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This tradeskillable armor is possible one of the most neglected SL armors. In a way that's understandable, since it final product is NoDrop and most skill modifiers are included in Tier armor. To complicate things even more, most players are unaware how to get the basic items needed - namely Patches of Novictum Spangled Hide. Small versions of these are easy enough, most un-factioned SL mobs drops them. Regular or Large Patches are harder to come by, since apart from drops off Pandemonium mobs and couple of Dyna bosses don't drop. But there's an easy way to by-pass this:

The small patch you're adding must be at least 80% QL of the other and you'll need x4.5 in Chemistry SKill based on the QL of the targeted patch. The same principle and requirements apply to Soft Novictum Spangled Hide.

Before going on, let's check what kind of hide makes which part of armor (so you'll know how many times you want to upgrade a specific Hide):

Items Required:

You will also need as many Canisters of Pure Liquid Notum as pieces of armor you wish to make, these must be at least 80% the QL of the Hide.

In addition, a Spirit Bauble of XXX Expertise, depending on your armor preference type will need to be added to each piece. Information on each armor type is at the bottom of this guide.

The Process:

Step 1:

  +    =  

Requires x4.5 in Nano Programming and x4.5 in Computer Literacy Skill based on the QL of the Hide.

Step 2:

All that is left is to apply a Spirit Bauble of XXX Expertise to the Living Hide. These come in 5 varieties : Artilley (spelling error on FC part), Control, Extermination, Infantry, Support. They all buff specific skills and drop off regular mobs, Dyna bosses and Pocket Bosses.

Note : The end product will be NoDrop, so you need to do the final step yourself and not someone with higher tradeskills as you.

  +    =  

For assembly, the Spirit Bauble will have to be at least 80% QL of Living Hide and you'll need x4.5 in Computer Litteracy and x1.5 in Psychic Skills.

While icons for each type of Crepuscule Armor look the same, the armor looks a bit different ingame. While Tier 3 armor is in general better, specific Crepuscule Armor parts can be used to overcome breed or profession shortcomings or be used just as part of twinking equipment.

The Armor:

Artillery Crepuscle Armor

QL 300 Artillery Crepuscle Armor

Control Unit Crepuscle Armor

QL 300 Control Unit Crepuscle Armor

Exterminator Unit
Crepuscle Armor

QL 300 Exterminator Unit Crepuscle Armor

Infantry Crepuscle Armor

QL 300 Infantry Crepuscle Armor

Support Unit Crepuscle Armor

QL 300 Support Unit Crepuscle Armor

Last updated on 02.17.2011 by Trgeorge
Information originally provided by Trgeorge. Additional information provided by Windguaerd (sourced from Anarchy Mainframe).
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