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This guide details the steps to get your very own The Key to the Garden of Ocra, for permanent access to the redeemed garden. Having this key also allows you to buy nanos and other equipment from the vendors there.

Additionally, completing this quest will allow you to proceed forward in the Knowledge of the Yuttos quest.

The Redeemed Temple

To start the quest, head to the
Redeemed Temple
Scheol Upper - 593.0x420.0
and find Ecclesiast Ocra Lux. You'll find him in the south room at the top of the spiral staircase.

Ecclesiast Ocra Lux

After talking with him, he will ask you to find out about a trapped spirit and will send you speak to someone else within the temple. Talk with Diviner Ocra Bela-Ilad (in the same room) who will tell you what you are looking for and where to find it.

Diviner Ocra Bela-Ilad

The Blueprint Pattern

The Diviner will tell you to collect 4 separate pieces of the blueprint pattern of the Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu, (A, B, C, and D). These can be looted from Unredeemed mobs around the temples. It shouldn't take too long before you find all 4 pieces.

If you are unsure how to combine the pattern pieces, please refer to the first portion of our Pocket Boss guide for that info, and how to spawn the bosses lower in the guide found here: Pocket Boss Guide

    Note: Once you have all 4 pattern pieces, at this point just combine them to make a complete pattern. DO NOT create a Novictalized Notum Crystal just yet.
    If you create the Crystal before being instructed to do so, the Sipius in the garden will reject the cloth at the end of the mission.
    You must wait until you are instructed to create it.

Back to the Redeemed Temple

Head back to the
Scheol Upper - 593.0x420.0
and show Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu'). to Ecclesiast Ocra Lux. He will hand it back to you with an Insignia of Ocra and ask you to show it to the Sipius in the garden.

The Garden of Ocra

There is an Ocra statue south from the Temple. Enter the garden and find
Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama
- 468.0x495.0
; he stands near the transport statue that lets you teleport to other gardens.

Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama

Show him the Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu'. He will tell you it needs to be novictalized. Complete the rest of the crystal as explained explain below. To learn how to obtain a Crystal Filled by the Source, visit the: Pocket Boss Guide.

Preparing the Crystal

Now that Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama has explained what you need to do, it's time to get tradeskilling! You have combined the pattern, so now you will need to combine it with a Crystal Filled by the Source.

    Note: The requirements are quite a bit lower than usual for this Pocket Boss:

  +    =  

Only 337 Nano Programming is required.
Note: If you do not have this yourself, you can ask someone to do this part for you.

Next, you need to make a Subdued flow of Novictum. This needs to be of the same or a higher QL as the complete pattern. These are refined from normal Novictum that drops from named mobs around the Shadowlands. Once you have found one of a usable QL you need to use an Ancient Novictum Refiner to subdue it.

You can buy an Ancient Novictum Refiner from a Yuttos Tools vendor; it's sold as a Yuttos' Reinforced Container, which you can right-click to receive an Ancient Novictum Refiner. Yuttos vendors exist in multiple places, for example at
the Jagged Coast in Elysium
Elysium East - 720x1595

    Note: The Yuttos' Reinforced Container is not always available from the Yuttos, and might be a bit rare to find for purchase. When you're lucky enough to find one from the Yuttos Tool vendor, the price will vary depending on your Computer Literacy Skill. The higher it is, the less it will cost, but they are by no means cheap. If you have 1000 Computer Literacy, it will cost about 19 million.

Needs to be of the same or a higher QL as the complete pattern
Will remain the approximate same level. May be slightly higher depending on your tradekills

No skill required.

Next, you need to combine the Subdued Flow of Novictum with the Notum Crystal with Etched 'Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu'.

  +    =  

Requires Only 135 Quantum FT.
Note: You are required to complete the last step (novictalize) yourself to get the next mission.
If any other player completes this part, you will not be able to finish the quest.

Spawning Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu

Once you Novictalize the crystal your mission will automatically update and tell you it is now time to spawn the Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu. You can use the
Scheol Upper - 899.0x819.0
in Scheol to spawn her and talk with her (do NOT attack her, she will not aggro you even if you're lower level than her). Be sure you are not in team while doing all this (spawn and talk).

    Note: You must be at least level 95 to spawn the Empath. If you are lower level, trade the crystal to a higher level friend and have them spawn it.

The Empath will act like an NPC (unless you attack her). She'll talk to you for a while and then disappear. As you start speaking to Empath, she'll leave a Nodrop Old piece of cloth sparkling with notum in your inventory which is needed for the quest.

Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu

Back to the Garden of Ocra

Head back to the garden and tell Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama that the Empath mentioned someone called...Miller. Then give him the Old piece of cloth sparkling with notum to and you will be rewarded with:

    Note: If you created the Novictalize Notum Crystal before you spoke with Sipius Ocra, and he will NOT proceed to the last step of the quest while continuing to return the cloth, and stating "Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama: I did not ask for this." that would be why.
    So, to fix this, grab 4 more pattern pieces of Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu, another crystal of the source, and another Subdued Flow of Novictum. Combine them as shown above.
    Yes, you will waste the crystal and the items it took to make, but, this will complete the mission he requires. After you combine it, your mission will update, and yes, you may then hand him the cloth and receive the Key


Once the dialog with Sipius is finished, it will lead to the start of the Ocra Sanctuary Key Quest. You can start this quest if you are ready, or continue to the Ocra Sanctuary key at a later date!

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