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These quests involve killing a lot of robots and causes you to undertake extensive traveling to clan, neutral and omni territories; but the rewards I can assure you are worth it. Each of the large factions (Omni-Tek & The Clans) have representatives in need of help for similar purposes.

1. Acquiring the robot parts

Alvin Odeleder (Omni-Tek) and Dodga Demercel (The Clans) will be the focus of the quests from each side. If you're a neutral then you can choose to do either set of quests (or both).

Alvin Odeleder
Lush Fields - 1540x2500
is located in an omni outpost in the middle of Lush Fields (1540,2500)
Note: Alvin has a few "pitfalls" when talking to him about the first quest, be sure to choose the most enthusiastic replies and you should be fine.

Dodga Demercel
Aegean - 600x1100
(600, 1100) is on top of a Mountain within a clan outpost in Aegean.

Now go to the NPC of your own faction (or either if you're neutral) and start talking to him. He'll tell you he has been assigned to gather important information but that he is short of people. Both NPC's are very talkative, but you will find no problem getting to the parts in which you volunteer to help and get the first quests.

We recommend you to be at least level 25 to do this quest, and having a few friends along in a team would help you get through it a bit faster.

Here comes the part which will require you go on a killing spree of mobs of the robotic nature. You can actually go and obtain these prior to picking up the quest if you want to.

Anyway, you need find 8 separate items that can can be found in several different places on Rubi-Ka that drop from robots only. Drop rate is low, and you can't carry duplicates of the same item because they are Unique.

The items you are looking for are:

There are several areas and mobs to hunt for these parts.



Mob Name



Located a bit North-East of Rome is the "Junkyard". It contains two mobs that drop the parts needed. The Waste Collectors are lower leveled than the Mech Dogs, but are reported to have a lower droprate on the parts. The Mech Dogs are Omni-aligned, so if you are omni you have to CTRL-Tab them or manually target them.
Note: Omni Territory, be careful if you are Clan.
Patrol Mech Dog

Waste Collector


The Ruins in Athen Shire is located a bit South-West of West Athens. There are three mobs that can drop the parts you require. Be aware that Trash King and his Lackey is in this area, they will not automatically attack you but be careful not to make him aggro you with AoE attacks and the likes. In addition be careful when attacking any adds around Trash King that register as anything but grey to you, as Trash King will react by attacking you.
Note: Clan Territory, be careful if you are Omni.
Buzzsaw Techno scavenger

Buckethead Techno scavenger

Junkbot Tech Scavenger

Crash Site

Around Master Divenchy in Newland you can find two mobs that can drop the parts you require. After exiting Newland City, head North-West.
Buckethead Techno scavenger

34-II handyman

Wartorn Valley

To the East of Old Athens is the Wartorn Valley, the entire area contains a lot of mobs, among which are two mobs that can provide the items you require.
Note: Clan Territory, be careful if you are Omni
Buckethead Techno scavenger

Waste Disposer


South of Temple of the Three Winds or North of Tir is an area marked as "Mine" on Atlas of Rubi-Ka. It has a few mobs wandering around it, among which are three mobs that can drop parts you need.
Buzzsaw Techno scavenger

34-V Worker

Junkbot Tech Scavenger

Alright, you got several areas to choose from, and since there are no guards from any faction there you could try any of them to acquire the items. I suggest you don't go to the opposite faction's territory (clan/omni) because just getting there may be a too difficult without a Yalmaha.

After a while of killing and probably lots of soda or coffee you will find all the items you were looking for. The next step is to combine them all in a certain order:

Bring that back to your Alivin/Dodga for your first reward.

Both shoulderpads can be equipped on either shoulder of your character, as long as you're level 30 or higher. They add several nice bonuses, including extra Health, Nano, First Aid Skills and additional AC. They're also Unique, so you can't have two of the same kind, however if you do the second quest you'll be able to equip 2 shoulderpads.

The Cards you receive is needed to initiate the second part of this quest. With the first part finished you can take a break and come back later, deliver the card to the appropriate NPC and get started.

2. Surveying Trash King & His Lackeys

To trigger the second quest, start talking to Dodga/Alvin and tell either that you have something for him. Turning in the card will set up with the next quest. This time around your mission (which you have a week to complete) is to bug several named robots around the world. There are 9 robots in total you need to find, the leader and it's 8 henchmen (remember where they are located for the 3rd quest). To accomplish this you will be provided with top-notch surveillance technology with a TK III Decoder and a Transmission Bug. You won't need to use the Decoder since the purpose of it is to get hints from the robots as to which one of them is next to be bugged (which also may give them reason to attack you).

Note: I recommend you be at least level 35 to do this quest.

You won't need to kill or fight anything. The bugging is very easy, but what may cause a problem is the fact that some players may actually be out there killing the mobs you need to bug while you're traveling around. The first robot is
Trash King
Athen Shire - 1600x940
(remember him from the first quest?), and if he is killed before you get to bug him the spawn rate is every 2 hours with a 20% chance of spawn every 20 minutes. The other robots have a better spawn rate, which is just 20 minutes. If you see people next to Trash King quickly ask if they're going to kill him, if they say yes ask for a bit of time to tag him, usually players will be courteous enough to let you do this since most know of the hours it takes for it to spawn again.

Get up close and targeting him (don't attack), after a few seconds you should hear a tune indicating a mission complete. at this point, you have to use the Tracking Bug on him (pick up the Transmission Bug from your inventory and right-click on the robot with it). You will hear the mission complete tune again. You need to repeat this exact same procedure for the 8 remaining robots in the exact order in which they're listed in this guide.


The first of Trash King's friends is
Trash King Lackey
Athen Shire - 1600x940
, which lucky for you is always hanging out next to his boss the Trash King.

Now is time to get moving, preferably in a Yalmaha. The next target is
Electro Unique
Wailing Wastes - 660x1935
. which hangs out in Wailing Wastes, and roams around the crater a lot.
Note: Electro Unique starts roaming from approx 600x2000, then in a back-and-forth pattern inside the crater itself, then along part of the southern crater rim to 700x1820 and finally makes its way back to the start.

The next target is
Nuts & Bolts
Wartorn Valley - 700x650
who is walking around in the Wartorn Valley (700,650) east from Athen City. Omnis should avoid going through Athen since guards will attack and you will become PvP flagged allowing any clanners to open fire on you.
Note: Nuts & Bolts roams around the area a lot

The next target is is
Greasy Joints
Newland - 900x950
who is in Newland (900,950) north-west of Newland City, north of the big lake.
Note: Greasy Joints wanders around the entire plateau.

Move on to
Live Metal
Greater Tir County - 1500x2100
who is located in a series of hills in Greater Tir County (1500,2100).
If you are doing the Clan version of this quest, the mission description is bugged at this point and does not mention "Live Metal" by name.
Note: Live Metal wanders around the entire Mine area, but usually stays around the North-West part.

The next robot is
Best in Brass
Galway Shire - 400x800
who is east of Rome Blue, near the road in Rome Stretch (400,800). If you are a clanner be careful not too get too close to the Omni Guards.
Note: As with most of the other lackeys, Best in Brass wanders around a lot.

Lush Fields - 3000x3200
can be found at Harry's (3000,3200), even though it is Omni territory the guards there won't attack clanners.
Note: Metalomania usually wanders around the western part of Harry's.

Greater Omni Forest - 2000x2300
will be the last robot you need to bug, and he can be found in Greater Omni Forest (2000,2300) wandering on a small mountain.

Now head back to Dodga/Alvin and tell him you have something to give him. Return the TK III Decoder and your quest will be finished.

You will get the First Update Syringe which will upgrade your shoulderpads. Pick up the Syringe and tradeskill it with your Shoulderpad:

The new improved shoulderpads will add extra Health, Nano, First Aid and to all AC's. Just like the shoulderpads from the first quest you can equip it on your character's right or left shoulder, you need to be at least level 40. Like in the previous quest you will get a card that you trade to the NPC to start the third and final quest.

3. Dealing with Trash King & His Lackeys

To trigger the third quest, start talking to Dodga/Alvin and tell either that you have something for him. Turning in the card will set up with the next quest. This time around your mission (which you have a week to complete) is to take on the same named robots from the previous quest. This means you will to fight all 9 robots. However this time you won't have to kill them in any particular order, instead what you're looking for is the Unique/NoDrop items they carry.

Note: It is recommend you be at least level 60-100 to do this quest and have a few friends along in a team because it will be impossible for you to do this quest alone unless you're level 200+.

Trash King is the hardest of all the robots, you may want to leave him as your last stop, but then the spawn rate is not short as you know and other players may also be looking to kill him. In other words, if another team is competing to take him down to succeed your team must do the most damage to get loot rights. Trash King will drop a Communication Rack with 8 empty slots.

The following are the items from all the robots:

Next you need to combine the Communication Processing Unit Rack from Trash King with each ID the 8 mobs dropped (no tradeskills needed for this). Take each ID and right-click it on the Rack in the correct order (use the list above). The result will be a Complex Communication Processing Unit.

Note: It will be much easier to take on the robots apart from Trash King. A team of 70-80+ should have no problem here, and if you're level 140 or higher you have a good chance on taking them solo. Be aware that they can root and nuke you.

Now head back to Dodga/Alvin and tell him you have something to give him. Give the Complex Communication Processing Unit and your last quest will be finished.


To upgrade your shoulderpad again just tradeskill it with the Syringe:

The new improved shoulderpads will add extra Health, Nano, First Aid and to all AC's. Just like the shoulderpads from the other quests you can equip it on your character's right or left shoulder, you need to be at least level 50. Unlike the previous versions in which neither showed up in public (only you could see the shoulderpads on) this one is visible for all to behold!

One of the benefits of these quests is that a clanner/omni can wear Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious/Enhanced Pads of Dedication on one shoulder and Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned/Pads of Dedication on the other shoulder since they are two different types of shoulderpads. This of course requires you to do 3 quests first, and then the first 2 over again as a clan and all 3 again as an omni.

Note: A neutral can take double advantage of this, since they can do all 3 quest from each faction (all 6) and get the best shoulderpads from both sides equipped.
Note: Omnis can upgrade Pads of Dedication even more, read about that in this guide.

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Information originally provided by Windguaerd.
Additional Information by Ukblizzard & Ophiuchus
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