45 - Social Clothing Quests

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45 - Social Clothing Quests

Postby tgjensen » Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:54 pm

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Postby tgjensen » Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:54 pm

"You must talk to Penelope and Inspector Marciello for the color codes, but you must not let them know what your asking for. So you talk to them and through conversation determine the color codes (it not always the same combination for every player and you are not allowed to guess. You must talk to both Penelope and Marciello to obtain the right answers. If you do not talk to both NPC's none of the answer combinations will ever be correct.). "

This is not correct. It is perfectly possible to guess the right color code, and you can keep guessing until you get the right combination. In fact, in the 50+ times I've done this quest, it's always been brown and/or green, so there are only four combinations to go through.
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Re: 45 - Social Clothing Quests

Postby Llie » Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:06 pm

Yeah, I've done this quest a gazillion times too on several different alts, and I was the person who added that section.

There is something about the quest. I'm not sure if it's tied to a character, but I've had other colors turn up on certain toons. The combinations are not always the same, but for a given character, it is true that they are very often always the same. There may be some bug in this quest line that becomes apparent if you try to pull more than one of the NPC quests at a time, because I often simultaneously pull two of the social clothing quests at the same time, so that I'm getting a second part of something as I'm flying back and fourth between NPCs.

I've attempted to run the quest using the "guess the color method". I have a piece of paper with the most common color combinations that I get (I was hoping there was some reliable way to always guess the colors.) and I went through *ALL* of the color combinations on my list (twice!!). None of them were correct. I exited the mission, went an talked to both NPC's, and they gave me the first combination on my list. I came back, fed the colors to the machine, and got my gloves. In the end, trying combinations took me like four times longer than if I just flew to talk to the 2 NPCs, so I'm recommending just getting the colors from the NPCs.
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