Lord Mordeth Sanctuary Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 190-220
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Already got your hands on the Lord Mordeth Garden Key?
Before you start on this quest, it is advisable to pick up:

You will need these as you get to the last 3 mobs of this killing spree!

You will be pleased to know, that in comparison to the Garden Key quest this is significantly easier and less time consuming!! If you have literally just finished your garden key quest.. or at least finished it within the last few hundred days you should already have your quest in your "Missions" tab. If you do not already have the quest, lets go pick it up...

Garboil Hes Mord

Location: Garden of Lord Mordeth, 445 x 523

This big guy is the one to see and talk with. So, now you should now have your "kill person" mission, lets get started.

Things to Consider:

Make sure that those that will get the key (the kill team) are all on the same team, do not waste a spot on the kill team with anyone who does NOT need their key!

The Targets:

Name: Kuir-Afat, The Custodian

Location: Inferno Frontier, 2504 x 2569
Level: 205

Name: Acolyte Gal Bela

Location: Between the Portal and the Yutto Camp
Level: 200
Note: This guy can really wander!

Name: Sipius Gal Jha-Hume

Location: Inferno Frontier, 2462 x 2628
Level: 200
Note: There are 2 mobs of this name.
The second is a little further north at 2466 x 2644.

Name: Suir-Katan, The Custodian

Location: Inferno Frontier, 2501 x 2526
Level: 210

Name: Suir-Afat, The Custodian

Location: Sorrow, 1168 x 1440
Level: 215
Name: Suir-Shelet, The Custodian

Location: Sorrow, 1218 x 1384
Level: 210

Click on the images to view the full size versions.

The last 3...
Now comes the tricky part where you are likely to need a little bit of help, particularly from a MP for NSD! If you are neutral you will also require some assistance from an Omni player as Ardent Nar Mord will not speak with you to allow you to feed the insignias to him in order to continue the spawning process.

Assuming you already picked up the insignias as advised at the beginning of this guide, it is time to make your way to the North West Redeemed Temple and head upstairs in to the second room. The northern room is your destination.

Hopefully, in this room you'll find Venerable Ecclesiast Gal Gil.

It is adviseable to clear the eastern end of the room from adds and do your killing work from here. This will give you the optimum chance of survival. Here are your targets in order of killing, an overview of tactics can be found below!

Name: Venerable Ecclesiast Gal Gil

Level: 215

Name: Empath Sir Gawain

Level: 230

Name: Redeemed Lord Galahad

Level: 255

When you have successfully killed the Ecclesiast, Ardent Nar Mord pops up and will help you if you give him the 6 Insignias of Lord Galahad. Once he has taken them, Empath Sir Gawain jumps into place with adds also spawning. Wait 7 minutes for the complete cycle of adds to spawn.

NOTE: If you pull during this time, these mobs will spawn on top of your raid party, so please wait!!

After the 7 minutes, one person who is able to DoT should cast / use a DoT item on this mob and run straight out the room. This should cause the mob to break away from the bulk of the adds.

Someone still in the room should then indicate to the person who has DoT'd the mob when all the mobs apart from the main mob you are wanting to kill are back in their normal positions. When the person then runs back into the room, agro should still be held thus allowing the mob to be pulled effectively to the team. (Depending on how lucky you are, a couple of adds at most should come with the mob)

Once the Empath is dead, this will then trigger Redeemed Lord Galahad to spawn. After waiting 7 minutes, use the same process to pull him as detailed above.

Congratulations on your new garden key and nano program for your profession!!

Last updated on 12.23.2019 by Khuri
Guide written by Ukblizzard and Uragon
Additional information provided by Niodemus
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