Metallic Mantis Armor

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The base component for this armor drops from the Den Mantis mobs from Smuggler's Den in Southern Foul Hills. The drop rate isn't fantastic, but the armor is nice. Unfortunately it only drops between QL 75 and 150. To make it you need a Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor). It is not sold in shops, check our Mass Relocating Robots guide to learn how to get it.

You will need the following items:

There Mantises you need to go for in Smuggler's Den are:

Den Mantis Digger
Den Mantis Drone
Den Mantis Worker
Den Mantis Earthmelder
Den Mantis Scout
Den Mantis Burrower
Den Mantis Forager
Den Mantis Runner

We highly recommend you have a team with you, since the place is packed with a lot of Mantises and it's fairly easy to get aggro from a few of them at a time.

The process:

This process will take x3.5 in Mechanical Engineering, x2.5 Intelligence and x2 Agility based on the QL of the Mantis parts.


Mantis Armor

Stats for QL 150 full set of Mantis armor

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