Cama Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 180-220
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Let's go get this beauty :

Before you start, you'd better collect 6 Vanya Insignias as you will need them towards the end of this quest. You can get them from various mobs, for example those around the temples.

After this and doing the regular Garden key quest, indeed, you can move on to the Sanctuary quest from the Forrester Cama Path within the garden in Penumbra.

First you get a mission to destroy 7 different machines by using a Calibration Tuner - Set to wrong Offset. You can get this tool by combining a Calibration Tuner with a Screwdriver. Both are sold by Yuttos Tools; there's one in Nascense for example
close to Mil
Nascense Wilds - 360x1600
. These missions are randomly located all over Penumbra.

Once all seven are destroyed, you'll get to the next phase which involves killing exploiters and their henchmen:

1. Calun-Cur - Leader outside the Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel

2. Rawa-El - Marked! outside the Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel

3. Buran-Kuiri - Leader! outside the Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel

4. Chimera Cranii - Marked
Penumbra Valley - 2600x884
of the 215 Incarnator

5. Malah-Ea - Leader! at the Pipe,
near the Malah-Enimvero dyna boss
Penumbra Forest - 1520x1120

6. Baran-Kuir - Leader outside the Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel

7. Eron-Cur - Leader outside the Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel

8. Patiarch Prophet Nar Van Level 185 inside the Unredeemed Temple at White Citadel

This kill should have popped Acolyte Cama Hume.

Trade him your 6 insignias, this should summon the Omega:

9. Omega Carlos Truhillo Level 190

After killing him too, Vanya should appear in the middle of many mobs; pull wisely!

10. Unredeemed Vanya Level 200

When Vanya dies you're rewarded with your key. Congratulations!

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