Insipid Ring Quest from Ergo on Rubi-Ka

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In your travels through Rubi-Kay you may encounter Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows. Ergo is located in three locations around Rubi-Ka.

Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows
Wailing Wastes - 550x540
at the Yuttos Camp in Wailing Waste.
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows
Greater Omni Forest - 1200x2800
in the Sunken Swamps of Greater Omni-Forest.
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows
Stret West Bank - 1500x2700
near Last Ditch in Stret West Bank.

If this is your first encounter with Ergo, then you will discover that it has much to say about the Shadow Lands and what your role will be in its protection. You can obtain a different quest from Ergo's manifestation in Nascence to obtain the same reward. If you are over level 50, then you will have the option to skip the quest and Ergo in Nascence will simply give you the ring.

Ergo at the Yuttos Camp in Wailing Waste

After a very very long conversation, you will come to understand that Ergo would like you to bring it several objects. Unfortunately, after all that conversation, Ergo does not give any indication whatsoever what those objects are and you are left to your own devices to figure out what he wants and where to get it.

The items for which you seek can be found on just about any regular mob in The Condemned Subways. You must bring back all of the following four items:

Your reward will be an Insipid Ring, which will vary depending on your profession:

Martial Artist

In addition to buffing just about all your abilities by 1, you can return here any time and talk to Ergo, and Ergo will ask to see your ring. Give it to Ergo. Ergo will return it to you and teleport you Elysium. Alternatively, you can take your ring to the portal in Nascence and use it on the portal to go to Elysium.

This is one of a few ways to obtain this ring. If you are over level 50, then Ergo in Nascence will simply give you this ring. Alternatively, you can obtain a quest from Ergo in Nascence for this ring.

There are reports that Ergo is bugged at locations other than the yuttos camp. The only reliable way to travel to Elysium from Rubi-Ka by way of Ergo is from the yuttos camp. However, travel to the yuttos camp is no small feat for a extremely low level character. Here are some things to keep in mind:

If you attempt it on foot, your low run speed will probably be no match for the aggressive creatures that inhabit Wailing Wastes. Wailing waste is not a trivial location for Omni-Tek employees to get to.

You can improve your speed and chances of survival by summoning a mechanized scout vehicle, but if you don't take care of any creatures that attack you along the way, you will likely find a parade of pestilence rollerats and waste prowlers nipping at your heels by the time you arrive, which may even be too much for the mech to take. Also, you may have some difficulty navigating the little opening in the wall around the yuttos camp, since mechs can't jump over the wall that surrounds the camp.

The location in Elysium that Ergo teleports you to is not exactly near the beginning of Elysium, so low level characters probably don't really want to this means of traveling to Elysium.

So do be careful in your travels if you are low level (below 50).

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