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This guide may be out of date. If you have Advy experience and would like to help us Update this guide, please leave a commit in its forum (see the bottom of the guide).

1. Introduction
2. Breeds
3. Stats & Skills
4. Weapons - Ranged
5. Weapons - Melee
6. Armor
7. Implants
8. Morphs & Our other Nanos
9. Newbie Island - Levels 1-10
10. Levels 11-25
11. Levels 26-60
12. Levels 61-100
13. Levels 101-200
14. Useful Tools and Sites

*All level ranges added - 08/07/08
*Hyperlinks added to many items + a few other updates in the walkthrough section – 08/14/08

1. Introduction
Since this is my first guide for Anarchy Online I apologize if there is something you disagree with here. If that’s so, you are more than welcome to e-mail me at I appreciate any constructive criticism or any help you want to give me to make this guide better.

There are a few people I would like to thank for contributing to this guide even if they don't know that they helped. Ukblizzard and the AO-Universe team, they helped me improve this guide a TON with charts, pics, and many other things. Jayde (The former adventurer professional on the official Anarchy Online forums.) Revelator, Atreyu, Kyrstina, Inocybe, Ditzie, Upana, Afelia, Prochyon, Beautyfarm, Next, Nyel, Chorwin, Vampi, Kard, Silirrion, Gunmetal, Leetwolf, PowerEdge, Nightwalker, MetaShadows, Yika, Nolikewar, everyone in the org AlphaStrike you guys helped and tolerated me like no one else, and last but not least Trader1980. I can't forget Funcom for making such a great and entertaining game (and for making it free)! Keep up the great work, FC!

I don’t address Symbiants, Perks, or most Alien Invasion/Shadowlands/Lost Eden stuff because I play with a free account. I include the best expansion armor and weapons and I mention a few of the good SL leveling places, but that’s about it. Sorry... (This may change in the near future though; keep a lookout for an SL/AI update to this guide in the next year or so.)

2. Breeds
There are many different opinions on this choice but what seems to be the consensus is that Solitus is the most commonly chosen breed for Adventurers (adv, advy, advies).

These are what make each breed special.

Solitus Ability Chart
AbilityStrengthAgilityStaminaIntelligenceSensePsychicMax HPMax NP
Breed Cap47248048048048048043672787
Cap Level156158158158158158
IP Cost222282229890229890229890229890229890

Opifex Ability Chart
AbilityStrengthAgilityStaminaIntelligenceSensePsychicMax HPMax NP
Breed Cap46454448046451244841722572
Cap Level154177158153168149
IP Cost214826147591344835214802130771200250

Nanomage Ability Chart
AbilityStrengthAgilityStaminaIntelligenceSensePsychicMax HPMax NP
Breed Cap46446444851248051234323010
Cap Level154154149166158168
IP Cost130711229890130711239391239391239391

Atrox Ability Chart
AbilityStrengthAgilityStaminaIntelligenceSensePsychicMax HPMax NP
Breed Cap51248051240040040051331692
Cap Level166158168133133133
IP Cost322239322239200250130711229890130711

The bottom line is that your choice of breed is all just personal preference. Yeah, you might have a harder time when picking Nanomage as your breed, but if you want better nano skills and such then go ahead choose that breed. Since we end up as tanks a lot of the time and you want to make a Melee Atrox for the extra hit points, strength, and stamina go ahead. Opifex have higher agility and sense so if you want to pick them for your dual pistol-wielding adventurer, go ahead. If you want an adventurer that is a good tank and healer then go ahead, choose Solitus. What I'm saying is, is that adventurers are the jack-of-all-trades, go for whichever breed you like the most and that suits your style of play and you will have a great time playing.

3. Stats & Skills
There are many conflicting opinions on where your Improvement Points (IP) should be placed. I will give you information about two weapon choices for Adventurers, and then my personal opinion and how I have made my Adventurer. A summary of suggested skill spending is at the bottom of this section.

Adventurers using melee weapons have the advantage of doing more damage and having a wider array of special attacks than ranged adventurers. Though once you are rooted or snared using melee weapons, you won't be too happy. When making a melee adventurer you will want to go for 1 Handed Edged (1HE) because we get a green skill bar (Which means it costs less IP to improve that skill) for that weapons class and, later on, we get a buff for that skill.

1he wielding Adventurer

When making a 1H edged adventurer, you should max 1H Edged, Brawl (Most melee weapons require this), Fast Attack (Like a Fling Shot for swords), and Multi Melee (Mult. Mel.) in the beginning and then gradually put fewer points into Multi-Melee because the requirements to dual wield 1H Edged weapons tails off somewhat. Dimach and Sneak Attack are also used for some Melee weapons so consider putting some points into those. You should also max Melee Initiative (Mel. Init) so that you get a faster attack and recharge time on your weapons. You should consider the Parry and Ripost skills ONLY when equipping a weapon that requires it.

As a Melee adv. max out Strength (Str), Stamina (Sta), Intelligence (Int), Body Development, the above weapon skills, and your Nano Pool each level up. Your other abilities will however be dependants of other skills. It is important to ensure that you can max skills that are important to you and you are not hindering your skills by lacking in your abilities.

When making a Ranged adventurer you will want to dual wield pistols for the same reason I told you to dual wield 1H Edged weapons. Max out Pistol and Multi Ranged every level up. Raise Fling Shot only as necessary for your weapons. In the beginning As far as Burst and Full Auto go, you really don't need Burst until level 41 when you can start using Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 for Burst and Full Auto if you have the Shadowlands expansion and want to use a Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol. You should also max Ranged Initiative so that you get a faster attack and recharge time on your pistols.

Pistol wielding Adventurer

As a Ranged Adv. Max out Intelligence, Agility (Agi), Sense (Sen), Body Development, the above weapon skills, and your Nano Pool each level up, put points into Stamina whenever you have free IP at title caps. Your other abilities will however be dependants of other skills. It is important to ensure that you can max skills that are important to you and you are not hindering your skills by lacking in your abilities.

Other Skills
Now for the skills for all adventurers, you might consider putting points into Psychic (Psy). Psychic will help your nano pool. Once I got to 135 Stamina, I stopped putting a lot of points into it because I barely had any IP to raise my nano skills. Obviously, if you choose armour that is Stamina dependant then you should alter your IP distribution accordingly.

As far as initiatives go you will want to almost max out NanoCombat (NanoC Init.) Initiative, Dodge Ranged, and Evade Close Combat each time you level up. You will also need to max Computer Literacy (Comp. Lit.) every level with every character you ever make. The evades will lower the number of critical hits you take when attacked, and hopefully eventually cause them even to miss you when they try to hit you!. With NanoC initiative, you cast your nanos faster in battle, which will save you and your team many times, Computer Literacy is used for equipping better belts and memory for more NCU for your buffs, shields, and morphs.

I max Matter Metamorphosis (MM), Biological Metamorphosis (BM), and Sensory Improvement (SI) every level up because those are used for our heals and shape-shifts. Most of the time I try to raise Matter Creation (MC) but that is not as important to me as the others. Time & Space Alteration (TS) only needs to be raised to use Nano Rechargers. Psychological Modification (PM) is used with SI for our weapon buffs, so raise when you need it, depending on the level requirement of the buffs that you wish to cast. Treatment needs to be maxed every level so you can equip the highest quality level (QL) possible implants (Besides Doctors, Advies have the cheapest Treatment in the game, so you should be able to twink into much higher implants than your level). At level 25, my adv. could equip ql 50 implants. First Aid is a skill you will choose whether you wish to raise or not, it depends on whether you wish to use stims throughout your gameplay. I heal 300+ HP with my best heal at lvl 45 and my first aid wouldn't do anywhere close to that well.

You should only really put points into Map Navigation (see guide) so that you can use the really helpful map-reader upgrades. If you can, avoid IP completely in this skill. It is relatively straight forward to bump the skill temporarily via implanting or equipment that increases the skill and then to upload your map upgrade. Overall, the shop, people, and maybe monster upgrades are good to pick, which will mean that you can stop raising it when you get it to 130.

When you go to get a Yalmaha (Yalm) around level 50 you will need 81 in Vehicle Air for the lowest Yalm. Those go for 4.5 million credits or higher. Your yalm is something you are likely to want to equip without swapping around lots of equipment, however you can easily use otherwise nonessential slots in your implants - such as in your ear, to ensure you have enough skill to equip it when you wish to.


Max these every level
Pistol or 1H Edge depending on your weapon preference.
Int, Agi, and Sen or Int, Str, and Sta depending on your chosen weapon and armor set up.
Body Dev and Nano Pool
MM, BM, and SI
Ranged or Melee Init. again depending on your weapon preference.

Max/Almost Max These
Computer Lit.
Dodge Ranged and Evade Close Combat
NanoC Init.
Multi Ranged or Multi Melee depending on your weapon preference

Raise as needed/desired
Fling Shot, Burst, and Full Auto or Brawl, Dimach, Fast Attack, and Sneak Attack (Brawl and Fast Attack are the two most common on 1HE weapons)
Duck Exp
Nano Resist
First Aid
MC, TS, and PM
Stamina as a Ranged Advy or Agi as a Melee Advy for early lvl use of Carbonum Armor

Raise only to get desired item/effect
Map Navigation (130)
Vehicle Air (81)

4. Weapons - Ranged
(As recommended in Jayde's Adventurer Handbook on the Anarchy Online Forums).
I have also added some points to these.

Staple Weapons:CommentExpansion
BBI Faithful 22
BBI Faithful 100
All in all a great pistol that only advies can use. The 22 is the lower QL version and the 100 is the higher QL version.None
River Seasons XP Special Advy only pistol For tradeskill process please see this guide.None
The Original Electronicum Up to QL 10 can be bought in the Rubi Ka Backyard, Up to QL 40 can be bought in Jobe. Higher QLs are Boss loot only, do not confuse with the Mini-Electronicum.None
Kaen-Archibald Kolt Mostly good at low levels due to its speed.None
Joint Clans Scout Pistol Clan and Neutral shops, dynaboss loot - beats out the Kaen at lower levels. Not rollable in missions through clicksaver!None
Flux Pistol SL generic sided mob drop, staple SL weapon...not so hot on RK.Shadowlands
Kyr'Ozch Pistol
Unknown ItemID: 247509
& Kyr'Ozch Pistol - Type 4)
Type 1 (Fling Shot) & Type 4 (Burst) created by AI tradeskills.Alien Invasion

Special Weapons:CommentExpansion
Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000EXTREMELY good Burst/Fling Shot pistol for level 41-150 (or higher possibly). Special drop in Foreman's/Biomare dungeon off The Lab Director boss or from the Notum Soldier (Coordinates: 2000x2400, Eastern Fouls Plains). A must-have for that level range. The Reet has high min. damage and max damage that increases as you level up.None
Reign of Patricia/Pain of PatriciaBoth drop off Patricia Johnson in EFP Mercs raid, Reign is better than Pain and Advy-specific. (Raid group of Level 165+ necessary to defeat Mercs.) Also known as RoP and PoP.None
Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol(JEPP)Full Auto pistol, great paired with a Flux/Argent/RoP... drops rarely from Dryad bosses in NW AdonisShadowlands
Argent BlasterSL dungeon drop, NoDrop, but good paired with a Flux or a JEPPShadowlands
Ofab Peregrine Mk 6 The best non profession locked pistol currently available ingame. Bought in the LE tower shop with Victory Points. Gained from killing aliens in their mothership or through PvP in the battlestations. You then need to upgrade it five times with Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material - Type 812, found on the boss in the mothership. Can be dual wielded, even at QL 300. Lost Eden

5. Weapons - Melee
(As recommended in Jayde's Adventurer Handbook on the Anarchy Online Forums).
I have also added some points to these.

Staple Weapons:CommentExpansion
SOL Fire Executioner Type C None
SOL Fire Executioner Type E None
SOL Fire Executioner Type F None
SOL Fire Executioner Type T None
Meibutsu Daito of Aptitude Available only up to QL 135 from the Tsunayoshi Smith’s Shop in Southern Artery Valley at the Largest Soul Fragment in the world at 2600 x 2900. None
Crispy Chiroptera Crypt of Home (CoH) drop off Cenobite Shadow mobs, which is located in Broken Shores.None
Shank of Maze Heckler drop, SL mobShadowlands
Kyr'Ozch Axe (Kyr'Ozch Axe - Type 240)Alien drop, Type 240 created by AI tradeskillsAlien Invasion
Phase Blade Drops off Exarchs in Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW)None

Special Weapons:CommentExpansion
Frozen Tear of UkleshTemple of Three Winds (drop off Uklesh the Frozen, VERY rare)None
Mantis ScissorsLevel 146, requirement, special drop off Mantis Queen/Den Mantis Breeders in Smuggler’s DenNone
Gelid Blade of Inobak(Inner Sanctum (IS) drop off Inobak the Gelid a level 237 boss on the third floor of the dungeon.)None
Impious DominatorInner Sanctum drop off mobs on IS third floorNone
Sword of WonderInferno dyna dropShadowlands
Scimitar of Spetses Inferno dyna dropShadowlands

6. Armor
Anything marked (RK) means that those with free accounts can equip it without any problems.

For your first 20 levels I’d stick with your sided beginner armor, from the ICC Shuttleport. From 20-75 I’d use Carbonum Armor (sided if you really want to), at 75 I’d pick up a set of Omni Steel Ribbed or Clan Apocalypse Leather armor. I’d probably use increasingly higher quality levels of those two until I could twink into OTAF/Sentinel or maybe Azure Reverie from EFP Mercs and then with AI CSS or CM and eventually with LE Penultimate Ofab Adventurer Armor. Froobs stick with Azure Reverie or OTAF/Sentinel.

As a Froob, an option you may consider for your armour from beginning to end is Miy's Armour. There is a great guide as to where you can acquire this armour over at AO Froobs.

Beginner Armor

Carbonum Armor – (RK) AGI/STA requirements; can be upgraded to Storm (clan) or Omni Version there is a guide here. This armor gives you more Nano Controlling Units (NCU), NanoC Initiative, and Nano points as well as good protection in most categories. Very Low Energy AC though.

Augmented Nano Body Armor - (RK) The requirements for this armor are Int/Psy. Low Chemical protection.

Augmented Flowers Tech Body Armor - (RK) Well if you don't mind it being pink then it is good as a low level AGI/STR armor for cheaper prices than others. Low Disease protection, but higher radiation and chemical than others.

High-Quality Steel-Ribbed Body Armor - (RK) A SEN/AGI armor for Ranged adv. Low radiation protection though. (Can be used for Intermediate also)

Exarch Robe- (RK) A good robe for lower level characters (20-60 or so). (Picked up in ToTW off of Exarch mobs.)

Notum Ring of the Three- (RK) +6 NCU, +10 to all damage types, and either +2 to PM & SI or +2 to MC & TS, or +2 to MM & BM. (Picked up in ToTW)

Ring of the Nucleus Basalis– (RK) A leveling ring dropped off of Eumenides, Vergil Aenied, and Abmouth Supremus in The Condemned Subway. Adds +20 NCU at its max QL.

Flurry of Blows- (RK) For 1HE users. Pick this up because it gives Aggression/Defense (Agg/Def) adjust + Critical Hit (Crit) increase.

Intermediate Armor

Assault-Issue Omni-Pol Elite Body Armor - (RK) A good armor for Melee advys who have the STR/STA requirements met. Low Chemical protection.

Omni Steel Ribbed or Clan Apocalypse Leather – (RK) Requires 550 Sense/Agility at QL 200 so best choice for ranged advies, it adds to inits, concealment, perception, and evades. Guides here and here.

Shapeshifter's Vest– (RK) Adds nicely to inits and evades, dropped in Crypt of Home dungeon in Broken Shores.

Nano Formula Recompiler/Viral Compiler– Must have items that improve the cast time of our nanos. (A must have for any class that depends on nanoprograms.)

Endgame Armor

Omni-Armed Forces/Superior Sentinel Armor (Clan) – (RK) 550 STR/STA and Lvl. 190 requirements make this difficult to equip for most, but the tradeoff is a ridiculously good set of armor with tons of bonuses to a large variety of skills and abilities. (Endgame for free accounts, intermediate for those with expansions.)

Azure Reverie Armor – (RK) Requires Level 175 to wear, and has great AC and bonuses. Requires large raid party to defeat Ian Warr and other merc bosses. (Endgame for free accounts, intermediate for those with expansions.)

Combined Sharpshooter (CSS) – Alien armor is at the top of the heap as of now in terms of PvP armor and many other tasks. CSS is made of Observant and Supple Alien Armors, it adds bonuses to inits, evades, spying abilities, ranged weapons and offense. Maxed at QL 300.

Combined Mercenary (CM) – CM is the top melee armor that can be created at this time. Made from Alien Invasion Strong and Enduring armor types, this armor adds bonuses to melee weapons, Martial Arts (MA), defense, damage, max health and body development. Maxed at QL 300.

Penultimate Ofab Adventurer Body Armor– Requires LE and Victory Points to acquire it, but Penultimate Ofab profession armors are THE armors to have right now. Huge AC, and excellent bonuses across the board in many advy specialized (spec’d) skills.

There are several other sets of armor out there that are good choices, but require other skills/requirements (like Living Dragonflesh Armor, which is an RK drop from Tarasque in Avalon Castle and adds nice bonuses and AC, but requires Martial Arts to equip it) Molybdenum Armor is also pretty good, Jathos' for clan or Kegern's for omni. No matter what, don't ever equip any variation of a Battle Suit or Tank Armor because they make all nanoprograms cost much more to cast. That is just not worth it to an Advy because our nanos are our lifeblood.

7. Implants

At early levels, the basic profession implants are fine to use, although you may want to mix and match implants from different professions to benefit the exact skills that you want to boost.

Once you can equip QL 100 Implants, an Implant Designer may help you. You can then find someone with high enough Nanoprogramming skill to construct your implants for you with the required basic implants and clusters. Below is an example of the implants that I designed for my ranged advy, adjust as you’d like.

EyeVehicle AirSensory ImprovementPistol
HeadBio MetamorphosisNano PoolSense
EarPerceptionVehicle AirIntelligence
Right ArmStrengthChemical ACRadiation AC
ChestMax HealthMatter MetaNano Init.
Left ArmNothingStrengthMatter Meta
Right WristPistolNano ResistFling Shot
WaistRadiation ACMax HealthBio Meta
Left WristMulti RangedRun SpeedNano Resist
Right HandNothingMatter CreationRange Init
LegsDodge RangeStaminaMax Health
Left HandNothingFire ACCold AC
FeetEvade ClsCbtAgilityDuck Exp

For more information on designing and constructing implants, check this guide here.

8. Morphs and our other Nanos
Adventurers get a really cool line of nanos called Poly-morphs/Shape-shifts. These allow us to take the shape of monsters found in the wilds of Rubi-Ka. Along with giving you the shape of the monster, they also buff some of your skills by a great amount. These are displayed in the order that you can use them. The Team/Other nanos are ignored in this list, but suffice to say that the Other polymorphs are higher QL than the self line and the Team line is higher QL than the Other line.

Pronouncement of Greatness
Turns you into a Leet and gives you +200 concealment. QL 20

Reet and Parrot
Adds Evades and run speed. Takes away from your max health.
* You cannot fight in this form or use it indoors. *
The highest buff, Calias, allows you to fly in the air opposed to along the ground.

Turns you into a 2-headed wolf and gives you +run speed and + to all damage types.
* You can fight in this form; in fact, this form is designed for fighting. *

Turns you into a Saber-toothed Tiger.

Pit Lizard
Turns you into a giant dragon.

You can view ALL nano programs for the adventurer profession here : Auno Adventurer Nanos Listing

"The Adventurer profession has the top perception buffs in the game followed by the Fixer. The Advy perception buffs have caster/target level requirements (with the exception of the two Eagle Eye buffs) while the Fixer's perception buffs do not."

Taken from the AO Forum, written by: Inocybe.

9. Newbie Island - Levels 1-10
The ICC Shuttleport Island Guide is a good place to start for all new characters that choose to start on Rubi ka. Also make sure you read Making easy money , as a new player and if this is your first character, it’s really helpful.

There are many things to do when you first start out on Newbie Island, especially getting stuck into the ICC Shuttleport Island Quests. As detailed in the quest guide, you can upgrade your start up weapons by doing a quest for Adri. Also, for armour, the questline from Antonio Stacklund is great as you get armour pieces as mission rewards!

Should you be Omni or Clan, your Newcomers Armour can be upgrded with badges. Go to the Omni or Clan shop right next to the recruiters and Whom-Pah and buy enough for each piece of armour you have. Then by Shift + Right-clicking, combine the badges with each piece of armor to make Omni or Clan Newcomer's Armor. This armor can be upgraded by right clicking it each time you level up until level 15.

If you are Omni, try to raise enough credits to buy an Omni-Tek Technical Librarybefore you leave the island. This is the most expensive (and Uberest) item that you can buy on Noob Island. Every player should roll a low level omni toon just to get this item for all your alts!

There is also a mission to get a sided (either Clan or Omni) shoulder pad. This quest can be done twice to get 2 of the shoulder pads. You can read about the quest in the link above. Once you get to about level 10 you are more than ready to leave the island.

10. Levels 11-25
Now that you are on the mainland there are many things to do. For leveling up I suggest going to The Condemned Subway . This is a dungeon for characters level 5-24. Here you should try to pick up as many pieces of Living Cyber Armor as you can. These can be leveled up to ql 50. Morphing Memory, may also come in handy, especially later on because they can be leveled up to ql 200 (They can sell for about 50K apiece on the trade channel).

There are 4 bosses in the Subway, as shown in the guide here. The Striker Foreman (Lvl 19) is the easiest and can be fought with a group of level 12 characters. I soloed him at level 19+. Eumenides (Lvl 20) can be fought with a team of level 15-17 characters and soloed with a level 20+. Vergil (Lvl 29) can be fought with a group of mid 20's. Abmouth Supremus (Lvl 30) SHOULD NOT be fought without a full group of lvl 24’s and at least 2 healers (two doctors are the preferred choice).

As a Ranged Adventurer try to pick up a pair of ql 40 or higher BBI Faithful 22's (BBI’s) by level 25 and twink into them. As a melee Advy, you will want to get a pair of ql 40 or higher SOL Fire Executioner’s. At level 25, my Ranged advy had a full set of ql 30/35 Carbonum Armor, which is probably good enough for that level depending on how much money you have. With a TI-300X Component Platform Belt and 3 11-26 memories combined with the Carbonum Armor & Ring of the Nucleus Basalis (which levels up to a QL that provides +20 NCU and is worth around 1 Million (1M) Credits) I had 62 NCU at level 25. I was able to get a set of ql 51 BBI's and equip them at level 24 with a Team Skill Wrangler (Premium) (a weapon buff) that uses 58 NCU.

At level 25, you should also be able to use Sparrow Flight (QL 24) & Pronouncement of Greatness (QL 20), both store buyable. Enshroud with Barbs (QL 24) and Lesser Wilderness Protection (QL 20) should be your standard Shield and AC Buff, respectively. As far as heals go Lesser Restore to Health (QL 21) should be your best self heal (Maybe Survival Technique (QL 27) if you can twink into it with the help of a Meta-Physicist) and since there are a lot fewer team heals you should probably be using Team Rough Stitching (QL 17).

11. Levels 26-60
If you haven’t found ways to get lots of cash, or you just don’t want to waste money on our nanocrystals, you can use Clicksaver to run missions for them.

When going to a dungeon to level up in this level range, your best bet is to go to Temple of Three Winds (ToTW). This dungeon is for characters level 25-60 and grouping is the key to doing well in ToTW. There are many Mini-Bosses here that are harder than the Cultists so watch whom you attack. The bosses are all shown in the TOTW Guide. Defender of the Three can be fought with a group of high 20-low 30's. The Curator can be fought with a group of high 30-40's and a doctor. Lien the Memory Stalker (Lvl 66) should be fought with a group of low to high 50's and a doctor or two (you start to see how important these doctors are). Nematet the Custodian of Time should not be fought without a group of mid 50's and definitely at least 1 doctor, 2 healers total. The Guardian of Tomorrow can be fought with a group of high 50’s and 2 doctors. Aztur deals anywhere from 100-500 damage per hit, WATCH OUT! Always look for Purifying Rods; they are worth 100K credits on RK.

While here, both melee and ranged advys should try to get these shoulder items:

Barrow StrengthGood shoulderpad for lower level characters. +15 to all damage types & on use casts Unhallowed Force: +50 dmg, 100% resistance to snares, roots and calms, locks Strength for 20 minutes (Windcaller Yatila or Khalum)

Withered FleshGood shoulderpad for lower level characters that adds 100 HP. On use casts Skin of the Believer: 500pt absorb shield, locks Body Development for 20 minutes (Windcaller Yatila or The Re-Animator)

Also, from TOTW, weapons recommended are listed in Section 5. Skull of the Ancientis a nice implant dropped by Aztur, but good luck with that as it has a low droprate! Another implant that is nice for additional nano skills is the Notum Splice. FExarch Robes can be traded to Blind Cultists in major cities for sealed Inner Sanctum Pass, which are used to enter IS, these passes can also be sold to higher level players for a nice profit.

At level 33 I had a TI-400X Component Platform Belt at QL 55, four 16-31 memory at QL 66, a set of QL 39 Carbonum Armor, a pair of QL 51 BBI Faithful 22's, a Reverend Robe off a Reverend in ToTW, a Notum Ring of Three off an Exarch in ToTW, a Ring of the Nucleus Basilius off of Euminides in the Condemned Subway leveled to give me +11 NCU, and a set of 13 QL 50 implants. As a melee advy, you will either want a set of Phase Blades from ToTW, a Meibutsu Daito or a pair of high QL SOL Fire Executioner.

When I got to level 41, a Lvl 150 Meta-Physicist, took me to the Foreman's Office/Biomare Dungeon. There he took me down to one of the lowest levels where we camped The Director who drops Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000’s. These are the best pistols for anyone lvl 41-150 easily. They are Burst & Fling Shot Pistols with a high minimum damage and no max damage benificial skill, so they deal more damage as you increase your pistol skill. Try to get these as soon as possible.

Once I hit level 50, I was using Alleviate Pain (QL 50 Store Buyable) as my best single heal and Team Survival Technique (QL 33 Store Buyable) as my best team heal. I had been using Playful Cub (QL 47 Store Buyable) for 4 levels. I had a Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 and a QL 70 BBI Faithful 22 equipped so I got both Burst and Fling Shot. I had a full set of QL 65 Carbonum Armor, an Exarch Robe, a Notum Ring of the Three, and another Notum Ring of Three that raised different nano skills. I also had a Guardian Circuit Board, 4 +30 NCU Memories, 1 Dark Memories, and a special implant from ToTW called Touch of the Gripper that buffed my strength, stamina, and damage output greatly. I was also using a set of QL 90 mixed profession implants that buffed my agility, intelligence, pistol, stamina, and nano skills.

At level 50 you can start to go to The Foreman’s Office/Biomare . As shown in the guide, Biomare is located in The Longest Road area at the Omni Mining Facility. Anyone 50-70 can level here very nicely (and get tons of cool loot!) and anyone 70-100 should defeat T.I.M. at least once with a group/solo.

Also at 50 and above, players can solo Steps of Madness (SoM) in northern Omni Forest. To enter, right click the eyeball among the gravestones. Try to pick up Neleb's Nano-circuit Robe, which drops from Neleb the Deranged.

You should download the Atlas of Rubi Ka and start teaming to go fight Dynabosses. The map has the location and level of all dynabosses found in the RK wilderness. Dynabosses are the sole means of acquiring some of our (and other professions’) nanocrystals, as well as other sweet loot. So, go crush your first Dynaboss at level 50 and continue in order to acquire your nanocrystals.

12. Levels 61-100
In this level range there is a large variety of places to level, I’ll primarily focus on RK dungeons since I don’t have the SL expansion… People 75+ with SL are best off trying Mortiig teams at Spade/Barter and around 90+ Cold Rocks/The Scoop spiders to level.

For those of us confined to RK with our fr00b accounts, I’d advise finding Dynabosses that are in your level range and teaming to take them on, either teaming or soloing The Foreman’s Office/Biomare Dungeon, teaming at the Crypt of Home (CoH) in Broken Shores, or running missions in an attempt to get your 1K token board early (which gives huge bonuses). You could also team and level at beginning area in the Smuggler’s Den (This dungeon is primarily good in the 100-150 team range because as you get deeper into the dungeon, the mantises and bosses become level 180+) or the Cyborgs Barracks/Domain.

If you’re a ranged adventurer, in Biomare Dungeon make sure you get a pair of Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000’s from the Lab Director, a HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition and a HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M from the T.I.M. Slayerdroid (Lvl 100), and a ton of Personal Safes off of Bodyguards ( Lvl 68 ), which have a small chance of holding Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk 1), which goes for as much as 10 million credits or more.

The Crypt of Home (CoH) contains mobs that are mostly in the 75-85 range, but there are a few mobs that are level 100, and the bosses are also higher. The dungeon’s level cap is 110, but an Engineer can still beacon warp you inside at 111+ for some reason... It is a good place to level; make sure you pick up a Shapeshifters Vest from boss Cerubin and if you’re melee a pair of Crispy Chiroptera’s from the Cenobite Shadow mobs.

By 75 you should be using Makeshift Bandaging (QL 74 single heal), Greater Team Quick Heal (QL 57 Team Heal), Skin of the Toad (QL 73 Damage Shield), Major Wilderness Protection (QL 70 AC Buff), Eagle Eye (QL 76 Perception Buff), Pack Hunter (QL 66 Polymorph), and Freedom of the Forester (QL 58 Runspeed buff/Root/Snare Resist).

13. Levels 101-200
Once you start using nanos that are greater than QL 125, you will no longer be able to purchase them in shops. Dynabosses and missions are now the way to secure those nanocrystals.

At Level 125+ a good place to level up is the Inner Sanctum, which provides some room to level and tons of cool loot to get off bosses and mobs. The bosses in the Inner Sanctum are level 235 and up, ending with Hezak the Immortal who is a pure beast at level 300. Groups are absolutely necessary to survive here since the mobs and bosses are at levels that dwarf you.

Go back to the Smuggler’s Den at level 100-150 to defeat the Mantis Queen, level, and pick up a pair of Mantis Scissors, which are great 1HE weapons. At this level, across Rubi ka, there are several high level quests to partake for experience and nice loot, so there is a plethora of things to do (even for those stuck on RK).

Other than IS, there are several raids to do on RK in this level range. Camelot Castle is a 25% Suppression Zone AND a raid dungeon. Tarasque is a giant dragon with a ton of health that drops several Advy only items (a great stat buffing ring and cloak) and parts required to craft Living Dragonflesh Armor. Raid bots tend to dominate the comings and goings in the castle.

Another raid that many love to do are the Mercenary bosses in Eastern Foul Plains.

The Biodomes in Southern Artery Valley (Omni) and Belial Forest (Clan) are probably the hardest raids on Rubi Ka, but are a great place to acquire high level loot on Rubi-Ka (specifically Molybdenum Plate Armor, which although awesome can be further upgraded from item drops Inside the Machine.)

You should also try the Cyborgs’ Stronghold (Lvl 100-150 recommended) and Dynabosses (Lvl 150-220 recommended), which are found through a quest from Nihana Fincher who walks around outside Reet’s Retreat in Stret West Bank.

A nice backpack for those level 150-220 is the Beeping Backpack, dropped by the Fiery Soldier in Eastern Fouls Plains.

By about level 150, Ranged Advies will probably have gotten a Kyr’Ozch pistol (Type 1 or 4). The pistols drop without types from regular aliens and created through AI tradeskills with typed Bio-Material that drop from the Generals and Admirals. There is a very high multi-ranged requirement for the pistols which means that you will not get the same QL pistol equipped on both hands. Until your burst is around 1300 (when you cap the pistol’s burst recharge) it is better to have a higher type 1 pistol equipped.

For those with LE, the Ofab Peregrine Mk 6 is currently the best pistol weapon ingame. You buy it in the tower shop for Victory Points, which you get by either killing aliens in the mothership or joining PvP in the battlestations. You then need to upgrade it five times with Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material - Type 812 (any QL), found on the boss in the mothership. Can be dual wielded, even at QL 300.

With a froob account I would advise keeping your IMI Reet in your offhand and equipping a Reign of Patricia or really high QL BBI Faithful 100/River Seasons XP in your main hand.

Melee Adventurers will similarly want to acquire Alien weapons, specifically a Kyr'Ozch Axe (Type 240), although Inner Sanctum weapons like the Gelid Blade of Inobak (Drops off of Inobak the Gelid a level 237 boss on the 3rd floor of IS), Mantis Scissors (Drop off Mantis Queen and high level mantis mobs in the Smuggler’s Den) and the Impious Dominator (Drops off a mob on IS 3rd floor) are also nice choices. As an Endgame weapon for an adventurer with Lost Eden, a Ofab Mongoose Mk 6, may be considered.

When you reach your breed caps in your abilities, IP starts to free up and you are able to put points into skills that you previously had to neglect. Duck Explosives and Nano Resist are the two biggest if you want to PvP, since Nano Resist helps you resist roots, snares, and other nasty nanos cast on you, and a lot of people now purposely equip weapons with Aimed Shot that deal explosive damage (like the Ithaca Ki-8 Snakemaster, Enchanted Waterfall Eye Wind Onehander, and Kyr'Ozch Energy Carbine Type 3) because they know that many players neglect to raise their duck explosive skill because so few mobs use explosive weapons.

I know that Combined Sharpshooter (CSS) and Combined Mercenary (CM) Alien Armor and Penultimate Ofab Adventurer Armor (Lost Eden Victory Points needed) are all the rage for those that have the expansions and means to acquire them, so if you can, they really are the greatest. Those without any expansions will want to twink into Omni-Armed Forces/Superior Sentinel Armor, Molybdenum or Azure Reverie Armor, which offer great protection and bonuses to many skills and abilities. You may have a tough time reaching the OAF/SS 550 STR/STA and Level 190 requirements, breedcaps may hinder you, however with a combination of implants and buffs it should be more than doable for everyone.

14. Useful Tools and Sites
For tools and sites that may help you develop your character and learn more about AO, other than AO-Universe, of course! Please check out the links section here : click

Profession buffs that will help you twink into stuff
(Taken and adapted from Aginorgotd’s updated Fixer Guide on the AO Forums)

Robust Treatment Adventurer 42NCU +60 Treatment, +60 First Aid
Superior First Aid (SFA) Doctor 37NCU +80 Treatment, +80 First Aid
Enhanced Senses (ES) Agent 9NCU +15 Sense
Feline Grace (FG) Agent 17NCU +25 Agi
Iron Circle (IC) Doctor 23NCU +20 Sta& Str
Essence of . . . (Behemoth) Enforcer 5-47NCU +5-27 Sta&Str
Prodigious Strength Enforcer 42NCU +40 Strength
Neuronal Stimulator NT 7NCU+20 Intelligence and Psychic
Improved Cut Red Tape Crat 29NCU +3 Intelligence and Psychic

Treatment buffs stack with the treatment expertise, but not with each other. (Composite) Attribute Boosts stack with profession ability enhancing nanos. To check what nanos do stack, go to, or another item database, when you view a nano - check what "school" the nano belongs to. If the school is the same on the nanos, then they will NOT stack.

Meta-physicists have a line of + nanoskills buffs that stack with Comp Nano.
Composite Teachings (CT) +25 all nanoskills Min. target lvl 15 4hrs
Composite Masteries (CM) +50 all nanoskills Min. target lvl 40 4hrs
Composite Infuse (CI) +90 all nanoskills Min. target lvl 90 4hrs
Composite Mochams (CM also, but most MPs know what you're talking about based on your level and the level of the MP being asked)
+140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 1hr is 175
+140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 2hr is 201
+140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 4hr is 205
+140 all nanoskills Min. target lvl for 8hr is 209

Individual Mocham's may also be cast to add 140 to a particular nanoskill.

Wrangles add to your primary weapons skill (i.e. Pistol) and nanoskills for twinking.

If you are a Pistol using adventurer, a soldier can help you with Riot Control (110 Burst), Offensive Steamroller (30 Fling Shot) and Pistol Mastery (40 pistol). In addition, Extreme Prejudice from an Engineer will give you 120 more points in Pistol and will stack will all other pistol buffs.

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Written by Nicholas Sehres/Eberhart 2008

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