Ljotur the Lunatic

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Level: 150-220
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Ljotur the Lunatic is a unique mob, spawned via a placeholder called xxx. A new placeholder or Ljotur himself spawns every 20 minutes after being killed.

Drill Island

The location you need to get to is
Drill Island
Deep Artery Valley - 1270x720
. It can be found in the south west corner of Deep Artery Valley. The entrance to the island is on the eastern side of the island at 1270 x 720.

Drill Island Location.

Depending on how capable you think your team is, it will be down to you whether you pull the mobs out of the mouth of the cave like entrance or whether you tackle them inside the island. To research this guide we were a team with a level range of 193 to 220. We had no struggles

Inside the island

The first mobs you will encounter in the island is a group of Frothing Sabretooths, these mobs are around level 215.

Frothing Sabretooth.

The Sabretooths resisted attempts of UBTing and snares, but were not incredibly hard to kill. Between the Sabretooths will be either Ljotur himself or his placeholder.

If Ljotur is already up, you are lucky! If not it is time to take down his placeholder.

Polymorphed Lunatic, Ljoturs Placeholder.

Attacking the placeholder will bring no adds other than the respawn of the Sabretooths which happens over time anyway. As mentioned above, the placeholder and Ljotur are on 20 minute spawn timers.

Ljotur the Lunatic

When Ljotur does spawn and you start hitting him, Raging Leets will spawn. Ljotur is around level 244 and the leets 230ish. The leets can be calmed. Calming the leets might save your life if you are a team of sub-200ish players trying to take Ljotur down, they can nibble quite hard.

Ljotur the Lunatic.

A Raging Leet.

Don't think that this lunatic in his boxershorts is an overly easy target, Ljotur can warp you, stun you and smack you about a bit. But you get to do it while laughing at his choice in fashion. Ljotur may also morph into a leet during combat and try and hide amongst the raging leets.

The loot

You are also likely to find 1 piece of random armour QL 200 to 300 (ICC, OP, Nadir, etc) on all corpses.

Last updated on 05.10.2019 by bitnykk
Written by Ukblizzard
Researched by Omni-Pol, Atlantean.
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