Biotech Rod Rings (Glowing, Dark, Pulsing)

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These rings give a nice to boost your nano skills, intelligence and also give a little XP bonus.

To make them, you'll need the following items. Consult our guide on Small Ingot Processing to learn how to get the Ingot. The other parts are available from the tradeskill department in any general store.

You'll also need one of the three available rods:

The process to combine them is the same for each ring:

The stats for these rings are, at QL 300:

Max Health100Max Health100Max Health100
Psycho Modi15Psycho Modi15Matt.Metam15
Time&Space15Sensory Impr15Bio Metamor15
Matter Crea10Matter Crea10Matter Crea10
% Add. Xp4% Add. Xp4% Add. Xp4

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Information originally provided by Credat to the AI Library Forums.
Additional information provided by Windguaerd.
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