Sealed Weapon Receptacles

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Sooner or later everyone comes across one of these receptacles; these are reasonably common drops in chests in Rubi-Ka missions. Rest assured, that while their description may appear threatening, no action will be taken against you. As stated in their description, there is a dismounted weapon inside. So our first task consists of breaking it open.

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This process will take x3.5 Breaking and Entering skill in regards to QL of Sealed Receptacles.

It's the same process and same requirement for every type of receptacle.

Now we need to re-assemble the weapon. Parts needed are found in Ranged Weapons Components Terminals, but also drop from mobs or are looted from chests. You need to be aware that the missing component will set the final QL of weapon and that the unfinished weapon must be at least 90% QL of component.

Note: Excellent HSR Explorer 661, Ithaca Ki12 Vulture Custom Super A and River Seasons XP Special are Adventurer only, Superior IMI Tellus TT is Soldier only and Majestic Soft Pepper Pistol has top QL of 194. Out of all listed weapons, Majestic Soft Pepper Pistol is the most sought after, since it adds to Bio Metamorphosis, Mat Creation and Mat Metamorphosis.

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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