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This guide details the steps to get your very own The Key to Ocra's Sanctuary, for permanent access to the redeemed sanctuary. Having this key also allows you to buy nanos and other equipment from the vendors there.

To be able to start this quest, you have to complete the Ocra Garden Key Quest first.

The Garden of Ocra

Go to
Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama
- 468.0x495.0
in the garden and talk with him.

Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama

He will ask you to spawn the Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu again to show her the cloth you looted from completing the Ocra Garden Key Quest, to help her remember who she was.

Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu

Spawn Min-Ji Liu with a new pattern and show her the cloth. She'll tell you about being trapped there by Eric Miller.

Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu

At this point, you should have a mission to kill Eric Miller. If not, return to Sipius Ocra Nuir-Cama in the garden, tell him about Eric Miller and offer to help the Empath; he will give you the task of eliminating him.

Insignias of Roch

Before continuing, you are going to need 6 Insignias of Roch.

If you are a neutral or for some other reason don't care too muh about your faction yet, you can quickly loot these from Redeemed (clan) NPCs at the
Redeemed Temple
Scheol Upper - 593.0x420.0
at The Court. Alternatively you can get them from Gluarashs near
The Highlands
Scheol Upper - 1106.0x203.0
, but they are a bit rarer there.

The Unredeemed Temple

Once you have your 6 insignias, head to the
Unredeemed Temple
Scheol Upper - 1713.0x380.0
, go to the second room, right wing and enter that room. Kill Patriarch Prophet Dom Dal, and Acolyte Ocra Duna will spawn. Talk with him and show him the 6 Insignas of Roch.

Patriarch Prophet Dom Dal

Acolyte Ocra Duna

Omega Eric Miller will then appear. Kill him as well and loot the Defiled Pattern of Min-Ji Liu from his remains.

Omega Eric Miller

The Redeemed Temple

With the defiled pattern, head to the
Redeemed Temple
Scheol Upper - 593.0x420.0
and talk with Ecclesiast Ocra Lux. You'll find him in the south room at the top of the spiral staircase.

Ecclesiast Ocra Lux

Talk with him and show him the defiled pattern. He will send you to locate an
ancient device
Scheol Lower - 1360.0x1760.0
. This can be located just outside Ergo's cave in Scheol (directly south of the cave entrance). Target the device and wait for quest update.

Small Part of Ancient Machinery

Go back to Ecclesiast Ocra Lux and tell him you found the device. He will ask you for the defiled pattern, so give that to him. He will then summon Redeemed Ocra so you can talk with him and give him the pattern, and he will bless it.

Now head to the nearest Incarnator and spawn Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu yet again and give her the blessed pattern. She will despawn and leave you with a mysterious container called Essence of Patience.

Return to Ecclesiast Ocra Lux and show him this Essence of Patience. You will be rewarded with:


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Information originally provided by Friregan to the SL Library Forums. Additional information provided by Windguaerd.
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