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OT Tailor
Omni-1 Trade - 430x360
is located at 430 x 360 Omni Trade District

Omni Special Issue Clothing:

The Omni Special Issue Clothing comes in 4 types, The Executive Suit, Grey Suit, Black Suit and Intern-Ops Suit. If you have already looked in the Tailors shop, you will see you could quite easily purchase the non special issue version these items from him. However note that the questline he starts you on will give you the Special Issue version.

Each breed will get a specific set of the Special Issue Clothing: Atrox the black suit, Solitus the grey suit, Nanomage the executive suit and Opifex the internops suit.

On asking the Tailor if he has any tasks you can do for him. Your mission will update with the request for you to bring back an Undamaged Piece of Rubbery Rollerrat.

Possibly the most populated Rollerrat hang out places which is in the "near vicinity" would be Omni Forest or Harrys. If you are aiming for a whole set of the clothing, it would be a good idea to kill for 6 pieces of flesh while you are hunting.

On returning the Flesh to him, you will be rewarded with a piece of Omni Special Issue clothing. The actual piece the mission gives seems to be random.

Bronto Hide:

The Tailor has another dialog option which leads you to ask him whether he is looking for Bronto Hide. This quest is linked to the Omni Start Up Quests.


The Tailor also allows you to chat with him about gaining measurements for a set of Jobe Armour. For more information on this, please see our Jobe Armour Guide *please note this is only available for people with the Shadowlands Expansion.

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