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Founding Glacier Five

Founding Glacier Five

Like quests in other zones, you will stumble on the first NPC for this quest right as you come through the portal into Penumbra from Adonis. He has has a mission for you! You will be sent out to kill 5 Tundra leets and to return to him with a Bundle Of Leet Tails, which will spawn in your inventory.

Tundra leets spawn on the little island around the portal.

Tundra Leet

When you return to Founding Glacier Five, he'll reward you with Yuttos Filter (needed for Frozen Yutto Remedy), as well as give you your new mission.

Your next task sends you out to measure the thickness of ice. You'll need to "chat" with 4 Environmental Test Units, gather info for today, and then return to the Yutto.
Pay attention to the numbers! The values randomly change, and so the final answer is different for everyone, but you will need to remember them and add them up.

Environmental Test Unit 1

Environmental Test Unit 2

Environmental Test Unit 3

Environmental Test Unit 4

For your correct answer to this, Founding Glacier Five will reward you with Incomplete Permafrost Melting Tool. This is part of another tradeskill tool for items gathered in Alappaa, but more of this later.

Founding Glacier Five now has another mission for you. You need to deliver Yutto Field Glasses to One Who Lights The Way, but since they are broken, you need to visit One Who Tinkers With Gadgets first.

One Who Tinkers With Gadgets

One Who Tinkers With Gadgets

This Yutto lives for technology, but without parts, even he's unable to fix glasses. So he sends you on a hunt for Primary Infrared Filter and Secondary Infrared Filter. Those drop from Disturbed Vortexiods a bit NW from his location.

When you return with the filters to One Who Tinkers With Gadgets, he'll repair the glasses, reward you with Permafrost Battery and send you to One Who Lights the Way.

One Who Lights the Way

One Who Lights the Way

One Who Lights the Way will notice you did some fixes to the glasses right away and out of gratitude reward you with Permafrost Powered Tubes. With that, you have all parts needed to complete the new tool used for certain drops in Alappaa.

Requires 1250 in Computer Literacy skill.

Requires 1250 in Computer Literacy skill.

The Permafrost Melting Tool is a somewhat versatile tool, although its applications are limited to items from Penumbra. In addition to being used in the shoulder pads from Alaapa, an instance that finishes out this quest, you can check what can be done with it here and here.

One Who Lights the Way also gives you a new mission that will show a "counter" (1/6). He wants you to patrol the forest for him. Basically, that means running on a path filled with Frost Demons and killing or calming them if they attack you. Run on the path in a Northern direction, and there you will find there are six (invisible) checkpoints on the path, and each is located with groups of Frost Demons surrounding them.

The checkpoints have to be passed in the proper order. However, as the checkpoints are literally found along the "dirty-snow" path heading North, you only have to locate the first checkpoint, which is under the "bridge" of Pipe which feels like you bang your head into it (it's a bit low), to start.

Note: after you reach an invisible checkpoint, the mission updates, so you'll know you can head to the next one. If you are high level the demons are not going to agro you so you can just run on the road and check for updates near the Demons. After the 6th checkpoint, the mission changes.

One Who Walks the Night

Once the checkpoints are completed, you should report to One Who Walks the Night.

One Who Walks the Night

If you miss some checkpoints, this Yutto won't speak to you. You will have to go back and run the path again to pick up the missed checkpoint(s). But once he's willing to speak, he asks you to address his concerns and he'll send you to Ruminating Strife.

Ruminating Strife

Ruminating Strife

This is one troubled Yutto. And all his troubles have the same origin - The Hiisis. Apparently, there's another war raging in the Shadowlands besides the Redeemed vs the Unredeemed, and it's Yuttos that bear the casualties. So after arming you with Chemical Data Parser, Ruminating Strife sends you to the Pipe. You will have to enter the pipe by zoning in.

The Pipe

Once inside and he wants you to observe a series of Hiisis. You will also need to tag Hiisi Medicine Man, Charmer, and Runner (just pick up the tool and r-click on Hiisi in question).

Hiisi Medicine Man
Hiisi Charmer
Hiisi Runner

Once completed, you need to run back to Ruminating Strife and he'll reward you with Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume One.

Unfortunately, his problems don't end here. He tells you about a special Hiisi that comes forward at certain times and since he suspects it's now one of those special times, he sends you out to find him. Like the rest of Hiisi, you'll find it inside the Pipe complex, a bit north from the center of the complex.

Hiisi Arbiter
Penumbra Hollow - 1846.2x1092.7

A bit of caution is advised, since this one aggros on sight. However, you don't have to kill him in order to complete the mission. You can tag him and run, or fight. It doesn't hurt to have some mezz or high-level levels to lend you a hand!

Once tagged run back to Ruminating Strife and he will reward you with Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Two.

But we all know it doesn't end here, given the fact that you didn't get a chance to kill anything yet!! So the Yutto asks you to "convince" Tapiolainer not to attack them. This guy is located NE from the center, and down the ramp to the floor level.

Hiisi Tapiolainen
Penumbra Hollow - 1947.9x1167.8

Should you attempt this mission at lower levels, a team is advised. Upon successful kill, Strife will reward you with Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Three and send you to One Whose Mind is Riddled.

One Whose Mind is Riddled

One Whose Mind is Riddled
Penumbra Forest - 1529.3x1883.3

Boys and girls, you better put on your running shoes, this NPC will send you all across Penumbra. He'll give you the approximate location of the first Memorial with instructions to check on all 5 of them. Fortunately at each Statue there's another Yutto Caretaker, who will direct you further.

In itself this task shouldn't be too problematic , however some of the Memorials are located in places where someone unfamiliar with Penumbra could easily pull aggro from local wildlife. So be prepared to bump in uninvited guests.

Memorial Caretaker 1
Penumbra Valley - 2926.0x2028.2

Memorial Caretaker 2
Penumbra Valley - 2530.3x1597.2

Memorial Caretaker 3
Penumbra Valley - 2568.7x466.0

Memorial Caretaker 4
Penumbra Forest - 813.0x1393.5

Memorial Caretaker 5
Penumbra Forest - 828.4x2245.4

When you have managed to visit all the locations, return to Yutto with report. He will give you Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Four (last of specialization 4, you don't need volume 5) and direct you to Shivering Pete.

Shivering Pete

Shivering Pete

Pete is a tomb raider with bad luck. Not only did his partner rob and hurt him, he also stole half of a treasure map. So Pete is after revenge (and the other half of his map). His weapon of choice is going to be you. HE will send you to go and kill Two-Time Maloney.

Two-Time Maloney

At this point you'll probably need a team. Not only does Maloney carry quite a punch, he's not kitable and warps to himself. Unfortunately you first need to talk to him to be even able to attack him and upon his death a self destructing turret with a small AoE nuke. When you kill him, Ripped Note will spawn in your inventory.

When you return to Pete, he'll give you the other half of Ripped Note and Shovel X-6000 to go dig out the treasure. For those that can't read the smeared out coordinates, travel to
2446 x 1609
Penumbra Valley - 2446.0x1609.0
. When at the location, simply r-click on Shovel and Tube Container will spawn in your inventory.

Returning this item to Pete will be rewarded with a Finely Refined Notum and a Codex Divello. Pete will then send you to Danny Sawyer.

Danny Sawyer

Danny Sawyer

He's a bit of an untrustworthy fellow. He'll ease up a bit after you tell him Pete sent you, but before gaining his complete trust, he'll test you with a simple kill mission. He wants you to kill 5x White Dryads, 4x Demons of Water and 3 x Frost Demons. You'll be able to find all those mobs a bit south of One Whose Mind is Riddled.

After that he'll send you to retrieve a book for him. This is the only part of the quest line that's sided, depending on your faction.

Clan Mission

For Clan sided quest it is Cama Zean Mara who is located in the far northwest side of Penumbra, you'll need to go into a cave (entrance located at
1395 x 2436
Penumbra Forest - 1395.0x2436.0
). Watch out for mobs inside.

Cave Entrance

Cama Zean Mara

Omni Mission

For Omni sided quest you need to locate Follower-Wox-Yutt Van

Follower-Wox-Yutt Van

Follower-Wox-Yutt Van Location

Both the Clan and Omni NPCs give the same mission to you. Your sided NPC will send you to a dungeon, where you need to locate A Fine Quality Jar and return it to them.

When you give the jar to your sided NPC, they will hand you Tattered Book: 1001 Survival Tips...And More!. Once you receive the book, return it to return to Danny. He will send you to Anticipating Six.

Anticipating Six

This Yutto stands next to the entrance to Alappaa. While he'll talk to you, he won't give you the next part of the quest unless you're teamed. He wants to send you on a mission to make sure the Old Man, who entered Alappaa a while ago, is safe.

To do so, you will need a team to help you get in and battle the creatures held within the instance. You can read our guide on how to do that here: Alaapa.

Once you complete this mission, just return to Anticipating Six for your final reward, a profession-specific nano crystal. The previous Bureaucrat reward, Brain Freeze, is currently rollable and the new reward is a pet nano!

Note: Keeper reward: Blade of Khione can be futher upgraded using items that escaped prisoners drop. The exact process is explained here.

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