Notum Soldier

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Level: 150-220
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Are you a soldier? Are you interested in potentially getting your hands on the following equipment: Erratic Notum Disruptor, Nophex Plasma Destroyer II, Pulsing Notum Disruptor, Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Boots, Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Gloves, Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Pants, Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Sleeves, Notum Infused Kevlar Body Armor, or Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000? Well you had best bring some friends and try your luck at getting the Notum Soldier to spawn. This mob is spawned on a certain percentage chance to spawn following the killing of its placeholder, the Notum Trainee. It's level was "much higher than you" and I am 219 at the time of writing this.. it was not a walk in the park!


Eastern Fouls Plains

As you can see on the map, you are headed to Eastern Fouls Plains. The coordinates are 2010 x 2370.

The Action:

When you get to the location, you should find
Notum Trainee
Eastern Fouls Plain - 2010x2370
(Notum Soldiers Placeholder) on the bridge with 2 Valkyrie of the Trimvirate acting as guards at one end.

It is probably best to take out the Valkyrie of the Trimvirate first. Even if you are the same alignment as they are, they will still agro you when you attack the Notum Trainee. We were not able to calm the Valkyrie with an Agent in FP Crat, but if you have been able to, please let us know!!

So, when you have taken out the guards, time for the Trainee.

The Trainee was UBT-able and level 249.

Once the Trainee has been killed, a 20 minute period later you are in with a chance of the Notum Soldier spawning.

When the Notum Soldier spawns, this is really when your "fun" begins.

She may look like a breeze, but she really is far from it. The Notum Soldier has the ability to completely strip all buffs from her target as well as drain nano.. and thats all on top of packing in a few punches! So, my honest opinion on what you need for this raid, is a stack of doctors/people that can heal a reasonably high HP tank.

Here's a listing of all the loot:

Good luck!

Last updated on 08.02.2013 by Llie
Written by Ukblizzard
Research completed by Ukblizzard, Uragon, Tethien and Scenegg!
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