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So, you want to make some social clothing or Alien Armor...

Well, first this is one of the longer and often annoying mission/quest lines in the game. Each piece of Basic Fashion has its own (often lengthy) missions to complete, over the far-flung reaches of Rubi-ka!

We hope you like to fly because you'll need to grab your Yalm and make sure you have enough gas and plenty of time.

Items Required

For the quest(s), you will need to visit numerous different NPCs to gather the supplies needed to create some of the most sought-after gear in game.

The following section will give you an idea of the number of items you will require to make a single set of Basic Fashion.

Here are all the items needed to make the Resulting armor pieces:

    Note: Please see toward the bottom of the guide for the actual process for how to make the Basic Armor pieces.

  • Body Heat Pattern Analyzer is a tool and doesn't get used up in process.
  • Also the Basic Fashion Cloak is only used for Maria's Fashion items and not Alien Armors.

    For each piece of clothing or armor, you will need at least one Bio Mesh of the right weight (Light or Heavy). For things like Combined Armor, you will need to do each quest two times. However, the Anti-Perspiring padding you need to do four times for Combined (Two for each sleeve).

So, now you may be wondering where in the world am I supposed to get all of this stuff?

Well, the first part of our journey takes us to Newland where we meet up with Master Divenchy, who can give you some clues. (he is near the crash site north of the lake).

Divenchy has a lot of info on making Basic Fashion!

Master Divenchy
Newland - 900x860

Once he gets through the bulk of who to go talk to about all the parts you're going have to acquire, you will quickly realize he's the guy who can get you the Bio Meshes you need!

However, like everything, nothing comes easy in the world of Rubi-Ka, and some tedious work is involved in getting them.

First, talk to him about making the Bio Mesh. He will ask you about which Bio Mesh you want, light or heavy. He then gives you a Meta Roentgen Scanner along with a mission.

If you chose Light Bio Mesh then you will need to go out into the nearby wilderness and scan 2 Igruanas and 1 Mornitor.
If you chose Heavy Bio Mesh then you will need to go out into the nearby wilderness and scan 3 Igruanas and 3 Mornitor.

When tagging the lizards, you must tag Igruana first then Mornitor, then Igruana, then Mornitor, etc to ensure the correct number of scans are done for the different Bio Meshes, or you will need to continue scanning until the mission updates.

Most frequently these lizards can be found quite close by, to the south of Divenchy, though they can be pretty good at hiding in plain sight.

This is a long and fairly boring process, and requires lots of travel and in general, can take time. It is easier if you have a profession that can drag the lizards to Divenchy and then calm or root both types of lizards there while you work through creating the Bio Meshes. You can tag the same Igruana/Mornitor as long as you do it in the right order.

That's the easy part, now it's time to track down some NPCs. You know where Divenchy is now, hopefully. Let's take a look at where the rest are and what they provide! Don't worry if you don't see all the parts in that list. Some require a visit to a secondary NPC to finish your Quest Items!

Location, location...locations!

Following is a list of NPCs' locations and what they give you.




Herbalist Gerard

Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 2800x1690

*Rhino Camps
Gives you
*Give to Divenchy

Master Divenchy

Newland - 900x860

*North of Newland Lake (Lake Rainys), near crash site
Gives you

Also Gives
*With item from Herbalist Gerard


Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 790x2310

*SW of Meetmedere


Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 790x2310

*SE Corner of Newland Desert
Gives you mission for


Inside Neuters'R Us-Newland City
Newland City - 447.2x339.8

*Bar area


Newland - 1440x380

*SW of Newland City, just along the path

Simon Stark

Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 1150x150

*West of Whompas

Investigator Marciello

Newland Desert-Meetmedere
Newland Desert - 1590.8x2817.1

*Grid exit at Meetmedere Forest

Secondary NPCs:

Maud Stevens

Borealis - 490x390

*Outside of Borealis' East Gate, over the hill
brb (leet)

Newland City
Newland City - 400x320

*In front of the Whompas
Ethel Anthony

Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 2170x1550

*Behind the Whompas
Misa Ramirez

Inside Neuters'R Us-Newland City
Newland City - 447.2x339.8

*First Left Door as you enter
Good Time Party Mixer

Newland City
Newland City - 461.3x346.6

*Across from Bronto Burger's Food Court
Imelda Dane

Inside Neuters'R Us-Newland City
Newland City - 447.2x339.8

*Bar area

Ok now you know who gives what, so onto the questing.

Herbalist Gerard
Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 2800x1690

Talk to Divenchy about the Anti-Perspiring Padding. He will talk about Herbalist Gerard.

Fly to Herbalist Gerard and talk to him. If you do not already have an Antiseptic Jar, give him 1000 credits. He will give you one filled with Extract of Bodum-Minor. Take this extract back to Divenchy quicky, you have about 15min.

Once you return to Divenchy, he will take the Extract and turn it into an Anti-Perspiring Padding for you, and if you remember to ask, he will even give you an Antiseptic Jar back.
    Note: If you do so, and get back the empty Antiseptic Jar each time, it can be reused over and over. Then the Extract of Bodum-Minor will only cost 100 credits each time you trade Gerard the jar.

Penelope Magistrale
Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 790x2310

Penelope is an acrobat and she is about to go on, but she wants a new pair of shoes that she ordered from Gilbert.
When you take the mission she will give you a Letter from Penelope to give to Gilbert, and you have a 30-minute time limit. So fly/run down to Gilbert and give him the letter.

He will give you Boots for Penelope. Take these back to Penelope and she will give you her old shoes, which, you guessed it are Multi-Grip Cybernetic Soles!

Gilbert Glove
Newland Desert
Newland Desert - 790x2310

Gilbert - Yep, the same guy in the SW corner who you got Penelope's shoes from, is still a paranoid fellow. He doesn't take too kindly to being asked about Sensitive Cybernetic Fingertips, as soon as you meet him, either.

He's not just going to help you so easily this time either! Gilbert wants you to deliver a bottle to the bartender inside Neuters 'R Us.

While you are talking to Gilbert you notice he drops his Book at his feet. He will need this to check his notes. He fumbled it while trying to use his pen and paper organizer (how 20th century...not), but he can't seem to find it.

He doesn't realize he's dropped it until you pick up Gilbert's Book and give it back to him. He will then give you Gilbert's Handwritten Note. He'll also give you a Gilbert's Bottle for the Bartender.

Take the bottle to the bartender at Neuters 'R Us. If you are nice he'll give you a Flimsy Barstool. Rather useless, and not used in any of these quests...but it's the thought that counts, right?
    Note: Make sure you go to the Bartender and NOT Dante Karall who is also behind the other bar in the same room.

Deliver the bottle to the Bartender.

Head back to Gilbert and tell him that you have given the bottle to the Bartender. While Gilbert is happy that you delivered the bottle, he will now request that you get Sensitive Cybernetic Fingertips from a machine located somewhere in a mission.

This mission will be based on your level, and Gilbert will provide you with the waypoint. However, you must have some special passcodes first. He will give you the first one, which is 42, but then tells you that you must talk to Penelope and Investigator Marciello for the color codes.

He warns that you must not let them know why you are asking for the color codes. So, you have to talk to them and during the conversation determine the color codes on your own, (it is not always the same combination for every time you talk, or every player who talks to them).

You must talk to both Penelope and Marciello to obtain the right answers. You can try to guess once you reach the machine, but if you are wrong you will have to start the chat with the machine again. Unless you know the frequent color codes it takes, you could be there for some time...or if you're very clever and figure out what two colors are always used, far less time.

Now off to the mission (the location depends on your level). Once inside the mission look for a trashcan looking thingy. Once you find it talk to it. It will ask for the codes, enter 4, then 2, then the color codes. If you have the correct codes it will give you a list of items to choose from. Select the Sensitive Cybernetic Fingertips.

WARNING!! You must NOW activate them before you leave!

    Note: If you leave the mission w/o activating them you will not be able to re-enter, and you will NOT complete the mission. You will have to talk to Gilbert again and you will have to start over.

To activate them, pick up them up and use (drop them) them on the machine. Now you have your (Activated) Sensitive Cybernetic Fingertips.

Inside Neuters'R Us-Newland City
Newland City - 447.2x339.8

Fritz who is inside Neuters'R Us Bar in Newland City. Well, No wonder he can't get a date with Imelda Dane. Fritz is your typical male chauvinist pig, and he will address you with different chats depending on whether you're female or male. Both lead him back to his sob story about his feet hurting from dancing too much.

He wants you to go find him a pair of shoes. Once you agree, he sends you off to find them. The shoes he wants are Blue Boots which can be easily found on the general clothes terminal; they aren't always there so just check until you find 'em, or focus on fashion shops (like Miiir's).

Once you have the boots, go back and give Fritz the Blue Boots. He will try them on while you wait.

Female Character: he will hit on you and he gives you one of Imelda's inventions that he has no use for, a Hair Care Contraption. He then tells you that he will be waiting on a dance with you, before ending the chat.

Male or Neuter Characters: After he tries on the boots, he asks you for a favor. After you answer yes, that you'll help, (you must tell him yes, and help him out in order to get the item you are after), he asks that you " buy a drink for him and give it to the lovely Ms. Dane."

On your agreement, he presents you with a ID-data - 'Fritz'. (This item spawns in your inventory). He tells you to give this ID to the Bartender as payment and generously offers for you to add a drink for yourself.

Note: *The Bartender is in the same room, just a few steps away, as is Imelda Dane.


On opening a chat with the Bartender, be sure to tell him you were told to give him the ID in order to get a drink! The bartender has clearly been through this often as seeing that it's Fritz's ID, he knows that Fritz is again ordering the usual for Ms. Dane's, a drink of New Giovanni Drink.

He then asked you what drink you want. After you respond and then thank him, the drink(s), hers, and your drink (if you ordered one), will spawn in your inventory.

Next, you want to talk to Imelda Dane, by opening a chat with her. She isn't immediately happy to be bothered, until you tell her that you want to give her a drink. Not only does she give you a pleasantly surprised reply, and a thank you, but also 500 creds.

However, as soon as she learns the drink is really from Fritz, you start to worry that you might get that concoction thrown in your face. She tells you to let Fritz know that "he can very well stay away from me...", and end your conversation.

Now you have to go back and break the news to your new friend, Fritz, that Imelda didn't want his offered drink! He doesn't take it well. As he sighs sadly something falls from his pocket. As you hand it back to him you realize its the Hair Care Contraption you came for. Thankfully, he's so deadset on winning Imelda, he tells you you can keep it, and he ends his chat to set yet another plan in motion!

Mary-Ann, Brb, and Maud Stevens

Newland - 1440x380
has lost her poor leet, Brb. She asks you to find an ID Chip and then find Brb for her, so she can use it to track him.

Well, to get the ID Chip she suggests you go talk to
Scientist Maud Stevens
Borealis - 490x390
Outside and over the hill from Borealis, to the East. And of course, once you get to Maud she wants you to do something for her.

That task would be marking Scorpoids (you can opt to just pay her 15,000 credits through the trade window, or hagle down to 10,000 credits if you want to skip this sub-quest). Either way, she gives you a Scorpiod Scent and a Meta Roentgen Scanner.

* If you decide NOT to bribe her then you must tag a Pinner, a Tingler, and a Twinger in that order. These can be found in NLD or around the Wailing Waste Whompah exit. Once tagged take the Scanner back to Maud and she will give you an ID Chip.

Take the ID chip and head towards Neuters 'R Us (The last known location of Brb). You can find Brb inside Newland City at 400x320, near the Whompahs. Open a chat with him and "Tag" him with the ID Chip (trade it to him), and return to Mary-Ann for your reward. Now you have your Transparent Thermostatic Vest!

Simon Stark and Ethel Anthony

Simon Stark
Newland Desert - 1150x1750
is a jock and totally into himself. He says that he will give you the Antiseptic Protector if you return his Myofortis Capsules. And why doesn't he have them? Well it seems he had a fight with his girl and she's the one with the pills, so you must first find her.

Ethel Anthony
Newland Desert - 2170x1550
can be found in Newland Desert (next to the Whom-Pahs).

Ethel refuses to give you the pills unless you get Stark to apologize. With your previous conversation, you know he will not say he's sorry, so you press her about the pills. She tells you that her friend Filthy Luca has them and that you have no chance of getting them from him without taking him out.

So, with that challenge, you have an assassination to commit. She will give you coordinate sto a mission (the location depends on your level). Once you find and kill Filthy Luca, you must loot his body for the Myofortis Capsules, they are not a spawned the reward!

Take the pills back to Simon and you are now the proud owner of a jock strap aka Antiseptic Protector.

Investigator Marciello

Last but not least Investigator Marciello,
Newland Desert - 1590.8x2817.1
who is at Newland Desert-Meetmedere.

Investigator Marciello wants you to help him with a murder mystery (and it's random). First, he wants you to sign a contract with him. He gives you a Marciello's ID Scanner, but you need to get the contract. To do this you must combine an ID-extractor and Expendable Hologram Camera your ID data.

(The Expendable Hologram Camera will get used up by this process but you'll keep the ID-extractor)

Use the ID-data on the Marciello's ID Scanner, to get a Signed Contract.

Hand the Scanner and the contract to him. He will give you a copy and the quest.

Time to play detective and solve that crime.

Finding the Murderer

Note: Gender, drink, and color of clothes used here are just an example. Everytime you do this quest, you can get different combinations.

  • First, the Investigator gives you the clues that the person is wearing red and was drinking whiskey.
  • Head to Neuters 'R Us and chat with the bartender. He should have a list of FOUR people who were drinking whiskey.
  • Before leaving stop by and talk to Misa Ramirez, in the side room by the door. She tells you what people were wearing red.
  • At this point, you should have your suspects narrowed down to TWO people.
  • Then, go just outside and speak to the Good Time's Party Mixer at Neuters 'r Us. He will key you in on the gender of the suspect.
  • Now you should have your man..or woman! Tag that suspect by opening a chat and trading them the ID Disk. Return to the Investigator.

Once you solve the crime and talk to him, he gives you the Body Heat Pattern Analyzer. With this and the other parts, you can now make your social clothes!!!!

Note: If you tagged the wrong person, Investigator Marciello will make a comment in regards to "No news on the suspects? I thought as much". If you tagged the wrong person then you have to wait for the timer on the mission to expire before you can retry.

Making the pieces

While some of the Basic Fashion pieces require only the Bio Mesh (light or heavy) and the part you quested to be combined, a number of armor pieces require you to first make the Bio Mesh into a Regulated Bio Mesh.

The following is how you accomplish that and combine the all parts to create the Basic Fashion pieces:

Making Social Clothing

For Social Clothing, you use the Basic Fashion part and combine it with the Fashion Kit (the fashion kit must be for the corresponding part, i.e. vest kit added to the vest). You now have a social outfit.

This fashion kit allows you to produce a specific clothing article. The only thing you need in addition to this kit is a corresponding piece of Basic clothing. Combine the two and you will end up with the indicated garment.

The Fashion Kits can be purchased from Bazzits in Meetmedere, or from FairTrade shops in the TRade department.

To see which set of social clothes you would like to make, check our guides on Maria's Fashion for a complete listing of clothes, complete with screenshots.

Making Alien Armor

    If you are making Alien Armor it will not require a fashion kit.

    Because making Alien Armor is so much more involved, and this guide is so long as is, we have provided AI Armor its own guide.

    To learn more about making Regular Alien Armor, as well as Combined Alien Aromor, see our guide Alien Armor Process and List.

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