Fiery Soldier

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Level: 150-220
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Interested in getting your hands on the following: Master of Combustion and Beeping Backpack? Well in that case, you best get yourself and some friends along to Eastern Fouls Plains.


Fiery Soldier
Eastern Fouls Plain - 370x2060
is located at Eastern Fouls Plains, 370 x 2060


The Action:

When you get to the location, you are likely to find yourself face to face with Fiery Trainee and her guards, Valkyrie of the Triumvirate.


There did not appear to be any other guards or mobs in the near vicinity that could pose to be a problem to people of any affiliation.

The Fiery Trainee is the placeholder for the Fiery Soldier.


Neither the guards nor the Trainee appeared to drop anything of value. Further to killing the trainee, you have a percentage chance every 15 minutes for the Fiery Soldier to spawn in its place.


Fiery Soldier has an AOE nuke, will reflect most fire damage aimed at it, and did not let us UBT it. However, as soon as it was killed, we did get both the Master of Combustion and a Beeping Backpack as a reward!

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Guide Written by Ukblizzard
Researched by: Ukblizzard, Uragon, Scenegg, Toyobashi, Tethien, Brooz
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