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Coordinates in Anarchy Online can be a really useful way of finding your team, but can sometimes lead to more headaches and problems than actually easing the situation! There are ways, however, that you can use coordinates very easily. This guide will aim to outline them for you.

1. Using your minimap

You can access your minimap using CTRL 6. It will open, by default, to the right hand side in your AO Window.

Even if you do not have a map for a particular playfield, you can still add coordinates to the minimap to gain a waypoint on your compass.

With your minimap open, click the "i" in the top left corner


When you click the "i" you will be able to select the option "show buttons". With this selected your minimap will have new input boxes available to you when you have it open.

Coordinate boxes.

You can then enter in the X-Coordinate followed by the Y-Coordinate in the second box and then click the "Add Waypoint" button.

This will give you a waypoint marker on your compass which you can follow.

2. Using the /waypoint command

Instead of using the above technique described for the minimap, you can input text to set your waypoint for a given playfield.

This works via the following command:

/waypoint XCoord YCoord Playfieldnumber

So, say for example, you wanted to go to Rompa in Omni1 Entertainment, you would input the following:

/waypoint 700 680 705

Where 700 is the X Coordinate, 680 is the Y coordinate and 705 is Omni1 Entertainments playfield number. When you are in Omni1 Entertainment, you will literally be able to input this command and then follow your compass marker to the door of the bar.

2.1 Where do I get coordinate information from?

Sometimes mission information will have coordinates in them and playfield names. With missions though, it is usually just easier to upload the mission information to your map.

Perhaps you want to give someone else your coordinates so they can find you. To do this, you simply need to press SHIFT F9. This will bring up your characters information. In there you should see text that resembles this:

Extended location information: - 446.3, 340.0, 25.0 (446.3 340.0 y 25.0 566)

In this, you can see your X, Y and Z coordinate, followed by the playfield number at the end of the bit in brackets.

It could also be the case though that you wish to send people to coordinates of a zone and you do not know the playfield number. For example, Eroded Ancient Statue for Omni to access to get to the Shadowlands with a garden key is located at 1030 x 2000, Southern Artery Valley. You would need to give someone the playfield number for SAV to enable them to reach this location easily with the /waypoint command.

Inside area playfield numbers may not work, this is because they are instanced. Even if an area has its own general number, when you enter an instance you get a completely unique number for that instance of the playfield. You can find a listing of outside playfield numbers below:

Playfield Number Playfield
760 4 Holes
4873 Adonis Abyss
4872 Adonis City
4877 Adonis Hallway
585 Aegean
4336 Alappaa
4337 Albtraum
4374 Alien Playfield - Sector 10
4365 Alien Playfield - Sector 13
4366 Alien Playfield - Sector 28
4367 Alien Playfield - Sector 35
4370 Alien Playfield - Sector 42
655 Andromeda (ICC)
550 Athen Shire
505 Avalon
660 Bay of Rome
605 Belial Forest
800 Borealis
510 Broken Crest
665 Broken Shores
4005 Burning Marshes
4689 Cama's Sanctuary
120 Camelot Castle
590 Central Artery Valley
670 Clondyke
556 Coast of Peace
656 Coast of Tranquility
4687 Dalja's Sanctuary
595 Deep Artery Valley
555 Dry Wastes
4543 East of Elysium
620 Eastern Fouls Plain
4542 Elysium
4679 Enel's Sanctuary
685 Galway Country
687 Galway Shire
765 Gangly Mountains
4676 Garden of Aban
4688 Garden of Cama
4686 Garden of Dalja
4678 Garden of Enel
4684 Garden of Gilthar
4692 Garden of Lord Galahad
4694 Garden of Lord Mordeth
4682 Garden of Ocra
4696 Garden of Redeemed Pandemonium
4683 Garden of Roch
4680 Garden of Shere
4677 Garden of Thrak
4697 Garden of Unredeemed Pandemonium
4690 Garden of Vanja
4685 Gilthar's Sanctuary
770 Great Cathedral Park
717 Greater Omni Forest
647 Greater Tir County
152 Grid
791 Holes in the Wall
4582 ICC Shuttleport
4605 Inferno
690 Jobe
4560 Jobe Gateway
4531 Jobe Harbour
4532 Jobe Market
4530 Jobe Platform
4533 Jobe Plaza
4001 Jobe Research
4313 Jobe Training Biosphere
775 Kapar
4693 Lord Galahad's Sanctuary
4695 Lord Mordeth's Sanctuary
4881 Lower Scheol
695 Lush Fields
625 Milky Way
560 Mort
696 Mutant Domain
4310 Nascence Frontier
4312 Nascence Swamp
4311 Nascence Wilds
780 Nebula Mountains
567 Newland
566 Newland City
565 Newland Desert
4544 North of Elysium
4698 Ocra's Sanctuary
540 Old Athen City
705 Omni-1 Entertainment
716 Omni-1 Forest
700 Omni-1 Headquarters
710 Omni-1 Trade
4329 Pandemonium Antenora
4328 Pandemonium Caina
4331 Pandemonium Judecca
4330 Pandemonium Ptolemea
4006 Penumbra
4629 Penumbra
4320 Penumbra Forest
4322 Penumbra Hollows
4321 Penumbra Valley
570 Perpetual Wastelands
720 Plains of Divaad
575 Plains of Salt
630 Pleasant Meadows
725 Reck Peninsula
785 Road to Kapar
4699 Roch's Sanctuary
735 Rome Blue District
740 Rome Green District
730 Rome Red District
520 Sandsend
745 Sea of Jobe
4681 Shere's Sanctuary
4540 South of Elysium
610 Southern Artery Valley
615 Southern Fouls Hills
525 Sparta
1933 Steps of Madness Dungeon
635 Stret East Bank
790 Stret West Bank
535 The Big One
515 The Endless Plains
795 The Longest Road
750 The Reck
755 The Spur
580 Three Craters
640 Tir City
646 Tir County
4364 Unicorn Outpost
4368 Unicorn Outpost - Lower level
4880 Upper Scheol
650 Upper Stret East Bank
4691 Vanja's Sanctuary
600 Varmint Woods
551 Wailing Wastes
586 Wartorn Valley
545 West Athen City
4541 West of Elysium

If you notice any outside playfield numbers missing from this list, please let us know!

3. Using a chat script for others to find you

Although waypoints are handy for you to come back to some location, it would be most useful if you could give your current coordinate to some else in order to make it easier for them to find you. Instead of merely sending them your coordinates, you can use a chat script to provide them a way to quickly get a waypoint at your location.

Start by creating an script and name it whatever you wish. (If you need more information regarding creating scripts, consult this guide.) Now paste the following text into your newly created script.

Get a marker to my position >>>> <a href="text://<center><font color=CCInfoHeadline>Waypoint</div><p><font color=CCInfoText>Click the link (or image) below to get a marker on your map showing where I am<p><p><a href='chatcmd:///waypoint %2 %3 %9'><img src='rdb://11336'></u> Get coordinates</a>">Click here</a>

Now when you want to give someone else your location, start by obtaining your current location using Shift-F9. Select everything starting at the hyphen to the end of the coordinates and copy it to your clipboard. (See the underlined part of the line in the example below.)

Extended location information: - 446.3, 340.0, 25.0 (446.3 340.0 y 25.0 566)

In your chat window, type the name of your script preceded by a slash (/) and then paste the stuff you copied before. The final result will look something like what is displayed below if you named your script "my_location". (The underlined part is what you pasted.)

/my_location - 446.3, 340.0, 25.0 (446.3 340.0 y 25.0 566)

The receiver of your message will get a link that they can click on which will open a window with a link on it. When they click on the link, they will get a waypoint at your current location.

4. Waypoints on AO Universe

Guides on AO Universe will often offer waypoints that you can use in game. They will look like this:
Borealis Fair Trade
Borealis - 654x612

You can hover the mouse over the waypoint to reveal the coordinates. If you click on them, it will copy a waypoint command to your clipboard, in this case

/waypoint 654 612 800

You can paste this in the in-game chat to get a map marker.

Last updated on 01.06.2020 by Saavick
Written by Ukblizzard
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