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Level: 150-220
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Here is a guide on how to obtain the Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer that protects you from the 2k fire damage DoT from the Inferno environment.

To complete the quest, you will need the following items; see below where to get each one.

Superior Quality Molock Muktuk

This item drops from slithers in NW Penumbra, and apparently also from the underwater slithers in NW Adonis. I recommend Penumbra, since the slithers there are less camped. They are all pretty hard mobs since they not only hit hard, but can also nuke for 3-4k. Bring a tank, healer and preferably NSDer. The droprate could be worse, but also could be better - prepare to spend a couple hours for a full team to get their muktuks.

Jagged Slither

Amulet of Algid Amber

This is probably the hardest to obtain item in the quest and will take a big team effort unless you are very high level (TL7+) and are able to solo the mobs that drop this. The amulet can drop from 2 different kinds of mobs:

1. Bosses in Penumbra Catacombs

You are probably familiar with the relative toughness of catacomb mobs by now, so get a good team with tank, healer, and NSD'er (the bosses all have nasty AoE nukes except Sursunabu). The droprate is about 50% from the following mobs:

Sursunabu - Level 210

Ershkigal - Level 230

Humbada - Level 230

Edimmu - Level 230

Emissary of Arallu - Level 230

Blood of Eridan

Kur - Level 230

All other mobs are 220+ except Execrable Lifeforms which are betwen levels 200-210.

2. Rancid - End boss in Penumbra static dungeons

The dragon known as Rancid is the End boss in Penumbra static dungeons. Some professions can solo this dragon around lvl 210, but a team is recommended to speed it up. Like most dragons, this one is nasty with a lot of hitpoints, and stuns. 3-4 people 200+ should have little trouble as long as there is healing and tanking. The amulet doesn't always drop, but these dungeons are quite easy to reset by logging off for 20+ minutes if there's nobody else inside. Disappointingly low droprate, about 10%.

Clot of Blood From a Fiery Imp

The 'Clot of Blood From a Fiery Imp' drops from Fiery Imps just inside Inferno, which you need to spawn by killing a placeholder fire flea which live in abundance near the portal. The best way to obtain some imp blood is to have somebody who already has the boots spawn and kill the imps for you, and let you borrow his boots to enter Inferno and loot the blood from the imp's corpse. Droprate on blood is about 50%.

Fire Fleas are near the portal

Be aware that you have 20 seconds to attack a Fiery Imp before it despawns.

Now you need a container for the blood to carry it in.

Empty Blood Sampling Tube

Go and talk to The Milliner, who is a Yutto and lives with his comrades in Adonis City, SW area (1242, 476).

Open a chat with him and simply show him your Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses to get him talking about protective garments.

Tell him 'I need to enter a place called Burning Marshes...' etc. The Milliner will tell you all about the items you need, but most importantly, he will hand you the 'Empty Blood Sampling Tube' at the end of this dialogue.

Combine the tube with the clot of blood to make the Tube of Blood from a Fiery Imp.

Now you need to get some strange scribbles! Good thing you don't have to go far!

Illegible scribbles in some strange language

Open another chat with The Milliner, and show him your specs again.

Tell him, "I have the 'Amulet of Algid Amber', Tube of Blood from a Fiery Imp, and the Superior Quality Molock Muktuk", and he will open trade with you so you can show him the items.

After doing this, he will embark on a long, but interesting story, about the maker of the boots (Nhohor the Techno Shaman). At the end of his telling, you must say "That was an interesting story!", and you will receive the 'Illegible scribbles in some strange language' that you can take to Nhohor to make her create your boots.

Ok, so you have all the items and think you can just hand them in for some Inferno boots? You ain't seen nothing yet. Brace yourselves for the next part.

Note: This next section can also be found in the Hold Hell at Bay guide. This item is also made by the same NPC as the Lava Boots, and the ring will be needed for traveling inside Pandemonium. Both items can be created at the same time, so the spawning process isn't needed to be repeated for each of the boots and ring.

Please see the Hold Hell at Bay Ring Quest to learn what items are required for the ring.

Spawning the NPC that can make the Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer and Hold Hell at Bay

Basically, you need to give your boot components to 'Nhohor the Techno Shaman', an NPC that can be spawned on Rubi-Ka (EFP, 490 x 3800) by completing a rather hard and elaborate spawning process. The placeholder mob for Nhohor is a huge dragon called Tchu, and it takes many teams to kill this bugger. When Tchu dies, Nhohor will appear and despawn again after 10 minutes, so be ready with your items to exchange so that a great deal of people are allowed to get their boots made.

Items needed:

Here is what you'll need to do

Farm some Hellion Mirrors

Hellion mirrors drop from Plague Demons, Spirits and Spirit Hunters outside Ergo in Scheol. Random rate, so might take a little while. Get at least 4 mirrors.

Kill the Hellion Fanatic

Go to Eastern Fouls Plains (EFP) and look for the
Central Hellion Fanatic
Eastern Fouls Plain - 1570x3900
mob. He may wander around a bit, so widen your search perimiter if he's not at the exact spot. It has 3h repop after last kill.

Hellion Fanatic will be around this area.

This is a spawn mob, and a good calmer is highly recommended to handle the adds later in the spawn process.

Kill the Fanatic, and 4 Hellion Imps will spawn at different locations around the crater. These are all spawn mobs too, and all of them need to be killed.

Kill the Hellion Imps and Orchard Philanderers

Kill the Hellion Imps near these coords (in any order):

Pain Spawned
South West Imp
Eastern Fouls Plain - 770x3500
Filio's Pain
South Center Imp
Eastern Fouls Plain - 1300x3560
Fructum's Pain
North East Imp
Eastern Fouls Plain - 1890x4040
Fecit's Pain
East Center Imp
Eastern Fouls Plain - 2350x3800
Fuisse's Pain

When an Imp dies, 3 more Hellion Imps and one Orchard Philanderer will spawn. Calm the Hellion Imps immediately, and kill the Orchard Philanderer. The Orhcard Philanderer will spawn the corresponding Pain demon when it dies.

Kill him and a Pain Demon will appear

Filio's Pain

Fecit's Pain

Fructum's Pain

Fuisse's Pain

Trade a Hellion Mirror with each Pain.

The Pain demons are impossible to attack, and for good reason. The only way to destroy them is to give them a Hellion Mirror (just open trade, do not chat!). Most importantly, the Pain mobs will leave you with a 'Focus of (mob's name)'s Pain', which you need in the next step. When all the Pains have been fed and you have the 4 Focuses, return to the Tchu spawn location in the
Medusa Crater
Eastern Fouls Plain - 490x3800

Trade with the Witches and Malahs

Despawning the Pains causes a 'Withered Old Witch' to spawn at the center of the Medusa Crater, on each of the 4 platforms with the 'spotlights' on them (North, South, East, West).

There is one specific Witch for each Pain mob, and the locations are as follows:

Filio's Pain spawns the witch on the South platform
Fecit's Pain spawns the witch on the North platform
Fuisse's Pain spawns the witch on the East platform
Fructum's Pain spawns the witch on the West platform

Malah Filio

Makah Fecit

Malah Fuisse

Malah Fructum

Initiate dialogue with all 4 of the witches. Each of them wants the Focus that corresponds with the Pain that spawned them. Don't worry, the witch will only keep the correct item and returns any incorrect Focuses to you.

When you have given the correct Focus to a witch, a Malah will spawn in her place. Repeat for all 4 witches and make sure there are 4 Malahs.

Note: Do NOT talk to the witches, and make sure there's nobody around that might talk in vicinity with a witch targeted! This could ruin all your efforts.

Spawn Tchu

When all four Malah's are spawned, initiate dialogue with the one called 'Malah Filio' (South platform). She will ask for the 'Illegible scribbles in some strange language' that you recieved from The Milliner in Adonis. Hand it in, and recieve a Hellion Trinity Talisman in return.

You must now trade the Talisman with the remaining Malah's, each of whom will add some enchantments to it. The order is as follows:

Malah Fructum
Malah Fecit
Malah Fuisse

When you finally have the "Thrice Enchanted Talisman" in your possession, return it to Malah Filio, and Tchu with his horde of imps will start to spawn. Spawning him will seem like a walk in the park compared to killing him.

Kill Tchu

This sounds a lot easier than it is. When Tchu spawns, a horde of about 40 Hellion Imps will start to spawn around him, so you obviously don't want to be anywhere near. However, the imps will despawn after 30 minutes, so you can attack Tchu without the adds. Tchu will be up for 30 minutes after the Imps have despawned.

Killing this dragon is quite dangerous, and multiple tanks and docs are needed. NSD will land, but gets resisted alot. Tchu hits for about. 7k normal dmg and 10k crits, even through reflects, so prepare to loose a few people during the fight when aggro flickers off the main tank. Having Engineers in the teams is a good idea for warping people back from reclaim.

The usual procedure is to announce the Tchu raid on the official forums or here at AO Universe's General Discussion Forum a day or two in advance, so make sure enough people are present to help kill the dragon, and of course to let as many as possible have a chance to obtain their boots or Hold Hell at Bay ring.

People should gather and form teams on the hill at 560 x 3800, even before the spawning is started, since alot of time is needed to reach the 'critical mass' of participants. When the Hellion Imps start to despawn, it's time to buff up and prepare for battle!

Trade items with Nhohor

When Tchu is finally defeated, Nhohor the Techno Shaman will spawn at the same location, and everyone can start handing in their parts for the Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer. Nhohor will despawn after 20 minutes.

Trade with her to get your Inferno Boots!


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Information originally provided by Bothead at the Official AO Forums. Additional information provided by Windkeeper (Map images from Atlas of Rubi-KA v1.0 and Spheremap v1.0).
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