Lord Mordeth Garden Key

Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 190-220
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The quest basically requires you to get your hands on 9 specific complete pocket boss patterns from the depths of inferno that are between QL 220 and 255. The collecting of the pattern pieces can be very difficult at times, and the spawning is even harder.

However, with the release of Patch 18.6 there are now 2 ways you can get the pattern pieces. With the patch came a new type of Inferno Mission designed as a single instance, pulled from the companion Yutto of Ergo, The Retainer Of Ergo.

Retainer Of Ergo
The Retainer Of Ergo

These mission require a minimum level of 170 to enter the instance but one of the advantages to them are the bosses drop garden key pocket boss parts, A,B,C, D.
The mission entrance itself is located just before Ergo in Inferno and can be accessed through a cave entrance. Click the map below to see the cave entrance highlighted by the yellow square

New Inf Mission Map Copy
New Inf Mission Cave Location

If you decide to gather the pieces the old fashion way, you will need to do a lot of camping. Once you've gathered the pocket bosses you will need some dedicated friends to get this key. If you're attempting this quest at level 200-210, make sure to bring a few people. A good doctor and tank, plus some additional damage dealers will make things easier. It should be noted though that many fully geared 220 professions can solo most of these mobs. That said however, you will probably want your key before 220!!

Our quest starts in Inferno in the North East Unredeemed Temple.

In the temple, you will need to find Immortal Hypnagogic Yutt-Chi Mord.
Enter the temple and go to the second big room. Don't go down the stairs but to the left. Enter the doorway, go around to the other side, enter another doorway, go around to the other side, and enter yet another doorwy. Yutt-Chi Mord is in the center of this little maze.

When you talk to him, he will give you the quest. This quest not only gives you your garden key, but a profession nano in varying quality level. We started this quest by making sure that everyone had the "Kill Odqan" mission.

Gathering the Pocket Boss Patterns:

In order of how the pocket bosses will need to be "popped" if starting with a "Kill Odqan" mission, the following should give you an idea of where to get your hands on the pattern pieces you require.

Map Odqan

Drops from: Enkindled Spirit, Conflagrant Spirit,
Incadescent Spirit & Kindled Spirit
Level: 211-215
Location: South West Yuttos Marshes, Inferno
Difficulty to obtain: Easy
Map Chimera
The Indomitable Chimera:

Drops from: Chimera Monitor, Chimera Trainer, Chimera Drivers
Level: 210, 210-215 & 195-205 respectively
Location: Burning Marshes
Difficulty to obtain: Easy-Medium
Map Ahpta

Drops from: Atakirh & Salahpt
Level: 215, Spinetooth Dynabosses
Location: North of Yuttos Marshes, near Oasis
Difficulty to obtain: Medium
Map Ushqa

Drops from: Maychwaham & Ushamaham
Level: 215, Spinetooth Dynabosses
Location: North of Yuttos Marshes, near Oasis
Difficulty to obtain: Medium
Map Ushqa

Drops from: Ushamaham
Level: 215, Spinetooth Dynaboss
Location: North of Yuttos Marshes, near Oasis
Difficulty to obtain: Medium
Map Haqa

Drops from: Akshk'i & Tuq'usk
Level: 215, Spinetooth Dynabosses
Location: North of Yuttos Marshes, near Oasis
Difficulty to obtain: Medium
Map Biap
Arch Bigot Biap:

Drops from: Obsolete Soul Dredge & Infernal Spirit Hunter
Level: 214 & 195-205 respectively
Location: Dark Hill, Inferno (North of the 255 incarnator)
Difficulty to obtain: Medium
Map Asaseya
Asase Ya:

Drops from: Asase's Drudge, Nyame's Abettor, Asase's Child
Level: 240-250
Location: South-West of Burning Marshes
Difficulty to obtain: Hard
Map Lohel
Arch Bigot Lohel:

Drops from: Bigot Helozabasael, Bigot Laniheanheh, Fanatic Spirit Hunter,
Torrid Spirit, Blazing Spirits, Infernal Spirit Hunter
Level: 250, 250, 215, 215, 195-200, 200-205 respectively
Location: North-West of Sorrow
Difficulty to obtain: Hard (Spirits and Spirit Hunter are easier)

Preparing for your Pocket Boss Spawning:

Now you have gone through the blood, sweat, tears and burnt a hole in your Inferno Boots, it is time to get your patterns put into crystals and novictalized. If you are not sure of the process, check this guide: here.

The Spawning:

Before we get started, let's make sure all the team are saved in the Inferno garden or in Pandemonium! In worst case scenarios and someone in the kill team dies, they will want to get back to the North Inferno zone, and this is faster from Pandemonium. Kills should still register as long as the team member is in the correct zone when the mobs die.. hopefully this scenario wont be one you face though!

You will need to go to the 255 incarnator to spawn your pocket bosses.

Things to Consider:

Make sure that those that will get the key (the kill team) are all on the same team, do not waste a spot on the kill team with anyone who does NOT need their key!

The order that you spawn them in is really important. Make sure that you check your mission log. It will tell you which one you need to kill. It is imperative that ALL team members have the same starting mission.

In order for the kill team to get the mission updates, they will need to be the ones who get the loot. Extra damage dealing people and backup that you have should be unteamed while they are helping you.

Please remember also to have an outside member spawn the bosses, as that person will have his hp reduced to 1, and it would be unwise to take this risk with a person from the kill team.

If those that need the key are on the low side (level wise), it would be advisable to get some high level help. You will need a good tank, doc, mp, and some DD All of these are crucial to the success of the quest.

The bosses themselves get progressively harder as you advance. The first ones are relatively tame, and you shouldn't have too many problems. As you advance however, they get extremely hard.

The Pocketbosses:

Please click the images to see a larger version!

As stated by a very lovely MP, (thanks Scenegg) none of the bosses AoE if u have a damn good MP in ur team. However, we would love to be a little more accurate in this guide, so please contact us if you can give us more feed back on what each mob tries to do while you are killing them. In the meantime, try to keep all of them NSD'd just in case they feel like nuking!

1. Odqan:

Level: 220 Spirit
2. The Indomitable

Level: 220 Chimera
3. Ahpta:

Level: 220 Spinetooth
4. Ushqa:

Level: 220 Spinetooth

Casts "Stupor of the Fustian". The unmodified damage is at least 100 per tick.
5. Ho:

Level: 220 Spinetooth

Casts "Stupor of the Fustian". The unmodified damage is at least 100 per tick.
6. Haqa:

Level: 220 Spinetooth

Casts "Stupor of the Fustian". The unmodified damage is at least 100 per tick.
7. Arch Bigot Biap:

Level: 220 Demon

Casts "Stupor of the Fustian". The unmodified damage is at least 100 per tick.
Asase Ya
8. Asase Ya:

Level: 255 Hydra
9. Arch Bigot Lohel:

Level: 255 Demon
Tips:MP needed for Nanoshutdown

As soon as the last pocket boss dies, the mission should complete!

So.. was it all worth it? We think it was!! Congratulations on your new garden key and the nano program for your profession!!

Last updated on 12.22.2019 by Cariadast
Written by Ukblizzard and Uragon.
Really huge special thanks to Niodemus for inviting us to take screenshots for this guide and for providing additional information!
Thanks also to the following people who were there for the spawning process, 6 of whom got their new key! Tinkerz, Assaulttank, Pisicutamea, Scenegg, Sanqq, Fyrayani, Angellis, Aerya, Dack.
Stupor of the Fustian information from Afreng
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