Cama Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 180-220
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Let's go get this beauty :

Before you start, you'd better collect 6 Vanya Insignias as you will need them towards the end of this quest. You can get them from various mobs, for example those around the temples.

After this and doing the regular Garden key quest, indeed, you can move on to the Sanctuary quest from the Forrester Cama Path within the garden in Penumbra.

First you get a mission to destroy 7 different machines by using a Calibration Tuner - Set to Wrong Offset (use a screwdriver on a tuner to make it, you can buy both tools from Yuttos in Nascense quickly).

These missions are near the Ravine mostly, but some locations will take you to the Unredeemed Temple on the northeast side of Penumbra.

Once all done, you'll get to the next phase which has 10 steps involving mobs killing :

1. Calun-Cur - Leader outside the Pen Unred Temple*

2. Rawa-El - Marked! outside the Pen Unred Temple

3. Buran-Kuiri - Leader ! outside Pen Unred Temple*

4. Chimera Cranii - Marked around 2600x884 in pen (East side)

You should find some all around the Ravine East Incarnator.

5. Malah-Ea - Leader! - 1520x1120 in pen (West side)

You can hunt these about Malah-Enimvero dynaboss, at West exit of Hollows.

6. Baran-Kuir - Leader outside the Pen Unred Temple*

7. Eron-Cur - Leader outside the Pen Unred Temple*

8. Patiarch Prophet Nar Van inside the Pen Unred Temple

This kill should have popped Acolyte Cama Hume.

Trade him your 6 insignias, this should summon next mob.

9. Omega Carlos Truhillo

After this one, the final boss should appear in middle of many mobs ; pull wisely !

10. Unredeemed Vanya

When Vanya dies you're rewarded with your key.

*: almost everywhere it says "outside the Pen UnRed Temple" upper, beware the island off to the East of the UnRed temple (the one you access with the lever) also has these mobs for the case you can't find them at their usual spot.

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