in Andromeda, you can now finish the mission. Let's go find that 'tallest tower'.

When exiting the Arrival Hall, turn to your right. There you will see a very tall tower with a ticker saying Holo Deck.

Walk into there and take the teleporter pad behind the reception desk.

Turn slightly to your right and head towards the blue robot named RALPH behind a desk.

RALPH: Greetings and salutations, meatbag. You have entered the hall of Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero. Please state your business.
Nanashai: Who is Vincenzo Palmiero?
RALPH: Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero is an Arbiter of ICC. He is a busy individual who normally makes time to return to this office at the start of each month. He expresses some sort of apology if you have missed him, but he will probably return.
Nanashai: Who are you?
RALPH: I am RALPH. I tend to acting Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero. I am also too busy for these questions.
Nanashai: Where are we?
RALPH: This is the office of ICC Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero. When he is available, he performs his more clerical duties in this area. If you have business with him, you will need to wait for him to be at his desk.

Interesting stuff, but we really should hand over this package we are carrying!

RALPH: Greetings and salutations, meatbag. You have entered the hall of Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero. Please state your business.
Nanashai: I have a delivery.
RAPLH: We were not expecting anything, and you do not look like the usual courier. Please turn over the object.
Hand over A Parcel for Palmiero that Janos gave you
RALPH: Scanning...
This is acceptable. I shall ensure its safe delivery from this point. Please accept this bounty.

Goodness, that's alot for that bounty! Might even get you another level.


23. Vending Terminals and NPC Shops

[Reveal] Walkthrough

Vending Terminals and Shops

  • Ammunition: Pretty explanitory. It sells different ammo that goes in guns you use. To find out if your weapon uses ammo, you need to look at it. Here's an example. With this weapon, it uses Shotgun Shells. Now you don't reload the weapon physically. What you do is buy the ammo, then place it in your main Inventory window. As you fight, you will automatically reload your weapon when necessary.

    Old OT MPS-00 Police Shotgun

    Ammo: 1/36 ~ Number of ammo in the gun/total ammo it holds
    Rarity: Unknown
    Quality level: 5

    On Self:
    Burst from 17 and
    Shotgun from 23

    Ammo type: Shotgun Shells ~ Ammo type
    Damage: 2-24(28)
    Dps: 0.5-5.5(6.4)
    Attack 2.49s
    Recharge 2.50s
    Equip delay: 5.50s
    Initiative: Ranged Weapons Initiative
    Location: RightHand
    Range: 12m
    Special: Burst
    Max beneficial skill: 77
    Attack skills: Shotgun 100%
    Defence skills: Duck-Exp 100%
    Damage type: Imp/Proj AC
    This old MPS-00 is a simple Shotgun capable of firing bursts. Range is pretty poor, but firepower is pretty high.

  • Junk Shop: Outside of carrying an item to wear and the tradeskill items for the Personalized Basic Robot Brain, you can find items to help make AI armor.items (but due to the prices of the items, it isn't worth it). You can also find the Sheet of Curved Carbonum Plating to make Carbonum Armor.

  • Barry the Food Vendor: He sells food and drink. That's pretty much it, though one of the food (Bronto Burger) is used in a mission.

  • Furniture Merchant: Sells different small furniture items, but since we don't own an apartment yet, not worth spending the money on anything.

  • Neutral Clothing Salesman: Sells different social clothing, like shirts and pants. Want to show off your Social wear? Hit F10 > GUI > Equipment Window > check Enable Social Tab and Show Social Tab Only. You can also toggle if you want your headgear visible or not.

  • Tailor: Outside of also selling social clothing, she can do measurements for Jobe Armor fitting. Though since that's a while away, not worth having the items in your inventory.

  • Sarah Greene: This lady sells the HSR sketches for the Carbonum Armor, as well as Newcomer Armor used to upgrade with faction badges, and Sundance Armor.

  • Secondhand Peddler: This one is interesting. Not only does she sell a few things like armor, weapons, Aggression Enhancers and an Emergency Defense Shield Neutralizer, she also gives tutorials on the items as well as about AC and weapons. So do check her out if you want to learn more (since it is a lot of information).

  • Food Provider: Another NPC that sells food and drink.

  • Antonio Stacklund: The NPC you go to for Antonio's Adaptation Factory, he also sells the basic starter weapons in case you want to try a new weapon or dual-wield something.

  • Martial Artist: This terminal sells the special attacks for the Martial Artist profession.

  • Remi Gallois: He sells various weapons and ammo.

  • Cluster and Implant: Each Cluster Terminal sells differert ones (Shiny, Bright, Faded) and the Implant Terminal sells the basic, empty Implants.

  • Pharmacy: This terminal sells stims, rechargers, treatment kits, implant disassembly units, and portable surgery clinics.

  • ICC Tech Supplies: Where you go to get a Vacuum Packed Lock Pick, you can also find Night Vision Goggles and a Mission Key Duplicator.

24. Some Strange Items You Can Loot

[Reveal] Walkthrough

25. Tips and Tricks

This section is for tips or tricks I came across that can help you as you adventure. Please feel free to reply or PM me here with any more you can think of!

[Reveal] Walkthrough

  • You can toggle Walk/Run with Backspace (Default)
  • Want to not show your Headpiece or always wear your Social clothes? Hit F10 > GUI > Equipment and toggle on or off what you want.
  • You can't use items you have stored in a Backpack. Move it to your main Inventory window first.
  • Got a lot of items to sell, but don't want to pick them up one at a time? Ctrl+Right Click the items, and it will pop them straight into the selling part of the Shop.
  • Curious about the level of a NPC or mob? Shift+Left Click on them to give a pop out window with more information.
  • Have a weapon ability such as Fast Attack or Fling Shot? Open the Control Panel (Actions > Control Panel) and you can pick out the icons of Melee and Ranged skills, as well as others from there to put on your hotbar.

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Written by AngelTee (Terri19047 on AoFroobs)
Transcribed by Llie
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