Frozen Yutto Remedies

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With items gathered during the Penumbra quests and found in Alappaa, you can create 3 different kinds of Yutto Remedies. The base for all is the same, just the last components differ depending which type you wish to build.

Every step requires 1100 in Pharmacy skill and every product comes in stack of 5.

The base:

The variations:

Cold damage

  +    =  

Runs Vengeful Ward of Penumbra in your NCU (+50 cold damage, +500 Cold AC)

Add all defence

  +    =  

Runs Protective Ward of Penumbra in your NCU (+5 AAD, +500 Cold AC)

Heal and Nano Delta

  +    =  

Runs Regenerative Ward of Penumbra in your NCU (+2 heal delta, +2 nano delta, +500 Cold AC)

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Information provided by Trgeorge.
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