Galahad Sanctuary Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan
Level: 190-220
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Before jumping into this, make sure you already did Galahad Garden Key

And, in order to gain a bit of time (if you plan to do this quest at once), you can start having farmed 6x insignias mandatory to pop final Unredeemed boss:

Unless you have finished the Garden key recently, (in which case you can skip the next step), you will most likely need to get the mission first. So let's head to the Garden of Lord Galahad, the Inferno Clan Garden!

(Forrester Gal Zean)

Location: Garden of Lord Galahad, 372 x 411

Forrester Gal Zean

Easy one to be found, halfway between the pool where you save, and the Spirit Hunter which old Inferno missions rollers know very well ...Once you finish speaking to Forrester Gal Zean, you should be provided a new element in the mission window (CTRL+4)

Phase 2 - Test of Courage

Forrester Gal Zean sends you out on a test of your Courage mission! Time to run around and kill!

Step 1

This one's living western part of this Unredeemed base. You can access this by jumping over the fault line leading to Rubi-Ka ... so make sure you can reach far enough, or rather use the bridge in eastern part of the camp.

Your first target is: Fortuitous Man-Lum Mord
Location: Inferno Barracks, 3027 x 957

Inferno Barracks

For the next one you will have to run all way across the zone (or use Garden's teleport and Frontier exit) toward the North-East and use any Dark Hill bridge to enter the Unredeemed Temple by its backdoor at the end of the stairway leading to the entrance:
Inferno - 3725x3415

Step 2

Your second target is: Follower Eckel Wox Mord
Location: Unredeemed Temple. Second Room, Right-Hand upper level, Boss room, far back corner to the right.

Follower Eckel Wox Mord

Once inside, move the north door to enter the second large room. Then, instead of going down the steps to go further into the lower level, turn right and immediately go up the steps. Follow that until the entrance to the boss room appears along the wall just before the end of that walkway. Enter the boss room. Once past the entrance wall, walk toward the Prophet's altar and turn right into the side room. Your target should be here - all way at the back.

Step 3

Your third target is: Fortuitous Man-Fes Mord.
Location: Unredeemed Temple. Second Room, Left hand upper level.

Fortuitous Man-Fes Mord

To find this one, leave the boss room and circle around the second room to its other upper side. The target should be far back corner of that upper level.

Step 4

Your fourth target is: Hypnagogic Yutt- Chi Mord
Location: Unredeemed Temple. Second Room, Lower Level, Toward the back center of the room

Hypnagogic Yutt- Chi Mord

This one is in the same room, but down the steps on the lower level. It is surrounded by adds, so be careful about pulling him, or you can expect massive social aggro ... which you can consider a gentle training for later steps :)

*Note: Calming works if you have a calmer. Also, try pulling him to one of the far back corners on that lower level room. It will at least lessen the number of adds if done properly.

Once this one is down, you can move out Temple for now and move south (or Garden's Teleport plus Sorrow or Yutto exit) toward Misty/Dark Marshes to make an incursion into Unredeemed camp you'll find there, for next 2 targets


Step 5

Your fifth target is: Celeth Kuir, The Custodian
Location: Dark Marshes, 1768 x 727

Celeth Kuir, The Custodian

This spider type of mob is in the upper right corner from the passage you'll be entering the base, hiding behind a Meerek-Suir. Head West and take the steps toward his location. Expect some adds during your entrance and around this killing spot.

Step 6

Your sixth target is: Erath Suir, The Custodian
Location: Dark Marshes, 1948 x 723

Erath Suir, The Custodian

This one is just east of the previous one. Good thing there is a bridge right next to the current location to get across to there. Your best bet is to use it! There are a few adds around so this and but he should be an easy kill.

After this, it's time for the final part of the quest; run north-east again (or use Garden teleport) like earlier.

Step 7

Your seventh target is: Patriarch Prophet Man Mord
Location: Unredeemed Temple, Second room, Boss room

Once you are back in the Temple's boss room, you'll first have to kill the Prophet. If not up, you might have to wait 1 or 2 hours, preferably with nobody inside Temple.

Patriarch Prophet Man Mord

After killing the Patriarch Prophet Man Mord, Acolyte Senior Gal Bela will appear near the remains.

One team member
and one team member only
should now initiate dialog with him. Let him do his speech and then, as soon as any action is available again, use the trade item button and pass him 6x insignias on the right panel of the window, then accept once filled.

He should then start the summoning of his master: "This is GUARANTEED to work. I have always made it when I had six of these before. Everyone ready then?". The acolyte lays the insignias on the pedestal and starts chanting.... On shouting "Enter the beast!", numerous Unredeemed mobs start to pop on the altar.

Step 8

Your next target is: Omega Sir Vortigern
Location: Unredeemed Temple

Omega Sir Vortigern

Omega quietly waits while gathering his many other adds with social aggro around him.

Your best bet is to locate yourself back toward the entrance. Then, target him and pull him back to you, and behind the wall at the entrance to protect yourselves from adds and nukes, (enhancer and/or dot can help in that). Once you're able to finish him, the big boss of the place will pop with even more adds!

Step 9

Your last target is: Unredeemed Mordeth
Location: Unredeemed Temple

Now time for your final challenge. Rinse and repeat! You can pretty much use same tricks as you did for the Omega, but beware this one is more powerful, with a bigger HP bar and tougher nukes. Be ready for a long & tedious fight!


If your team manages to kill Mordeth successfully, you'll be rewarded with the highest key available in game:

Congratulations, you can enjoy faster travels into the shadowland of fires and volcanoes!

(And, if you own every other Garden/Sanctuary keys already, be authorized to speak with Greedy Shade)

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