Shere Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 50-100
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Ready to get your hands on another garden key?

To get this key you need to have already fulfilled the Elysium, Shere Garden key quest. Sheres Sanctuary is not the most sought after key in game, however, easier transportation is always a nice thing!

Right then, assuming you are stood in eager antcipation in Shere we should get started.

To start the quest, and to pick up your mission. Your mission starts with Prophet nar Shere.

Prophet Nar Shere

Nero: 922 x 397

When you exit to Nero, you need to head south along the rock wall cliff. You'll see a ramp in the temple area, go up it and you'll find the Prophet. Talk to him and select the option "I spoke to Garboil Chi Shere and he mentioned someone called Yuan Chi?quot; Continue the conversation till you get the quest.

NOTE: It really helps to upload the mission's coordinates to the map so you can find where to go more easily after each kill.

All of the targets in the quest have a timer that is activated when they respawn after being killed. This is a 5 minute window in which you are NOT able to attack and kill them. This is due to the opposite faction using them for their own mission line. If you are not able to attack one of the mobs, wait for the line "X looks around nervously". This is the indicator that they are now open to being attacked again.

Mission 1: Kill Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar.

Ripwell: 540 x 1778

To get to the Watcher, from the Garden exit at the The Jagged Coast statue. Upload your mission to the map, and you should get a way point directing you to the Redeemed temple grounds. Enter into the white "hut" just inside the temple grounds and you'll find the Watcher.

Kill the Watcher and your mission will update for what your next target is.

Mission 2: Sipius Enel Lux-Mara

Ripwell: 540 x 1778

You should see when your mission updates that the Sipius is in the direct vicinity, right near where you just killed the Watcher!

Mission 3: Devoted Enel Ilad-Ulma

Ripwell: 540 x 1778

Again, you should find that the Devoted Enel Ilad-Ulma is in the direct vicinity, right near where you just killed the Watcher and Sipius!

Mission 4: Kill Watcher Enel Hume-Yeol

Barter: 873 x 1226

To get to Barter, exit out at Spade and take a short run North West. Your way point marker should give you a good indication if you are headed the right way! Watcher Enel Hume-Yeol is at the southwest temple.

Mission 5: Kill Sipius Enel Gil-Gil

Barter: 873 x 1226

The Sipius is in the same small village, you should manage to tab them quite easily.

Mission 6: Kill Diviner Enel Thar-Thar

Barter: 873 x 1226

The Diviner is also in the same small village, you should manage to tab them quite easily.

Mission 7: Kill Devoted Enel Cama-Lux

Barter: 873 x 1226

The Devoted, again, is also in the same small village, you should manage to tab them quite easily.

Mission 8: Kill Watcher Enel Mara-Cama

Shunpike: 760 x 936

The Watcher will be found wandering back and forth on the bridge at the Redeemed Temple.

Mission 9: Kill Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad

Shunpike: 819 x 824

If you head a little to the southeast of the temple you should find the Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad. Not only do you need to kill this Redeemed mob, it is vital you loot the Briefing item (which is NODROP UNIQUE) and head back to the garden.

Our last step is to head back to Nero to talk to Prophet Nar Shere.

When you talk to the Prophet, select the option: "I completed my assignment and I am concerned, Prophet." Continue the conversation about the Briefing item you looted and the Prophet will ask to see it. You'll be rewarded for your efforts with

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