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If you like to slice and dice anything (or anyone) with an oriental sword, or smash with a staff or maybe bash with a club then you should get to this vendor.

So where can he be found?

You'll need to travel to Southern Artery Valley (2623, 2920). This remote location can be either reached by Whom-Pah from Outpost 10-3 if you're omni and then going east-northeast or if you're clan from the Belial Forest Clan outpost of Wine and then going west into Southern Artery Valley or using the grid to 2HO (Omni outpost) and traveling east. Preferably with a Yalm.

A man named
Tsunayoshi Smith
Southern Artery Valley - 2623x2920
will be standing in a field of Carbonrich Rocks.

Tsunayoshi Smith

Right click on him to open his dialogue screen. You can chat to him if you like and he will tell you about himself. Once done you can click the shopping cart icon at the bottom of his dialogue screen. This will open his available stock (prices range from 10k to almost half a million credits)

Shopping Cart icon.

So what is he selling?

He has a nice stock of swords, staves and a club available.

These melee weapons are quite respectable weapons and are good choices for individuals who need a lower level or intermediate melee weapons as they are working their way up toward their end-game weapons because it's possible to find a weapon from Tsunayoshi Smith that matches the skill and special attacks of the eventual weapon, which saves on IP expenditure.

Note: Tsunayoshi Smith sells said weapons in different qualities, highest around QL 135
Note: Always check the requirements of any item before you purchase it (move cursor over item, hold shift+left click).

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