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The Dark Ruins entrance can be found in Adonis, not far from the City South garden exits.

Note: You will not be able to enter the Team Instance for Dark Ruins and earn any Goddess Armor unless you first complete this solo instance.

Note: If you leave this playfield early on, it may reset.

Dark Ruins

Location coordinates 1690 x 542, The Suburbs, Adonis.
At the location, you should see a large portal as shown below.

The portal into Dark Ruins

Zoomed in map

Zoomed out map

Let's go inside. This guide is for the solo instance.

On entering Dark Ruins you should see.. or rather, just about see a Jobe Investigator called George.

Jobe Investigator George

Location coordinates: 430 x 375
He is located to the right of where you zoned into Dark Ruins, partially concealed.

Jobe Investigator George

Jobe Investigator George will tell you about two missing Jobe scientists, Hilda and Gunda. Apparently, they went missing while investigating the newly discovered ruins in this area. The investigator has not been able to search the ruins for himself as the cultists will not let him inside. Surprisingly enough, this is where you get to lend a hand!

Mission :: Gain the trust of the cultists

Location coordinates: 404 x 428

Jobe Investigator George wants you to find out more about the cultists. He suggests that you speak with cultist Bob.

Cultist Bob

Mission :: Kill 10 Climbing Creepers

To gain Bob's trust, you need to kill 10 Climbing Creepers. You should find them quite easily enough.

A Climbing Creeper

The mobs are level 180 and did not appear to scale. They are however social. This means, if you shoot one and one of his friends (creepers and rafters) is in your agro range, you are going to get company! The creepers were pullable.

Each time you kill a Climbing Creeper your mission will update and you will get a system message telling you how many more you need to kill. When you have killed all 10, your mission will update.

Mission :: Return to Cultist Bob

On returning to Bob with the news that you killed the 10 Climbing Creepers, he will reward you for your efforts.

Mission :: Talk to Administrator Tanja

Location coordinates: 451 x 521
Bob said you should try speaking to Tanja, so she is where we are headed.

Administrator Tanja

Although she doesn't seem too pleased to see you when you get there, Tanja does in fact have something she needs your help with. She will give you a syringe and ask you to harvest the energy from Saturated Rafters.

Notum Saturated Rafter

She warns you that the rafters have defense shields... but that she has been working on something that can help with that.

A Novictum Pool

The novictum pools will help to remove the defense shields on the Notum Saturated Rafters. Just get agro on one mob and pull it onto the novictum pool. You can then fight them here without having to deal with their reflects.

You need to get the Notum Saturated Rafters to less than 51% hp. When you have done so, target the mob and then right-click the syringe in your inventory. You should get an update telling you how many more you need to harvest the energy from each time you are successful.

When you have harvested the energy from 5 rafters, your mission will update.

Note: Before heading back to Tanja, you can use the syringe to help to kill off the and remaining rafters. In fact, you may want to just clean out all the rest of the Notum Saturated Rafterss

Mission :: Return to Administrator Tanja

Go and speak with Tanja to receive your reward. She will ask for her syringe back.

Tanja doesn't need any more help today, however, she does suggest that you go and pay Administrator Ivar a visit. She will upload his coordinates to your map.

Mission :: Talk to Administrator Ivar

Location coordinates: 305 x 578
Stood near the tall stone wall, you will find Administrator Ivar.

Administrator Ivar

Administrator Ivar could use your help. After asking you a couple of questions, he entrusts you with going out and collecting some samples for him.

Mission :: Collect a leaf from the Spirit Leaf Bush

On receiving this mission, you should get a waypoint added to your map.

Spirit Leaf Bush

Left-click the box to pick it up and then click it onto the bush.

Mission :: Collect a petal from the Ghost Flower

Your waypoint should now show you where the Ghost Flower is, so find it on your map and head there to get the petal you need.

Ghost Flower

Left-click the box to pick it up and then click it onto the flower.

Mission :: Collect bark from the Tree of Eternal Life

Again you will have a waypoint to run to.

Tree of Eternal Life

Left click the box to pick it up and then click it onto the tree. Your mission should now update and tell you to return to Ivar.

Mission :: Return to Administrator Ivar

Return the box back to Ivar, you will need to trade it to him along with your white card. On doing so you should receive your XP reward as well as a silver card. Ivar will now send you off to speak with the Spirit Guide.

Mission :: Talk to to Spirit Guide Hinnerichsen

Location coordinates: 290 x 456

Talking to the Spirit Guide will give you a new mission to escort Cultist Loke.

Spirit Guide Hinnerichsen

Note: It is a good idea by this point to have cleared the whole instance of mobs, if you haven't the next part with the escort is likely to prove difficult.

Mission :: Escort Cultist Loke to Spirit Guide Hinnerichsen

You need to make sure Cultist Loke doesn't get killed, yet. So, let's go and escort him. You will find him back at the beginning of the instance. Speak with him...

Cultist Loke

Now you need to escort him. Assuming you have already cleared the instance when you ran through, all you will have to deal with are mobs every other time Loke stops. On the second stop, one mob will spawn. On the fourth stop, two mobs will spawn. On the sixth stop, three mobs will spawn.

If Loke dies when you are on your way to the Spirit Guide, do not leave the instance. You can delete the current mission and go back and speak again with Spirit Guide Hinnerichsen again. He will reset Loke and he should be back at his original location. Leaving the mission will reset all the mobs.

When you have successfully escorted Loke, you should approach the Spirit Guide.. which does not seem to be a great ending for Loke, so watch where you are standing otherwise your armor is likely to need some cleaning. Talk to the Spirit Guide again.

Give him your silver card and you will be rewarded.

You will need to wear the Cultist Outfit in order to enter the ruins. You can of course choose not to wear it.. but you might suffer a loss of HP.

You are now an accepted member of the cult. The only mission you should have at this point is to go speak with Jobe Investigator George. So, time to run back to the start and show George your Gold Card.

After speaking with George, you should receive 4 new missions.

Mission :: Disable Turret

You should have a mission for Turret A, B, C, and D. We need to go to the ruins, disable the turrets with a jamming device that George just gave to us, and then we need to meet up with Special Agent Hansen.

Note: Before you enter the ruin, equip your Cultist Outfit.

So, with your jamming device in your inventory and your outfit equipped, let's head into the ruin.

The towers from the outside of the ruin

Target a turret and then right-click the jamming device in your inventory. You need to repeat this on each one. Your missions will complete when you have done it successfully on each one in turn.

Mission :: Storm the Ruins

After disabling the turrets, your mission should update. BUT before you go running to Special Agent Hansen, enter the ruin. You do not need to wear the outfit any longer, so feel free to re-equip your normal back item.

Directly inside you should see two corpses surrounded by worshippers.

Sacrificed corpses - Hilda and Gunda

You will not get any agro at this point. Click the sacrificed corpses to get an ID card and a diary. You should get a new mission in your mission tab from gaining these items.

Now head into the left tunnel entrance and in the small room, r-click on the back right bookshelf to collect Holy Book of the Goddess.


Now head back into the main part of the ruin and take the middle tunnel. Pick up the Spirit Energy Bottle.

Spirit Energy Bottle in a room in the Ruin

So, with the ID Card, Diary, Holy Book of the Goddess, and Spirit Energy Bottle in your inventory. It is time to step out of the ruin and run back to George.

Deliver the book to George to claim a reward.

Mission :: Tell Jobe Investigator George about what happened to Hilda and Gunda

On giving George the bad news and giving him the ID card and Diary, you should receive a reward. It is now time to go speak with Special Agent Hansen.

Mission :: Storm the Ruins

Location coordinates: 407 x 400

You will find Special Agent Hansen near George at the start of the Dark Ruins instance.

Special Agent Hansen

When you talk to him to tell him that the turrets are disabled, make sure you are fully buffed and prepared for battle. You are heading right for it!!

Olsen and Pedersen will also be joining you.

Olsen and Pedersen talking with Hansen.

When they have finished talking, you will run around Dark Ruins first to kill all the cultists. Then into the ruins to kill the worshipping cultists that you saw earlier around the sacrifice.

Note: If the main agent dies in the fighting, the other 2 will despawn - do not fret (unless you find yourself ganked by 4 or 5 cultists), you can run back to the beginning and find the agent there, just talk to him again. (you will have to spend time waiting for them to go through their hilarious commentary as they move from place to place again)

When you have dealt with them all, speak again to Hansen.

Mission :: Talk to Special Agent Hansen

When you talk to the Agent, he will give you a reward. He will also start speaking about a reading he is picking up...

Mission :: Kill the Spirit Goddess

Your mission should update along with a waypoint now showing on your map and compass. It is now a really good idea to make sure you are buffed and ready for a fight.

The Spirit Goddess likes to warp herself about and then you get warped to her. This can be a valuable time to heal up and nano up. She also has adds and she spawns the spirit of Hilda and Gunda.

Spirit Goddess.

When the Spirit of Hilda and Gunda are spawned, this is when you use the Spirit Energy Bottle. Target the spirit and then right click it in your inventory. This will stop them attacking you. When other spirits are spawned, kill them before resuming attack on the Goddess.

Note: If you die while attempting to kill the Goddess, all is not lost. You can return back to the instance and find that all the mobs you had killed are still dead and just go straight back to attempting the Goddess again.

When the Goddess is dead, you can move to your next mission

Mission : Talk to Hilda's Spirit or Gunda's Spirit

When you talk to one of them, the spirit asks you to give the Spirit Energy Bottle to George. Giving the bottle to Geroge will give you another XP reward.

Your final mission in this area is to report to George.

Mission : Report to Jobe Investigator George

You have killed the Goddess, He will ask you to return the jamming device.

George will give you your final amount of XP reward from the instance. You can just head straight back out the door now.. back to Adonis.

Notum Filled Gem Stone

These drop from any mob other than perhaps the cultists but the drop rate is not high. Currently they apparently have no function other than being sold to a shop terminal for cash. If you cut them with a Jensen Gem Cutter (1000 Mechanical Engineering) their value goes up and if a cut one is sold to a trader shop with about 2.2k computer literacy they will fetch a bit over 650 000 credits.

SL Gems and Misc SL Loot

The typical stuff you see SL mobs drop which can include the odd pearl too.

Spirit Mob Drops (Spirits, Spirit Siphons, Novictum & Ore)

All of the Spirit Goddess' summoned adds and the spirits that attack you while escorting Cultist Loke are classed as spirit mobs so can drop these items.

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