Carbonum Armor

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This is one of preferred types of armor. It's easy to build and acquire a full set. Furthermore it's upgradeable, but that will be covered later on in this guide.

Tools Required

Tools Required

All of these can be bought from Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases in the Trade sections of Rubi-Ka shops.


Can be bought from Rubi-Ka shops
Tradeskilled item

In addition you will need as many Sheet of Curved Carbonum Plating as you want to make pieces of armor. These can be bought from Armor and Clothing Components Terminals in the Trade section of Rubi-Ka shops.

The Process:

You can approach the next step in two ways, depending how resourceful you are (in getting tools). You can use Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Hard Armor) or if you don't posses this tool you can also use a Screwdriver. Tradeskill requirements to build with a Screwdriver is significantly higher.

Carbonum Armor

Full set of ql 200 Carbonum Armor

Sided Carbonum Armor

This is an upgrade for Carbonum Armor. It adds to Max Health or Nano Resist, depending on side (and no, neutrals can't use either of them). Regardless of small increase of skills, if players have enough Clanalizer or Omnifier (found in mission chests as well as dyna and mission boss loot) they tend to decide for the upgrade.

Clan Version:

Storm Carbonum Armor

Full set of ql 200 Storm Carbonum Armor

Omni Version:

Omni Carbonum Armor

Full set of ql 200 Omni Carbonum Armor

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge. Additional information provided by Windguaerd (sourced from Anarchy Mainframe).
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