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You'll find some of the best options available ingame per section ; while not fully exhaustive, this guide should already cover your common needs in levelling. Please note that some professions (like Bureaucrat's Ofab/Tier or Adventurer's guns, etc) but we won't mention them all here as they are way too specific.


_ Only one of the following can be active at one time :

ImageCombat Nano Can: 50% Premium Experience Boost (from player shop / GMI)
ImageUnion Blessing: 35% Clan only (received by following
Unionist Foreman
4 Holes - 913x1711
in 4Holes for a few minutes)
ImageUnion Buster: 35% Omni only (received by killing
Unionist Foreman
4 Holes - 913x1711
, level 300 so bring forces !)
ImageBaton of Command: 19% buff (best rollable Bureaucrat nano available ingame)
ImageLearning by Doing: 19% buff (from a sloob Adventurer who has done Scheol Scientists Quest)
ImageHelp From a Friend: 11% gives target XP buff, not yourself (obtained in Arete Landing chapter 18)
ImageRelaxed State: 11% from staying in the AI sauna building a few minutes (check AI City Building guide about it)

_ These XP buffs also stack with one of the above :

ImageCoalescing Energy Cascade: 2% (check The Gauntlet guide for which NPC to meet depending on if you're Clan or Omni)
ImageArbiter’s Blessing: 20% buff (received when accepting an Arbitration Drone mission in ICC missions and refreshed once completed) but only active in Subway/Totw/Inner Sanctum !
ImageBlessed by the Spirits: from 1% to 241% XP for 3 minutes (received from a “Shadow Rift of the Spirits” inside RK missions)
Note : you may obtain this buff also from using ImageGnuff's Eternal Rift Crystal obtained inside the abandonned PVP dungeon Will to Fight.


ImageSupport Crepuscule Boots: 1% from QL 151 or over (can be assembled as explained in the Crepuscule Leather guide)
ImageSandals of Cognizance: 1% fr Omni only - classic Sandals fashion kit, XP bonus doesn’t show up on item card, but it does boost it (check Maria's Fashion guide)


ImageAI XP Rings: 4% boost (check AI buff rings guide for how to assemble)
ImageSL portal Rings: 1% upto 7% (usually obtained directly from Ergo or his trial quests : Insipid, Caliginous, Achromic, Rimy, Sanguine, Pure Novictum)
ImagePhizzle's Black Ring: 1% upto 10% x2 slots (rare drop from SL mobs and dynas)
ImageQL 1 to 200 IQ rings: 1% upto 7% x2 slots (usually drops from RK mission chests or bosses + outside dynas)
Note : 1%=QL1-17 / 2%=QL18-50 / 3%=QL51-83 / 4%=QL84-117 / 5%=QL118-151 / 6%=QL152-183 / 7%=QL184-200


ImageSpirit Shroud of the Support Unit: 1% out of this quite rare back from Scourges mobs in Penumbra
ImageCharred Abaddon Chassis: 2% boost for Soldier (dropping in Inner Sanctuum froobable dungeon)
ImageCultist Outfit: 3% part (obtained by doing Adonis Dark Ruins Solo quest)
ImageThe Brute Suit/Nano Armor Exosuit/Dockworker Overalls: 1% obtained during the Arete Landing main quest ; you will walk past “Desmond Calitri” in his shack, do his side quest for these items
ImageCloak of the Reanimated: 3% boost (done by upgrading Reanimator's Cloak)
ImageVerdant Enigma Cloak of The Independant Rubikans: 1% for MetaPhysicists only ; done via Fashion Kit - Verdant Cloak (explained in Maria's Fashion guide)


ImageIcy Shoulderpads: 1% from most shoulder parts you get in Penumbra's Alappa dungeon tradeskills
ImageSSC "Bastion" Right Shoulder: 1% upto 3% from this 200+ dungeon tradeskillable element (check The Gauntlet)


ImageSSC "Bastion" Back Armor: 1% upto 3% from this high level encounter piece (see The Gauntlet for reference)
ImagePredator Armor Vest: 1% piece often dropping from Adonis Predator bosses
ImageOmni Special Issue Grey Jacket/Blouse: 1% buffer (obtained by OT Tailor mission)
Note : you can delete the quest and retake it if the reward was some other armor piece than chest armor.


ImageSoltoyz Intimate Helper: 3% for level 40+ (you can buy anywhere from Fair Trade shop)
ImageStripped Merit Board: 5% (drops 50% of times from Entvined General 1520 794 in Arete, lesser chances from surrounding mobs)
ImageToken boards: 3% upto 15% depending on Tokens and Upgrades (farm tokens with dailies/guns/RK/SL missions, then upgrade in LOX and POH)


ImageQL 100 XP implants: 12% in total (Jobe clusters : shiny Ear, bright Feet, shaded Legs ; see Implants Creation)
Note : buy them from implant shop or create them by tradeskill window, so they don't level over 100, that way level 50-99 characters still can equip them ! On higher levels you can use upto QL 300 Jobe Refined or even Symbiants.


ImageSpirit Ring of Self-Education: 1% upto 3% by right-clicking to QL 100 (drops from most bosses in
Elysium SouthWest Cavern
Elysium West - 1021x817
near Archible)
ImageSunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats: 1% helmet (drop during Halloween fom Uncle Pumpkin)


ImageReflex Pistol: 1% gun for Adventurers only (random drop from any of the Escaped Prisoners in Mily Way)
ImageNophex Plasma Destroyer: 2% rifle for Soldiers only (possible drop from Notum Soldier and his placeholders)
ImageJAME Weapons: 1% upto 2% buff for Assault Rifle users (may drop all around across Adonis mobs and bosses)
ImagePerennium Weapons: 2% buff for ranged professions as Fixer/Agent/Soldier (check Perennium Weapons guide)
ImageRevoked Pistols: drops in Crypt of Home for Bureaucrats only, various XP percent and QL across dimensions (low in RK5, high in RK19)
ImageImmortal Katana: 2% boost (looted in Cyborg Barracks from Commander Jocasta)
ImageMTI B-94 QL 12/22/42/62: 1%/2%/3%/4% x2 (bought from the “basic weapon merchant” NPC
Note : you may kill the NPC until he has it in stock, there are 2 of them in Borealis and 1 in ICC ; make sure to also get some implants & portable surgery clinic so you can equip the pistols while being power leveled, without having to spend ips


ImageTattoos: 1% upto 7% but only for Shades (can obtain Clan Anarchist Syndicate Arm via Maria's Fashion or Sharl's Cybernetic Penumbra's Civilization quest)
ImageUnbecoming Sleeves of Ljotur: 1% x2 (randomly drops from Ljotur the Lunatic)
ImageDustbrigade Commander Sleeves: 1% x2 (drops from Kronillis, one of the Dust Brigade Generals)


ImageAim of Libra: 1% for level 175+, drops from Libra (check the raid guide for Pandemonium Zods)
ImageViral Memory Storage Unit (XP): 2% may drop from bosses of the APF sector 7
ImageWen-Wen Observer: 5% which drops from the bosses in the nomad instance during the birthday event (Nomad content)


ImageGeneral boost: 5% upto 22% from Training Seminar (1 to 4 depending on level)
ImageProfessional boost: Lost Eden finished research can bring 1% for Bureaucrat (Professional Development level 1) and 2% for Shade (Malicious Forethought level 2)
ImageTeam boost: from a sloob Bureaucrat 75% to 100%
Note : bring many mobs low HP then finish them all at once with AOE damage (e.g. Nanotech's nuke) to maximize XP gain for whole team.


ImageDaily missions: Extraction/Contingent spy ; you can re-enter the building to make all mobs respawn instantly.
ImageMass XP: in some spots of RK/SL (e.g. : Elysium) you may stack a lot of XP mobs (e.g. : Hecklers) and have a Nanotechnician AOE nuke them all ; an outside tank might be needed to protect nuker ...

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