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Nascence may seem like small potatoes compared to the other shadowlands zones, but to a low level player it can become quite overwhelming because of the many places they can go.

If you started your character in the shadowlands, you will be in the Jobe Research training grounds area. You will have access to that area up to level 50, after that you won't be allowed back in. However it is common for most to leave it at around level 15 after completing the Jobe Research Quests.

If you didn't start in the shadowlands but want to reach the Jobe Research training grounds, it is not too difficult to get there. Each faction has a Whom-Pah to the Jobe Platform, omni players will find theirs in Rome Green while clan players have one in Old Athen and neutrals have it in the town of Borealis. The Jobe Platform has 3 teleporters to different floating Jobe islands which respectively have portals to the early zones of the Shadowlands. Take the teleporter to "The Harbor".

The Harbor has an entrance to the Jobe Research area, once you're there take a right and walk up a long set of stairs to the top where the entrance to the training grounds is located. A Map is near the entrance to help get your bearings when you come out.

Near the training grounds entrance you will find a few vendors. Sdari Divine sells medical supplies, Taisha Grebel sells weapons and ammo, Gilitrutt Amacione who runs the Last Inn sells beverages.

Once you're done in the training grounds, go back down the stairs and staight north to the bridge leading to the first zone of the Shadowlands, Nascence.

On the bridge you will find the Emissary of Jobe, she will give you some info about insignias and the shadowlands gardens.

Another way to get to Nascence from Jobe is by using a Portal located at The Harbor in Jobe, the Portal Technician will ask you for 1,000 credits. The Portal will teleport you to the Nascence Frontier area, onto an abandoned structure which has no ramp which means you will need to jump down to the ground. Near the spot where you arrive you will find a portal back to Jobe. Unlike most of them which are upstanding this specific portal is on the ground.

Low levels may want to work their way through Old Frontier and Nascence Frontier where they can start either the Aban Clan Key or Thrak Omni key sided garden key quests.

You will encounter the following mobs in those areas:

You may run out of supplies or may need some items to upgrade or create something, you never know. You won't have to travel all the way to Jobe if you are near the Mil area. It's not a difficult place to find since the Yuttos Village is quite visible. It is accesable through a bridge of stone which connects Steppe of Dispair with Frontier Outskirts (with Mil in between those areas). Yuttos will be in their tents waiting to provide you with any item that sells in regular shops in Jobe.

At around level 30-40 you may want to check Nascence Swamps, Nascence Wilds, Brawl and Silence. I highly recommend you either join or start a team which will help your progress go a bit faster and safer.

You will encounter the following Unredeemed mobs in those areas:

You will encounter the following Reedeemed mobs in those areas:

Also near Brawl you will find this mob:

Once you're around level 50, if you are clan get to Two Mountains with a team and take on the Hecklers here; if you're omni heard to The Core for them. Both gardens have exits to those locations.

The Core has a
static dungeon
Nascense Swamp - 1855x898
at 1855x898 that has a few levels, at the bottom of it you will find a mob boss named Havaris that drops different Arbiter Gems that can be used to make Arul Saba Bracelets.

Once you're past level 60 you may consider going to the next area which is Elysium. Since you're past level 40 you can get the Insipid Ring Quest from Ergo without going through a quest, but if you want to get there earlier with a team then be ready for the quest. You can read more about the Insipid Ring quest from Ergo in Nascence or Ergo on Rubi-Ka.

Nascence Dangers
There are a few things which you must avoid, because either they're impossible to kill or just a death trap at cerain levels.

Lord of the Void - Located near the Unredeemed statue in Nascense Wilds this gigantic 3-headed dragon is flying near the mainland (he is flying over a small area which you cannot reach). If you are clan, use the statue to escape him quickly. If you are omni, chances are you will die. Only a team of 210+ players have a chance to take the dragon down.

The Lady and The Lord - The mobs in the Old Frontier area are good for low levels, but these two min-bosses can easily kill a lowbie. Best is to avoid them or run away until you are high enough to have a fighting chance.

Below is a map of Nascence. For an in-game map, have a look at Bitnykk's SL Map, available in our downloads section.

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Information originally provided by Windguaerd.
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