Vanya Garden Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 160-220
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It is your choice on whether you want to get your 35 fragments of the source before you start the quest or during.. or actually at the right part in the quest. It can be a slightly tedious process, and therefore I have to say a HUGE thank you to the donations Uragon and I received to allow us to complete this guide!

If you need to kill for the Fragments, most mobs seem to have a decent drop rate. Sided mobs appeared to drop them a little more frequently, but that may have been just coincidence. They also have been known to drop from the dyna type mobs in the zone.

So, whether or not you are armed with your 35

Lets get started.

Our quest starts with Follower Yutt-Pi Van. To find him you will need to head to the Unredeemed Temple in North East Penumbra. So, glasses on and off we go!

Follower Yutt-Pi Van

Location : North West Unredeemed Temple.

When you are inside the temple, you need to head to the second room. From there, head to the right and go through the first door you get to. As you run forward you will be faced with Patriach Prophet Nar Van. Run to the left of him and then back on yourself to find the follower. If you find a dead corpse for the follower when you get there, take a look around - there is a non killable NPC in there in 100% gas.

Upon talking to him he will give you a mission to scout the land. We need to find 10 different monsters for him. No time like the present! Unfortunately the way points don't upload to the map, but we have got some map images and coordinates to try to help you out a bit! The mission is on a timer of 20 days and 20 hours and this timer resets after each mob you've found.

Target 1: Savvy Spinetooth - Blessed by Cama

Location : 1490 x 1150, Near the Pipe.

Target 2: Algor Eremite - Blessed by Cama

Location : 1280 x 930.

Target 3: Demon of Water

Location : 2500 x 1940

Target 4: Son-Len Blessed by Cama

Location : 3270 x 1730
To get to Son-Len, you need to make use of the lever just outside the Unredeemed Temple, located as shown on the map below.

Target 5:Corpse Sucker - Blessed by Cama

Location : 1450 x 2490
Please note: To get to the Corpse Sucker you need to go into the cave at the "cave entrance" as marked on the map below.

Target 6:Wandering Chemist Blessed by Cama

Location : 1050 x 1520

Target 7:Frosty Rafter Twice Marked

Location : 2360 x 750

Target 8: Or Mada of the Furious Fists

Location : 990 x 155, Glacier Hill.

Target 9:Hiisi Warrior - Blessed by Cama

Location :1975 x 1070

Target 10: Len-We

Location : 1051 x 230, Glacier Hill.

On tagging Len We, your mission will update to Phase 2. This is where you need the 35 Fragments of the Source.

You will have received a

To continue with the quest, you need to scan Fragments of the Source. To do this, Shift + Right Click the Fragments onto the Scanner. As you do, the scanner will change its name to "Scan In Progress" and then "Scan completed" .. when it is completed, you will receive another Source Fragment Scanner. Continue patiently with this process until you have 5 completed Scanners and you will be rewarded with

Last updated on 05.07.2011 by Afreng
Written and Researched by Ukblizzard and Uragon
Fragments of the Source Generously Donated by Niodemus and Toyobashi. Thank you both so much!
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