Metallic Mantis Armor

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Getting the materials

The base components for this armor drop from the Den Mantis mobs from the Smugglers Den in Southern Fouls Hills. The drop rate isn't fantastic, but the armor is nice. Unfortunately it only drops between about QL 70 and 200. To make it, you need a Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor). It is not sold in shops, but check our Mass Relocating Robots guide to learn how to get it.

You will need the following items:

All Mantises in the Smugglers Den may drop components for making armor:

  • Den Mantis Diggers
  • Den Mantis Drones
  • Den Mantis Runners
  • Den Mantis Burrowers
  • Den Mantis Scouts
  • Den Mantis Forager
  • Den Mantis Earthmelders
  • Den Mantis Workers
  • Den Mantis Bantlings
  • Den Mantis Ravagers
  • Den Nano-Mantises
  • Den Hive Guardians
  • Den Mantis Breeders

We highly recommend you have a team with you, since the place is packed with a lot of Mantises and it's fairly easy to get aggro from a few of them at a time.

Besides in the Smugglers Den, high level players may find QL 200 armor from the Collector in Pandemonium.

The tradeskill process

You can create the armor from the components as follows:

Bumping the QL

If the tradeskiller has a very high skill, it is possible to bump the QL of the final armor piece a bit from the QL of the base material. The maximum number of QL's a piece can be bumped depends on the QL you start with:

Starting QLMaximum QL's bumped

The result

Metallic Mantis armor has a unique look and great stats for those looking for more damage.

Metallic Mantis Armor screenshot

Bonuses for a QL 200 set. Thanks to AO Setups.

Last updated on 09.06.2020 by Saavick
Information originally provided by Trgeorge. Additional information provided by Windguaerd (sourced from Anarchy Mainframe).
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