Cama Garden Key Quest

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Faction: Clan
Level: 160-220
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Note: For this questline, you will need 35 Fragment of the Source and 6 Insignia of Vanya. If you are doing this in a team, then only one person needs to collect the 6 insignias. You can choose whether you want to collect these parts before or during your quest. Most mobs seem to have a decent drop rate of fragments and insignias, though sided mobs and dyna bosses in Penumbra drop them a little more frequently.

Devoted Cama Gil-Lux

To start this questline, you need to talk to Devoted Cama Gil-Lux. You will find him in the NW Redeemed temple (921x2055). To find him in this temple, run into the second room, take the stairs up and enter the room on the right. You will find him on the right side on the small platform.

Devoted Cama Gil-Lux.

This questline combines find person and kill person missions.

Target 1: Auram-Cur

You will find this Unredeemed mob at the entrance to the White Citadel, around coordinates 2984 x 1936. Alternatively you can find it wandering around the coordinates 2226 x 1000 at Penumbra Fortress.

Auram Cur.

Target 2: Cama El - Marked by Vanya

Head north east around the inside of the White Citadel, you should find them at approximately 3130 x 2042. You can also find this mob at Penumbra Fortress at 2219 x 1063.

Cama El - Marked by Vanya.

Target 3: Rawa El - Marked

This next mob is located at the end of the Unredeemed Village just before the stairs up to the temple. Coordinates, 3178 x 2159. You can also find this mob at Penumbra Fortress around coordinates 2245 x 1102.

Rawa-El - Marked!

Target 4: Coma El - Marked by Vanya

This mob is located quite centrally in the Citadel and like the others, you can also find it at Penumbra Fortress around the coordinates 2264 x 1078.

Coma-El - Marked by Vanya.

Target 5: Craig-Or of Preservation

This mob can be found on the island to the south east of the White Citadel at 3323 x 1678. To get to it, you need to use a lever on a pillar close to the Unredeemed Sanctuary Statue at the White Citadel. This mob should also be found at Penumbra Fortress near the other mobs you have already been searching for, though it is known that the mob gets dragged to enable people to get this part of the quest done slightly easier so it is sometimes quite tricky to find. You can look for it at Penumbra Fortress around the coordinates 2233.0, 1070.

Craig-Or of Preservation.

Target 6: Frosty Rafter - Marked by Vanya

You should find these mobs north east of the redeemed village in the south west of Penumbra, around 1200x450.

Frosty Rafter - Marked by Vanya.

Target 7: Exiguous Spirit - Marked by Vanya

For this mob, you need to head into the North West of Penumbra. To the east of the island with the Redeemed temple on it. You should find an opening to a cave (1397x2439).

Once inside, you should find some Corpse suckers-Blessed by Cama (they look like small white spiders). Two of these are flanking a door way the leads down the Spirit we are looking for

Corpse Suckers Blessed by Cama.

Go through the opening, and you should soon see the Exiguous Spirit.

Exiguous Spirit - Marked by Vanya

Target 8: Taigan Stalker - Marked by Vanya

You are likely to encounter this mob North East of the ravine at 2251 x 787.

Taigan Stalker - Marked by Vanya.

Target 9: El - Feret marked by Vanya

Location just south of the NW Redeemed temple walking along the road(around 860x1975).

El - Feret marked by Vanya

Target 10: Omega Carlos Truhillo

Location is inside the Temple in the NE Unredeemed Village White Citadel. The temple is at the end of the Unredeemed Village. You run to the second room and turn right and in to the room where you will find the Patriarch Prophet Nar Van. Here you will need a good team or enlist some high level character to kill the Patriarch.

Patriarch Prophet Nar Van

When the Prophet is killed the Acolyte Cama Hume will be spawned at the right wall. Give him the 6 Insignia of Vanya directly (using "Give item" basket button) and the Sealed instructions to Acolyte Cama Hume will be spawned to some one in the team.

Acolyte Cama Hume

With this you will spawn Omega Carlos Truhillo:

Omega Carlos Truhillo

When you target him, Source Fragment Scanner will be spawned in your inventory.

You feed it with 7 Fragment of the Source and a new Source Fragment Scanner will be spawned in you inventory. You do this until all 35 have been used and you will now have 5 Source Fragment Scanner - Scan completed and the The Key to the Garden of Cama will be spawned in to your inventory.

Note: At this point you can delete all Source Fragment Scanner - Scan completed.

I want to thank Ancyclia, Gorranto and Ceciliee for the help with Omega Carlos Truhillo.

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