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While similar to parts for Nano Programs, there are several items used for the creation of special tradeskill tools.

Drops from level 10ish mobs

Drops from level 20ish mobs

Drops from level 30ish mobs

Drops from level 60ish dyna and QL 60 mission bosses

Drops from level 60ish dyna and QL 60 mission bosses

Already got them? Good, now you need to transform the Robot Instruction Discs (weapons) into Programmed Photon Particle Emitters. (As you see the Shape Soft and Hard armor ones are already Programmed Photon Particle Emitters, so the next step only involves the Robot Instruction Discs (weapons).

Once you have your Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (xxxx) or PPPE (xxxx), the next step is to combine the PPPE (xxxx) with a base Mass Relocating Robot. The base Mass Relocating Robot (MRR) can be located in any Basic, Advanced, Superior, or Fair Trade shop's Trade section, in the Engineering Vendor machines.

(Note:While the tables below show an Ultimate Mass Relocating Robot, you only need a minimum QL 40 base MRR in order to use it to make QL 200 armor. However, you may choose to err on the side of caution and use a higher QL base Mass Relocating Robot. With that in mind though, be aware that the cost increases the higher the base MRR's QL is. The max level MRR available is QL 205 Ultimate Mass Relocating Robot (Fair Trade), which can run you into 20 or 30 million* creds as opposed to a QL 100 which could be 1 million or less. * July 2022

Uses for tools:

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