Escaped Prisoners

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Level: 200-220
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NOTE: You don't have to grab a quest to kill escaped prisoners, but if you do you will gain a reward.
You can also complete this quest as part of the Elite Daily Mission

Finding your local warden

Local wardens, all named Ystanes, are looking for external help. You can find them in West Athen, Newland and Omni1 Trade.

Warden Ystanes in West Athen
Athen West - 386x460

West Athen, 386 x 460

Warden Ystanes in Newland City
Newland City - 400x360

Newland City, 400 x 360

Warden Ystanes in Omni Trade District
Omni-1 Trade - 300x225

Omni-1 Trade, 300 x 225

The Wardens want helpers to locate and terminate escaped prisoners. Which Prisoner you will get a mission to kill is random, however you can delete it and talk to the warden again. There is a limited amount of missions you can pull each day.

The Prisoners

The prisoners are located in Milky Way. You can see their locations on the Atlas of Rubi Ka map:

If you do not want to use the map, you can find them at these coordinates. The table below also states which is the most common type of Soul the Prisoner drops:

Acidic Prisoner
Milky Way - 1460x1715

1460 x 1715

Soul of the Summoner

Burning Prisoner
Milky Way - 375x725

375 x 725

Soul of the Gladiator

Dangerous Prisoner
Milky Way - 4565x370

4565 x 370

Soul of the Ranger

Deadly Prisoner
Milky Way - 765x1025

765 x 1025

Soul of the Healer

Diseased Prisoner
Milky Way - 3625x580

3625 x 580

Soul of the Jester

Explosive Prisoner
Milky Way - 1060x925

1060 x 925

Soul of the Summoner

Murderous Prisoner
Milky Way - 1925x1875

1925 x 1875

Soul of the Ranger

Poisonous Prisoner
Milky Way - 2330x2210

2330 x 2210

Soul of the Healer

Silenced Prisoner
Milky Way - 2915x300

2915 x 300

Soul of the Jester

Spiritual Prisoner
Milky Way - 880x630

880 x 630

Soul of the Illusionist

Temporal Prisoner
Milky Way - 3150x2125

3150 x 2125

Soul of the Gladiator

Umbral Prisoner
Milky Way - 4950x810

4950 x 810

Soul of the Illusionist

A Prisoner.

The Prisoners are all level 215 and they only attack when provoked. They don't hit overly hard, however they have whole spectrum of tricks ranging from skill and nano drains, up to 50k+ nukes, and "fanatic" type pets (low HP pets that explode shortly). So the best course of action is to show up in strength and take them out as fast as possible.

Their loot consists of:

They usually drop 5 Soul of the XXX (mostly 3 or 4 different types), Empty Spirit Vest and Soul Ripper. On rare occasions, they can also drop:

Once you have killed the prisoner, your mission will update. You can now return to the warden for your reward. He'll explain how they managed to escape (well, tries to explain at least) and then offers you to select a Soul of the XXX to receive as a reward.

You can read HERE what to actually do with all those souls, or here if you're a keeper. And if you were lucky enough to get weapons and upgrades, head this way.

As well as the standard Prisoner quest, you can also now pick up a quest linked with the Warden, the Prisoners and Priest Fontain. (Soulbound Questline) An easy way to make 10m credits!!

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