Perennium Weapons

Class: Soldier, Fixer, Agent
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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One of the most coveted and powerful weapons by Soldiers, Fixers and Agents is a Perennium weapon. They are not hard to make and the requirements to equip one is reasonable. The lowest QL which can be produced is QL 50, up to QL 200. Their attack rate is fast, and the damage beats pretty much any Rubi-Ka weapon.

Here are the items you'll need, all have to be quality level 50 or higher and the well known 80% tradeskill rule applies of course:

The Spirit Tech Apparatus: Short Muzzle/Long Muzzle/Double Barrel items can found on Mortiig dyna bosses. Each will determine what the weapon will become. Note that the Spirit Tech Apparatus must be at least 80% of the QL of the Nano-Charged weapon (which determines the final QL).

Sheet of Perennium and Perennium Bolts are common loot from Hecklers, usually found at the brink of any SL area. You can easily find a Premium Nano-Charged Assault Rifle or Premium Nano-Charged Rifle in Rubi-Ka missions. Advanced Hacker Tool can be purchased from general stores.

Now lets get to the process of making the weapon:

Step 4: This process will require 7x Weapon Smithing and 5x Mechanical engineering skill.
  +     =  

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QL 200 weapons become Superior Perennium XXX. I personally used a QL 200 Superior Perennium Sniper rifle for quite a while, it was one of the best weapons I ever had as an agent.

Furthermore this is not the end of the road. The Superior Perennium weapon can be upgraded with two other items to a rebuilt version, find out more in this guide

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Information originally provided by Windguaerd.
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